The first of the four beaches on the cost line of Gokarna town is the beach named Kudle.  There are two ways of getting to Kudle beach. The first and the much easier way of getting to Kudle beach is to drive to the top of the hill towards the southern end of the beach and walk the last bit which is not more than a 10 minute walk from the top of the hill.

The other way of getting to the beach is to hike to Kudle beach from the town of Gokarna via Gokarna beach. About 20 meters away from the end of the road leading to the beach one will notice a road going left which goes around Gokarna beach. Walk along this road to reach Kudle beach.

After about a kilometer into the walk one will reach the premises of a Rama temple which has a large square well at the entrance. The left wall of the well has an inflow of spring water that devotees claim flows throughout the year and has been flowing for over a century. Here there are always devotees bathing in that well. Some claim that the water has healing powers that can cure one of various types of ailments.

The temple is located just above the well and one has to take the steps going up heading towards an old temple. While walking up these steps it is advisable to take some time to have a look at the Gokarna beach as the view from the hill is just breathtaking.

After reaching the temple on the hill top there is a flat barren land which has a broad pathway alongside bamboo fencing, the pathway is created by people trekking and walking this route.

About a kilometer into the walk one will notice auto-rickshaws parked on the hill and also a few guest house and a narrow walking path that goes downhill. This narrow muddy path leads to Kudle beach. The way down this path takes about three to four minutes.

The first thing that can be seen on reaching Kudle beach is ample of foreigner travelers who make the beach their home for months.  This beach is very clean and gives a very peaceful and calm feel to the place.

Kudle beach is a self contained destination with numerous shacks run by the locals. These shacks have make-shift accommodation in the form of huts that are made of coconut palms and bamboo shoots.

The accommodation at the beach is very affordable but one will have to book in advance during peak season i.e. from end of November to first week of February.

These shacks on Kudle beach also serve some really tasty vegetarian and non – vegetarian food.  The food takes a good 25 to 30 minutes to be prepared but it is worth the wait. The fish tikka served at these shacks is a must have.

Beer is also sold at these shacks which is priced generally 20% more than the cost price. Hard alcohol is not served in any of these shacks but one can carry their own if they wish to have some.

There are also few water sport activities that are conducted at Kudle beach. At the southern end of the beach motor boats are available that ferry people to the next beach i.e. Om beach. Bargaining is an important skill that comes handy while negotiating with the motor boat owners.

Kudle beach is said to have the charm that the beaches in Goa had back in the 80’s. This beach is a must visit for anyone looking for some quite time away from the rest of the world.


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  1. Joseph

    I liked this beach, inspite of being in such a prime location it is still so naive. I feel those who want to visit beaches which is not much visited, and lacks crowd can go to this one to have some quiet peaceful moments. Thanks for the post.

  2. Luice

    Looking at the photos I can make out how simple this place is. It has no major attractions apart from the beach, and the place is still untouched by modernity. I could have never thought of such a beach in Goa today which is always full of people and so modernized. Thanks for sharing the post.

  3. June Makai

    I’m in love with India and the culture in specific and I must say that this beach sounds just amazing and the pictures of this beach are lovely. I would love to experience all of this some day when I finally come to India. Thanks for sharing this

  4. Lancia

    I need to admit that Kudle beach was far bettwe than most of the beaches I have been to in Goa. Crowd was quite less which I loved it. Since it was not easily accessible, I guess most of the people therefore prefer other beaches of Gokarna. It is best for those who want to experience quite and relaxing place. Nice article!

  5. Tanvi Raut

    I just love this beach it is the closes I could get to heaven on earth and that too not very far from where I live. Being from Banglore Kudlee beach is just a bus ride away from home. The thing that I like most about Kudlee beach is that it does not have a lot of crowd and is very calm and peaceful and I could just be myself and unwind there. The pictures you have uploaded are really very pretty. Keep up the good work I like the information you are posting here.

  6. Leonia Cambell

    Love the feel and look of this beach. The pictures do absolute justice to the description of this place that you have given. I would love to come over to India and stay in one of those huts and just chill around the beach all day long and eat the fish and drink the beer. love this please 🙂 Take care.

  7. David

    This place is just amazing… great beach, good food, clean and super cheap accommodation. I went there during winter, very specifically December 15th and the peak season had just set in, but it was really nice and not crazy crowded, it’s definitely better than OM beach which is sad and dull! Nice article!

  8. Tom Howard

    I have visited this beach many years ago. Feels so good to relive my time there through your picture essay post of Kudlee beach. Back then there was just a couple of shacks and hiking from Gokarna town was the only way. Wonderful post and superb blog. Keep travelling my friend.

  9. Amit Beej

    I’m from Banglore and I have heard so much about this beach and Gokarna from my friends who have visit this place. After reading this post i really feel that I must visit Gokarna and Kudlee beach soon and taste the fish thikka that you say is a must have here. Thanks a lot for this lovely write up.


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