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Parvati Valley june 22

10 awesome life skills from travelling solo

Travelling solo is a big teacher of life lessons. There are skills that you will learn that will make your life and help it become better. Travelling solo can be a highly rewarding experience, but it also requires certain life skills to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Here are some essential life skills for solo travel:

1. Negotiation

You learn to make modifications and changes to hone your skills. The set mindset is broken when you travel alone. What is usually a set routine when you have a plan with others is flexible when you travel solo. There is no pissing off others so you can negotiate and get good deals for skills.

Being able to take care of yourself and make independent decisions is a crucial skill when travelling alone. You need to be comfortable navigating unfamiliar places, handling unexpected situations, and managing your own well-being.

    2. Decision making

    The person to decide is you yourself as there is no one else. When you travel solo, the decision has to be made by yourself alone. The whole process of decision making is a skill that evolves over time. It needs wisdom and insight which is something that grows multiple when you travel alone.

    Learning basic phrases in the local language can be helpful, but even if that’s not possible, being able to communicate effectively with locals and fellow travelers is important. This includes asking for directions, ordering food, and seeking help when needed.

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    3. Time management 

     While there is time on your side, if while travelling solo you want to see and experience more then time management is key. You learn how to use time in the most efficient manner when it is just you, yourself.

    Solo travel often involves encountering different cultures, climates, and customs. Being open-minded and adaptable allows you to embrace these differences and adjust to new situations quickly.


    4. Budgeting 

    No one else can make the money decisions for you while you travel solo. The aspect of budget is paramount as you can do more with less if you are able to handle this well. Bargaining, striking good deals and saving more than spending is key here.

    As a solo traveler, you’ll inevitably face challenges, such as missed flights, lost belongings, or getting lost. Developing problem-solving skills helps you think on your feet and find solutions to unexpected issues.

    5. Forward thinking 

    Being able to have foresight is very important while you travel solo. The highs and lows are borne and experience by you alone. So one needs to be a person who thinks of the future and such in a well rounded manner.

    Evaluating potential risks and making informed decisions is essential for solo travelers. This includes assessing the safety of a destination, making smart choices regarding personal safety, and being aware of your surroundings.

    6. Independence

    Being able to budget your money, handle currency exchange, and keep track of expenses is crucial when travelling alone. This ensures you stay within your means and avoid unnecessary financial stress.

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    Freedom is very important for an individual and when you travel solo you experience that more than anything else.

    7. Networking

    When alone on the road, a solo traveller makes friends at every corner. Wherever you go travelling you expand your network. Usually when you are with others you are stuck talking and interacting with your group. But as a solo traveller you have the potential to expand to others be it locals or fellow solo travellers like yourself. You discover a truly social network along the way.

    Planning your itinerary, managing transportation schedules, and making the most of your time are vital for solo travel. This skill helps you maximize your experiences and ensures a well-organized trip.

    8. Pre-planning

    Having a plan is very vital when you travel solo. You need to have the precision of a surgeon as the road is your operating table. One wrong decision and you yourself have to suffer and there is no one else you can blame. For the best experience a lot of proper pre-planning is needed and this makes you good at it.

    Intuition plays a significant role in solo travel. Listening to your gut feelings and trusting your instincts can often help you make the right decisions and stay safe.

    9. Know self better

    Self discovery is the core of solo travel. Like it or not, you will get to see more and more of the real you. It may be shocking, frightful and joyful all at the same time. Besides the travel outside around the place, it is also a travel within the myriad of persons you actually are. This trip will help you grow and thrive for sure.

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    Solo travel can be challenging at times, so developing resilience is important. This allows you to bounce back from setbacks, handle loneliness (if it occurs), and stay positive throughout your journey.

    10. Endeavour

    Nothing else will make you try harder than a solo trip. It pushes you in ways unimaginable. You realise how much more you can do and be. The biggest surprise will be how you come out and look at yourself after the solo trip is done.

    Taking care of your physical and mental well-being is essential during solo travel. Prioritizing rest, staying hydrated, eating well, and engaging in activities that bring joy and relaxation are all part of practicing self-care.

    By honing these life skills, you can enhance your solo travel experience and make the most of your journeys.

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