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hill station Bhandardara UNO friends

21 great tips for parents visiting a hill station with kids in India

Traveling to a hill station in India with kids can be a wonderful experience. Here are some tips to make the trip enjoyable and memorable:

1. Choose a family-friendly hill station:

Research and select a hill station that is known for its child-friendly activities, accommodations, and facilities. Look for places with parks, playgrounds, and attractions suitable for children.

Opt for a hill station that offers kid-friendly attractions, activities, and accommodations. Some popular hill stations suitable for families in India include Manali, Shimla, Ooty, Munnar, and Nainital.

hill station Bhandardara

2. Plan according to the weather:

Check the weather conditions of the hill station during the planned travel dates. Pack appropriate clothing for both cool and warm weather. It’s a good idea to carry extra layers, as the temperature can change abruptly in hill stations.

3. Plan for breaks and rest:

Keep in mind that traveling with kids can be tiring. Plan for frequent breaks during the journey, especially if it’s a long road trip. Also, allocate enough time for rest and relaxation while at the hill station.

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Long journeys to hill stations can be tiring for kids, so plan for frequent breaks during the journey. Stop at scenic spots along the way for sightseeing or have picnics to break up the journey and allow the kids to stretch their legs.

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4. Select kid-friendly accommodations:

Look for accommodations that offer amenities and services suitable for children, such as play areas, swimming pools, or entertainment options. Consider booking a family suite or interconnected rooms for convenience.

5. Pack essential items for kids:

Carry essential items for your kids, such as extra clothing, diapers (if needed), snacks, medicines, and their favorite toys or comfort items. Pack a small first aid kit as well in case of any minor injuries or health issues.

Karjat hill station

6. Research and plan child-friendly activities:

Find out about activities and attractions that are suitable for children in the hill station. Look for options like nature trails, boating, wildlife parks, or adventure parks. Check age restrictions and safety measures before participating in any activities.

7. Be prepared for altitude changes:

Hill stations often have higher altitudes, which may cause altitude sickness in some individuals. Consult with a pediatrician before the trip, especially if you have infants or young children. Pack necessary medications or remedies for altitude sickness.

8. Include educational experiences:

Use the trip as an opportunity to teach your kids about the local culture, history, and environment. Visit museums, cultural centers, or take guided tours that provide educational insights.

9. Stay hydrated:

Remind your kids to drink plenty of water, even if it’s not hot outside. The cool climate may cause dehydration, so make sure they have access to drinking water throughout the trip.

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10. Plan for rainy weather:

Hill stations can experience sudden rain showers, so pack raincoats or umbrellas for everyone in the family. Consider carrying indoor activities, such as board games or coloring books, to keep kids entertained during rainy days.

Manali hill station family trip

11. Prioritize safety:

Ensure the safety of your children by keeping them in sight at all times, especially in crowded areas. Teach them about road safety rules and caution them about steep slopes or edges in hilly terrain.

Keep a close eye on them in crowded places and hold their hands while walking on uneven terrains or steep hills. Teach them about safety rules and precautions.

12. Embrace nature and explore together:

Encourage your children to appreciate nature by taking them on nature walks, hikes, or picnics. Let them explore the surroundings, discover new plants or wildlife, and create beautiful memories with nature.

13. Pack appropriate clothing:

The weather in hill stations can be cooler than the plains, so make sure to pack warm clothing for your kids. Carry jackets, sweaters, socks, and comfortable shoes for them to stay cozy during the trip.

14. Book family-friendly accommodations:

Look for accommodations that offer family rooms, play areas, and recreational facilities. Some hotels even organize activities or have a kids’ club to keep them entertained. Consider choosing a hotel with a scenic view for a more memorable experience.

15. Explore kid-friendly attractions:

Hill stations offer various attractions suitable for children. Visit parks, gardens, and amusement parks where they can play, ride on toy trains, or have fun on swings and slides. Many hill stations also have boating facilities that kids enjoy.

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Beas river Manali hill station

16. Take nature walks and enjoy wildlife:

Encourage your children to connect with nature by taking short hikes or nature walks in the hill station. You can also visit wildlife sanctuaries or national parks where kids can spot animals and birds in their natural habitat.

17. Visit local markets:

Exploring local markets in the hill station can be an excellent way to introduce your kids to the local culture and traditions. Let them taste regional snacks or buy small souvenirs as mementos.

18. Pack entertainment and activities:

Carry books, coloring materials, puzzles, or other age-appropriate activities to keep your kids engaged during the travel time and downtime at the hill station.

Shillong hill station Meghalaya

19. Carry snacks:

Keep your kids hydrated throughout the trip, especially at higher altitudes where it’s easy to get dehydrated. Carry water bottles and healthy snacks to keep their energy levels up during the day.

20. Be cautious about altitude sickness:

Some kids, especially infants and younger children, may be more susceptible to altitude sickness. Consult with a pediatrician before the trip and follow their recommendations. Make sure to acclimatize gradually and keep track of any symptoms like headache or nausea.

21. Embrace the experience together:

Make the trip a family adventure and involve your kids in planning and decision-making. Encourage them to appreciate the natural beauty, participate in local activities, and create wonderful memories together.

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