Yolo Cafe Manali 

Winter 2023


Frozen Mornings 

Expect the temperature to drop below -10°C

Hot Drinks 

- Chai  - Coffee - Hot Chocolate 

Frozen Pipes

Expect no water from the taps when it’s snowing

Play with dogs

Being pet friendly means we always have dogs paying us a visit. 

Shoes with a grip

Without good shoes it’s impossible to even move 20 meters without falling. 

Vehicles frozen 

Yup its a pretty much no movement day outside side everything comes to stand still.

Chit Chat time 

Talk to co travellers at Yolo or interact with the yolo cafe squad. 

Badminton Time

Try your hand at playing a game of badminton in the snow thats our favourite. 

Explore around

Property is around 3 acres, enough or art, craft & games to keep you busy. 

Keep Warm 

When It snows make sure you have your legs, ears & hands covered with woollens. 

Pray for the Sun

After 10-15 minutes of snow fall you’ll understand why the Himalayan cold is so dreaded… 

Avoid Room Heaters

Yes there is no point in room heaters because when the power goes its a waste.