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5 beautiful reasons why you should take your kids camping

Holidays are time off for the kids and it’s a great time for them to play, have fun, run around, learn from nature and travel too. Covid-19 and the lockdown has restricted children a lot. The new age gadgets and technology have also encouraged kids to be couch potatoes rather than jumping, screaming and playful kids. Physical activities have taken a back seat in the last decade among kids and a lot more in the last two years, it’s time to break that cycle by taking our children out camping.

Camping with kids can be a fun and memorable experience for the whole family. Here are some tips to make your camping trip with kids enjoyable:

Camping is a great way for kids to come out of the shell, detox from technology and enjoy the little joys of life while in the lap of nature for a day or two or more.

1. Camping is cool

Most of us went on our first camp in school perhaps as part of the Scouts and Guides movement. There was unease and scares in the air as it was something foreign to us. Our children can have a new experience of camping with their parents and family. That familiar combined with an experience amidst nature will be very rewarding.

2. Bonding time

It is a great opportunity for you both to enjoy the each others company. It is also a time to get rid of “mom or dad” mode and to let your hair down. Play camp fire games, roast some marshmallows, sing some camp fire songs or whatever you guys enjoy as a family. Make some wonderful memories with your children.

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3. Reveal your true self

Very often in the daily rush of things we tend to portray to our children the strict parent we are. This is not the true us as we are trying to get things done as well as instill discipline with our kids. When we are out with our spouse or friends, we are a totally different person. Camping is a good time to acquaint your children with the side of you they rarely get to me. Surely the fun you will be refreshing for them to come across.

4. Explore the outdoors

Who better to help your children as they progress from baby to child to help acquaint them with nature than you, their parents. The stars above, the green trees around, the sound of crickets, birds in the nest and the wind whooshing is all part of the ambience and discovery for you and your family when you guys are out camping. This trip will be fun, fulfilling and refreshing all at the same time.

5. Lessons for life

Your children can learn the 101s of survival – how to light a fire, basic cooking on the fire, how to pitch a tent, how to gather firewood, to differentiate the sounds of nature, to answer nature’s call amidst nature and drink from a natural river or stream. These were all part of rustic life which our grandparents were aware of and our parents got to do on trips to the native place. For our children we can refresh that with a camp helping them reacquaint us and them with what is lost.

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Time to book a camping trip for the coming weekend and head out with your kids helping them to grow and know more about the world they live in – Mother Earth.

Tips to help

1. Choose the right campground: Look for a campground that is family-friendly, preferably with amenities like playgrounds or swimming pools. Check if they have activities specifically for kids.

2. Start with short trips: If it’s your first camping trip with kids, consider starting with a shorter trip, maybe just a weekend. This will help you gauge their interest, comfort level, and necessities before planning longer trips.

3. Involve the kids in planning: Let your kids be a part of the planning process. Ask them for their input on activities, food choices, and what they want to see or do during the camping trip. This will make them more excited and invested in the experience.


4. Pack appropriately: Besides the usual camping gear, pack extra clothing and bring layers for changing weather conditions. Don’t forget essentials like sunscreen, insect repellent, and first aid supplies. Also, bring plenty of snacks and water to keep the kids energized and hydrated.

5. Plan activities and games: Camping offers numerous opportunities for outdoor activities and games. Plan activities like nature walks, scavenger hunts, bike rides, fishing, or making s’mores around the campfire. You can also bring board games or cards for some indoor fun in case of bad weather.

6. Set up camp comfortably: Make sure to set up your campsite with kids in mind. Set up a larger tent or multiple smaller tents to accommodate everyone comfortably. Bring sleeping bags, pillows, and extra blankets for a cozy night’s sleep. If needed, consider bringing a portable crib or air mattress for younger children.

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7. Safety first: Safety should be a priority when camping with kids. Teach them the basics of fire safety, how to identify and stay away from poisonous plants or dangerous animals, and remind them to stay within designated areas. Keep a close eye on younger children and teach older children some basic navigation skills.

8. Embrace the adventure: Encourage your kids to explore and embrace the outdoor adventure. Let them collect rocks, make nature crafts, or learn about different plants and animals. Make it a point to take them on hikes or nature walks to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding environment.

9. Emphasize responsibility: Teach your kids about the importance of taking care of the environment and leaving no trace. Encourage them to pick up their trash, respect nature, and follow campground rules.

10. Keep it fun: Most importantly, focus on having fun and creating lasting memories. Allow for flexibility in your schedule to adapt to your kids’ needs and interests. Be patient, enjoy the time spent together, and be open to spontaneity and unplanned adventures.

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