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5 Tips to deal with rude people on the road

We have all come across certain kinds of human beings who are always behaving inappropriately and displays disrespect to the people around. Rudeness is stated as a behaviour where the person is behaving out of the boundaries of etiquette norms, being aggressive and disrespectful towards others.

There were times where you had a breakdown and indulged in argument with this person even after being patient and you cracked open because you didn’t know how to deal with a rude person. There are ways to deal with everything even with a person who is being rude to you.

These exercises will help you in dealing with a rude person and more importantly help you understand why it’s necessary to learn how to deal with such people in your life.

Understand the person’s rage

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Don’t go judging the person on the way they have behaved. Talk to them and understand why they behaved that way and in doing so make sure you are calm and collected. Make them understand that their behaviour displayed was not appropriated and how others felt about their behaviour. You may not be able to solve the issue then and there itself but the person will surely understand that you are trying to help them out and choose to take control of their behaviour in future.

Don’t ignore

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When you know the rude person in your surroundings you are try to avoid them by all means, don’t do it. You may not know what the person wants to talk to you about and if you keep ignoring them they will eventually get more aggravated and there will be no turning back from that point onwards. Instead go and talk to them once in a while and lead a helping hand because at times it’s the workload that might be the reason for their rudeness.

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Be kinder

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Being a kind person makes you more approachable and people are more inclined to an individual who is kind because it makes them feel good. If the person is spraying rudeness on you, be quiet and try to manage the person gently such that the person noticing your calmness and your kind gestures follows you and gets back to his normal self. If you hold you ground and keep the positive energy around you the person will eventually will either get madder because of your lack of reaction or will just calm down and walk away.

Don’t get dragged under the bus


If you are in a heated conversation with a person with behaviour issues who is throwing all kinds of insults on your face, it’s easy to fall into the person’s trap and lose your calm and react aggressively. This will not help anyone and the situation will escalate even more. Maintain your dignity and let the person speak whatever they want to.

Remember when we are angry we don’t know what we are speaking and words that have left your mouth cannot be taken back. Take the person to a private space and make them understand how the situation is affecting the environment and that it’s unhealthy to continue this further. Sort it out and in this way you will be a bigger person.

Stop the wheel of rudeness

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Gossips are like viruses transmitted vocally and spread in the brain. If you are having a normal conversation and suddenly this one person talks about a scenario where the person was being rude to someone, stop them then and there itself. Often we gossip about things that we have encountered not knowing what lies beneath it that caused the person to react in a certain unfriendly way.

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And by talking about it you are just spreading it like wildfire. If that person comes to know about the gossip it will definitely not turn out well for anyone. It will just discourage that person from approaching anyone for help which then will lead to frustration and eventually a bad work environment. It’s not healthy for anyone and even if you knew the reason behind it, don’t talk it out.

We often don’t realise a person’s behaviour and talk negatively about it not knowing that it will affect the person. Maybe they are going through tough times, maybe they lost someone or something. You never know! If you want to be a wise person listen and then respond. Don’t listen to react.

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