The Cabana Beach Stay Experience: Boossa Sri Lanka 

1. Perfect for backpackers 

2. Wake up with the  sound of the ocean 

3. DIY creative stay  

4. Cabanas just have a  bed & charing points. 

5. Wash room are  common and clean. 

6. Rooms have a bed with mosquito netting. No fans  

7. The night vibe is what makes this place unique. 

8. Perfect for one  night stay. 

9.  Swing on a tyre tube 

10. Laze around looking  at the coconut trees

11. Breakfast with the  view of the ocean. 

12. Home made breakfast  by the sea.

13. Read a book in the aftroons.

15. Laze around in the  cabana to beat the heat 

16. Catch the sunset  by the beach.  

17. If experience matters  then this is pretty much  the best.