The little town of Kasol in Himachal Pradesh is called the backpacker’s heaven! A fourteen hour winding road ride from Delhi in a Volvo bus and a two hour bumpy ride on the roof top of a local bus from Bhuntur and behold paradise. The Great Himalayas with their snow-capped peaks surrounds Kasol, situated 5,380 feet above sea-level (1,640 m). The awesome Himachali village is inhabited by descendants of early natives who migrated there from Leh-Ladhak.

Once in Kasol, the billions of Indians seem far and widespread with the sons of the soil getting outnumbered here on a ratio of 5:1. The pleasant weather and cheap hash attract back packers and junkies who mostly hail from Israel and the European countries. Most of these are people who served in the armed forces in their native lands for a statutory period of time.

The weather in Kasol though pleasant is a bag full of surprises. So much so that even natives find it hard to predict. What starts out as a chilly morning turns to a warm and sunny day to a windy and cold night. The spice to the time-table is the Himachali winds that bring rain with them without much warning at any time of the day.

The pine tree covered landscape of Kasol resounds with the gushing sound of the Parvati River that flows through it. Rocks at the side of the river are an ideal spot to spend time soul searching, lounging and lazing around.
For the gourmets, there is momos, tukpa (noodle soup) and chowmen available at every nook and corner of the village. Rice-beer is a specialty of this village in Himachal Pradesh and is a great hit with visitors, knowing a local helps to get one with ease. The village has plenty of small inns and motels where visitors can spend the nights at reasonable rates.

Funky haircuts and hippie hair-dos are easy to get here at cheap rates. From dread-locks to Mohawks and lulus, the village saloon is a hairstyle Mecca. Junkie sweatshirts, Aladdin pants, animal face mufflers, reggae T-shirts and a host of trekking gear are a few of the things worth shopping for in Kasol. Hand painted psychedelic T-shirts and jewelry made out of wood are unique specialties there. Bargaining is a good skill to have while shopping here as well.

A fifteen minute walk from Kasol village leads to Chalal, on the other side of the Parvati River. This forest destination is accessible by crossing a cable supported bridge over the river. The nature walk along the trail is awesome in the moonlight with the Great Himalayas on one side and the Parvati valley on the other. Though the path is narrow, the walk is scintillating with the sound of the river as background music along the way. Trance parties are a feature here, as they are held often deep in the woods attended by both locals as well as visitors.


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  1. Rajat

    Kasol is really among the best destinations in the country. I have always dreamed of visiting Kasol. And I did and I will do again…

  2. Birthday In The Mountains - The Land Of Wanderlust

    […] Kasol– This was our base and practically the ‘town area’ of this side of the mountains. The cheese parathas at our guest house were amazing. Lots of hippie stuff for lookout for and cafes by the river to chill out at. And yes lots of foreigners, who are just backpacking like us. […]

  3. Arch

    Please suggest a few budget places me and a friend can stay at in Kasol.

  4. Shreya Yadav

    Guys a need some help.
    I’m leaving for Kasol on 21st June,2016.
    Will be trekking to Rashol from Chalal and then to Malana and further we are planning to trek towards Chandrakhani pass from Malana village.
    How are routes from Malana to Chandrakhani ?

  5. Reshma

    we are planning to visit kasol in july. Is it advisable to travel here along with a yr old baby????

  6. Ajay Sachin.

    hey tlow, thanks a lot for the information and guidance. I’ll will be backpacking alone around kasol in 3rd week of may and would like to know about places to camp and stay and also the govt rules and regulations about camping around these places, don’t want to get into any sort of trouble lol. 🙂

  7. Chaitanya Jakhar

    M planning a trip to kasol on New Years !! I want to will their be snowfall at that time??

  8. subhkirti

    Hi.. Very informative blog.. Can you suggest me some places to stay in Kasol. Me and some of my friends are travelling there in the first week of October. We would like to stay with the locals, and not in hotels. Do you know any references? If you could send me a mail on, it would be a great help. Thanks 🙂


  9. shourya

    i have been to kasol, malana, tosh and rashol …. all these places are out of this world and have very positive vibes. i love the food they prepare. i love these places more than anything in my life, i wish they stay the same although the recent dam project has brought in some negativity in the area there, i want to do whatever i can with my able self for this place. these places deserve to be.

  10. Shadab Noor

    after surfing the internet for almost a day, i found THE LANDOUTTHERE. fabulous blog, exciting and encouraging write up. Me and my frnd are planing to visit Kasol from 8th September for a week. It would be really helpful if you can guide us a lil bit about the weather condition in that region, will it be raining too much or a chalable rains like in Delhi… Thank you

  11. Victoria M

    Really very good information and surely the most accurate information on the internet about any place in Parvati Valley. keep up the good work ☺

  12. Stanley Morgan

    Being a backpacker myself I know this website has been penned down by true backpackers the post about Kasol is just about the place but you can actually feel the whole place by just reading the post and the pictures at the bottom just make it a absolute delete for a fellow backpacker like me because this is exactly the kind of information we are always looking for about India.


    Hello everyone,

    I am new to backpacking n m planning to leave for Kasol from Delhi in sept. for 2-3weeks.
    I really need help and suggestions from all of you regarding places I must visit / places to stay / N how do I plan my budget.
    ( also – ‘thelandoutthere’ – Fantastic blog ) !

    Kiko 🙂

  14. Payal

    Hey everyone!!

    I am planning to leave Delhi in sept and stay in kasol for 3-4weeks..I am totally new to backpacking…m excited, scared, nervous and eager to go…
    I gotta plan my budget accordingly. could you all please help me with this.
    As in where I could stay / places I Must visit / food / and how to plan my budget.

    Kiko 🙂

  15. Vivek Gupta


    I am planning to drive to Kasol from Delhi on 15th Aug weekend. Would be great if u guys could tell me about the weather conditions. Is the route Lanslides prone??

  16. Shivangi Nigam

    I love the blog but later when i read the comments i was more happier person 🙂 surely India is one of those country where you would find everything from beauty of land , to beauty of snow .Excited to visit this place after reading your blog.How is
    Oct to travel here ? Any advice

  17. RJ Aayush

    this my friend is the most amazing blog i have read… I am planning for the same on the 15th of August. Though i have been advised that trekking will not be suitable since the amount of rainfall might cause landslides.. Is it true?

    • The Land Out There

      Hi RJ,
      Only the hike to Kheerganag will be tricky. The rest of Parvati Valley is surely do able during the time you plan on visiting the valley.

  18. Nikhil

    Hello All,
    First of this is the best website i have recently come across for Kasol. Keep up the good work guys.
    I along with 5 others are planning to visit Kasol in last week of August. Could someone advise about the weather conditions (would be rainy or cold), what things to carry along, any medical concerns to take care about because of high altitude (like breathing), best place (hotel/resort) to stay in and places to visit in Kasol.
    Thanks in advance.

    • sherwin rebello

      Hi Nikhil, its great that you and a few of your friends are backpacking to Kasol. The weather is not too bad during August but you can expect it to rain. Regarding the things you would need to carry you will find the same on our site, we have a check list of all that you would need to carry. Kasol has plenty of backpacker guest houses and all of them are clean and well kept so finding a decent place to crash won’t be too much of an issue.

      • Nikhil

        Thank you so much for the insight.
        Well i was trying to see the check list you mentioned but could not find it anywhere on the website; could you please help me through?

      • The Land Out There

        Its called essentials to carry while backpacking to the Himalayas. Type this in the search bar on our site and you will find the write up.

      • Nikhil

        Hello Sherwin, with the recent and ongoing disaster due to heavy rainfall and flood, how is the situation at Kasol and Solang? I have recently read about several landslides in Manali area and really concerned about how would the weather going to behave during last week of August. 🙁

  19. Rai Yadav

    The pictures and the write up about the place surely make this place look like noting but heave to anyone who reads the write up. Kasol seems so fresh and yet very well connected.

  20. Harshal Gouff

    It’s the best time to make some plans to visit the Himalayas and Kasol is surely one of the places I plan on visiting with my friends from German. Thanks for this post it helped solve a lot of my doubts. ;p

  21. Alex Rogers

    Really inspiring post about Kasol, Looks really nice and the rite up is very pleasing seems to be a really nice place and pretty much offbeat.

  22. Abi Watson

    First off I would like to say excellent site! The write up about Kasol is seriously brilliant I am only gonna refer to this site when I come to India in mid August 🙂

  23. Pratik

    Wow that sounds so good! Soul searching with Charas and music! 😀 I am going in first week of June! Anyone else coming around this time?

  24. Ritesh Pandi

    Kasol I must say is just the place to be for anyone looking for some chiller time with good weather and amazing Charas. This write up about Kasol is just perfect and I would so love to go back and spend my day sitting near Lucky dhaba and having a cup of chai. I miss Kasol 🙁

  25. Drew

    Kasol seems like the place that is full of fun and parties and away from all the crowd. I have heard and seen a lot about this place from my friends. I’m finally looking forward to visiting this place this summer. Thanks for all the useful information.

  26. Dan

    hey guys!
    I have been to Kasol way back in 2008 with my wife n two pets wagging their tail all the time.After reading all d post i feel quite nostalgic about the place.we set up our tent on d camping ground nxt to the Parvati river flowing in full was a heavenly experience n we still recall the beautiful moments which we spent trekking n taking walks in those heavenly deodhar forests. i suggest evry1 to visit this place but try n avoid litter.plan to do backpack this summer again at Kasol….

  27. sahil

    I and my buddies are going there on 27th of march this year and your blog helped me convince a whole lot of my other friends…it is superbly written and am so pumped about doing this…it will be epic am sure

  28. William Hodge

    I must confess this is totally a different India that you have written about on your page I had pictured India as a country where cows roamed the roads and garbage made up of the rest of it. But you have surely changed my views about your country this place Kasol is just heaven the river flowing and the animals i can just sense the calmness through your post and pictures so i can just imagine how it must be out there. I want to conclude by saying that i have fallen in love with this place and the Himalayas through your post and pictures. I hope come there soon.

  29. Tamara

    Kasol is a place I have heard so much about from my friends who have visited India and this is a place I have surely put in my bucket list when i come to india in 2013 and your write up about the place along with these superb pictures have only redefined to me why i should visit India and kaosl. Thanks a lot im looking forward to visiting your country and experiencing a life you have described.

    • Aniket

      Which month of 2013?? If ya have ne group pls lemme knw as well… thanx..

  30. Anonymous

    Hey Everyone,

    Hope you doing well.

    I just wanted to inquire about the weather in late September – early October, will it be too rainy or too cold??? Is it a good time to go ?????

    Please can anyone help me on that.

    Thanks in advance,


    • sherwin rebello

      Hey Siddharth, Kasol will be cold but bearable during that time of the year but if you are looking at going around parvati valley it might not be possible because of the extreme cold.

      • Siddharth S

        Thanks a ton Sherwin. Will it be possible to head over to Rohtang Pass in late September? We wanted to add that to our itinerary as well.

        And what all would suggest us during our 4 day stay at Kasol?

        Will highly appreciate your help.

        Thanks again.


      • sherwin rebello

        Rothang pass should be open till the first week of October.You can take a bus from Bhuntur to the pass or hire a taxi which is a better option. While in Kasol you can spend a night in the village of Tosh and Pulga. Don’t miss out on going to Chalal which is a 10mins walk from kasol.

  31. roopvir

    just tell me about the party location on 21,22,23 sep. through my no. +919914436180 plzzz just make a missed call though

  32. roopvir

    hey how u all my friends,actually m planning to go to kasol on 21 st september can anyone plzzz provide me information about the party days and location as on 21,22,23 sep. plzzz i really need it

    • sherwin rebello

      Hey Roopvir, the party will surely be happening in the woods in Chalal. Once you reach Kasol you will get all the information about the party. You will find the party posters all over Kasol.

  33. Stella

    I think that this place is really heaven and surely paradise for a traveler who is in search of some peace. I would really love to visit this place.

  34. contino

    I have visited kasol but back in the 90s and I must say it has changed a lot from what is it was back then. with all the hippy crowd and hippy attitude that prevails now. I am also happy that the senec beauty of the place has nor been affected. thanks a lot for helping me restore the memory of a place I traveled too many many year ago.

  35. James cruze

    I’ve been surfing online more than 3 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours.I really would love to try one of those funky hair cuts that the barbers shop has to offer in kasol just to get more in tuned into the whole hippy spirit of the place

  36. Jessy

    This place you have described looks so good I so wish this place was my backyard or some place close by for me to visit. Kasol I must say is a place i really am gonna visit in the near future because it looks so good and refreshing and it surely does justice to your claims of it being the backpackers heaven. I hope to read more about your travels.

  37. Alice dent

    Fun post, I actually had a good time reading it, keep doing all the good efforts and keep traveling to places like these

  38. cris pirsa

    Good day! I really liked the picture of those to dogs love the two of them. I would love to visit kasol since im a animal lover just to be with them and nature.

  39. holly

    I came across your post via google search and I must say that this place kasol really looks like a place worth visiting for a person like me who’s a nature lover. I hope to visit kasol soon.

  40. Adam

    I really liked the write up. A few friends of mine had planned on visiting the Himalayas during our visit to India and we will surely stop by at this place called Kasol. It looks very peaceful and calm and something that we are looking forward to doing on our visit to India.

  41. Tyson F. Gaut

    Really well written and the picture compliment the write up very well. I am a travel junkie and i have been to many places across the world but India is a place i have never been able to cover yet. I hope to travel there and experience what you have in the land out there. Thanks a lot for sharing this i hope to read a lot more of your post.

  42. Clint Aker

    This is really interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I have joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your wonderful post. Also, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks!

  43. Bento dino

    Hey there! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a group of volunteers and starting a new project in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us useful information to work on. You have done a extraordinary job!

  44. Rahul pai

    hi there I have been for the yhai sar pass trek and hence also visited kasol. your write up has done justice to the place and the pictures describe the place pretty well.

  45. Yoki

    helloI am so glad I found your webpage, I really found you by error, while I was looking on Yahoo for something else, Anyways I am here now and would just like to say thank you for a fantastic post and a all round entertaining blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to go through it all at the minute but I have saved it and also included your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up the fantastic job.

  46. Seal

    I adored your wonderful site. topnotch work. I hope you produce others. I will continue watching

  47. andrew croff

    I am a Backpacker my self and im really happy to know that people of my kind exist and in a place like india and that people are ready to rouff it out. keep up the zeal and travel

  48. Smita

    My spouse and I stumbled over here by a different page and thought I may as well check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking over your web page for a second time.

  49. sisisi

    Backpacker’s Haven: Kasol in Himachal Pradesh | The Land Out There Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  50. Josh Ninke

    Hello really loved the writ up. This place Kasol really seems to be a place worth visiting considering its off beat. I really hope i do get to make the trip to Kasol some time in the near future.

  51. Reverse Phone Lookup

    Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well written article. I will make sure to bookmark it and return to read more of Backpacker’s Haven: Kasol in Himachal Pradesh The Land Out There . Thanks for the post. I will definitely return.

    • sherwin2791

      I have stayed once at this place called Narayan and the next time at Yerpas. You’ll find them right at the start of the town of Kasol. There is Manikaran about 2kms away from Kasol with hot springs and a temple as the main attractions.Tosh is also a very good place to visit it’s about 7kms away from Kasol but you’ll have to trek a bit to get there. Moon dance cafe, Evergreen cafe (my personal favorite),Third eye cafe are a few good cafes out there.

      • golumolu

        Hey Sherwin,
        Thats a pretty iniviting log.
        Please tell me if it is possible to camp at Kasol, i donnt wanna be bungled up in the town. Would rather prefer and date with my solitude. ( ofcourse dont want it to get messy with locals).

      • sherwin2791

        Near the banks of the river Parvati there is a great place that you can camp on. Tents are also easily available with the locals of Kasol. The place is picturesque and quite, opposite Lucky dhaba.

  52. Patty Newman

    Hello Sherwin,

    My partner and I are from New Zealand and have been to the Himalayas more than once. I must say that those mountains are a world in themselves, serene quite and peaceful.
    We were on the verge of a break-up and decided to go there to give our relationship a make or break chance. And I must say that the charm and the soothing that it provided is out of the world. We were down and out, but our relationship was strengthened and made strong on those mountains.
    I can see that the Himalayas and travel being not just a holiday for you but more of a passion. Keep it up, lovely pictures and well written.
    I agree it is tough to tread the Himalayas, but they are like life itself, difficult but totally worth every bit of the time spent.
    All the best for your future travels, hope there are many more and more fun. Today, it’s been 10 years and my partner Kilmer and I have three children together and make it a point to visit the mountains every year to reconnect with the great feeling we had there.
    The Himalayas were the start of great things for us both as individuals and as a couple, there is truly mystic power up there.


  53. Dixia Shi

    People think Egypt is about the Pyramids and Sphinx but there is more to it, the beautiful sights in unexplored places. I loved the title of your blog and the fact that you have thrown light on the aspect of India that means much more and is different from the Taj Mahal, that is so stereotypical. Exploring one’s country is great and making others who have a narrow view of the sights to see aware is commendable. Happy to learn about India.

  54. Andrew Witts

    Hello Sherwin,
    I am a backpacker based in Pennsylvania. I have traveled to various places here in the US and am really proud that in a country like India people like us-the backpacking kind exist.
    I do not mean any disrespect but the Indians here in the US are not very adventurous and prefer being stay at home bums.
    Please keep up your enthusiasm about backpacking. It is tough, but is nonetheless an exciting way of life that is worth every problem faced when you reap results like this: the thrill of adventure.
    Hope to read more about your other travels.
    Cheers and all the best for the future.

  55. Clark

    Really exciting that you have uploaded such an interesting perspective of India. I have seen many “Incredible India” advertisements and I was always of the view that India looks like the exotic place they make it to be in the ads. But your posts and pictures seem to suggest that it is a nature’s heaven. I am not a backpacker, a normal family guy and would love to come on this Himalayan trip with my friends not as a backpacker but as a tourist. Thanks for sharing this awesome India. I hope you have more posts coming soon. Loved reading this one.

  56. Marc Derikx

    One of my friends gave me a link to your site and I must say that the India I have seen is very different form this. I have visited Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai and found them very crowded and dirty. But this Kasol place seems very pretty and out of this world. This is what I had visualized of India in my mind- a place that is exotic and untouched. Great write and lovely pictures.

  57. mandy

    Been there done that. 🙂 Twice. Hopefully will make it a third and a forth and a fifth…… Sherwin I think it is pretty cool you started it. Please add a post about epic Spiti and after this years’ trip you gotta write about Dhramshala and then next year Leh. 🙂

  58. Jordan Quade

    For some time now I have always wanted to have a Himalayan journey. But due to work have never been able to achieve that. But the power that your blog has made me actually think about coming to India and visiting Kasol. From the pictures and write-up it seems to be an amazing place. I want to sit by the Parvati and have the experience you have so beautifully described here and also taste this yummy sounding momos and rice beer.

  59. John

    Himachal Pradesh was a place I was not aware of prior to this. But I must say that when I saw your pictures and read your post I was finally convinced that what I had heard from my Indian friends about the Himalayas being the abode of the gods must be true. The India I have seen over the years in pictures seems so distant from Kasol and the way it represents India. Would love to visit this place soon. Thanks for sharing.

  60. Tori

    The animals in Kasol attracted me to this post. I am a keen supporter of PETA and loved to see the dogs and the horses roaming so freely in nature’s lap. I think in our busy schedule this is exactly what we miss out on and as a result are so depressed and upset most of the time.

  61. jack

    I am a bit of a wanderer and I think I would like visiting this place. In this industrial age, nature seems to be totally sidelined, I think visits like this make us marvel at the wonders of nature. Loved the post…keep them coming.

  62. James@rv van

    I liked the pictures you put up. They are really exciting and I really want to go and try these things out. Thanks for sharing it. Kasol seems like a nice, calm and meditative place to be in. Bet you enjoyed being there a lot.

  63. Anna

    I must say that this write up is just what I was looking out for when I wanted to come down to India and visit a place where nature and serenity abound. Thanks for sharing and keep the posts coming…I am so going to Kasol in June when I come.

  64. Dina Rasquinha

    Been here..reading this brought in back many memories..good write up..describes the place perfectly..


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