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Ten survival tools for camping

Survival is the most basic instinct of any living being and also the process to ensure the survival of further generation. Unlike the caveman that used stones and plantation not only to construct weapons but to build shelters, the modern world with its technology has a lot to offer when it comes to potential survival. If you plan on going for a one day trek or a week-long camp, here are 10 tools you need to have to ensure your survival in raw jungles.

1. Knife


This is the first and most important tool in every camping/ trek you go to. The chance for survival increases by up to 70% due to its vast range of use. You can use it to cut branches and make them into a fully functional spear with one end carved into a pointed head, make animal traps, cut ropes to tie multiple objects or use it for what it originally made i.e to protect yourself from animals. Pocket knives or foldable knives are user-friendly but since they have more mechanical movement they are not as sturdy compared to knives that cannot be folded. Swiss knives, on the other hand, come with a lot of tools.

2. Compass

Compass is an incredible device that might save you when you have lost your way in the dense jungle only if you know your directions. Well without which you would have got lost if it’s a new trail or a dangerous solo journey. Learn to read a map and use a compass and you will just find your way out, no hustle needed.

3. Signalling device

Flashlights, distress signal lights and whistles are few devices that will surely get your attention. One sharp blow on a whistle will grab anyone’s attention if your phone is out of charge or you don’t have reception. A whistle is good for daylight but when it gets dark and that’s when you start to panic flashlights will seek more attention. You can cover the bulb of the flashlight with your hand and remove it at frequent intervals to give out a signal in the dark along with whistling. Another advantage will be to scare some animals away as fire was used by the caveman to keep the wild animals at bay.

4. First Aid kit

The forest is filled with unpredictable infections which is why its best said, “Prevention is better than cure.” So if you get wounded, it’s best to have anti-bacteria ointments and cotton gauze to close the wound. As infection leads to fever because of the WBC fighting the foreign substance, it’s always best to keep such medication at hand. Another medication you should have in the First Aid Kit are painkillers, unless you can bear the pain if you have a broken bone.

5. Fire maker

Fire has many benefits – it provides warmth, protection from wild animals and of course helps with cooking. Always have a pair of flintstones while going for a camp. These fire makers are light, durable and don’t occupy much space. Although it takes skill to make a fire, but having the right tools and techniques will surely help.

6. Thermo flask

These flasks are specially designed to maintain the temperature inside the container regardless of the temperature outside. They come in wide ranges of sizes depending on how much you can carry in your backpack. If you have no knife, this can come in handy but it is not recommended to rely on Thermo flasks for defence.

7. Tent and sleeping bag

Walkie Talkie

If you plan on going for a long camp, it’s recommended to carry tents and sleeping bags. This saves your time and energy avoiding the need to build a shelter which may not happen so often if the right materials for building a tent are not available. Make sure the tent is durable and can withstand average fluctuations in temperature. The sleeping bag provides extra comfort and warmth as they come in a range of lengths while camping in a cold region.

8. Survival credit card

Bhandardara camping tent

The reason this tool is named as a credit card is that it takes the same space as a credit card but has multi-purpose use like being a can openers, knife blades, wrenches, survival ropes, bottle openers and few others. It’s a pretty handy tool.

9. Rope

Not the one used for rock climbing but a rope which can be used as a belay device or does the work of a lever in a trap. It also can be used to build a roof over your head and tie your meal high up in the trees to avoid the wild animals from reaching it while you go for a hike around the place.

10. Backpack

And with all the above-mentioned survival tools, you don’t plan on keeping them in your pockets which is why a backpack is essential for camping so as to keep things in order according to their needs. These backpacks are specially designed to withstand high friction and have allotted space for each tool in order to distribute the weight over the shoulders. The straps of the bags are board and cushioned to reduce the pressure. There are chest straps and waist strap which provide additional stability to the trekker/camper.

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