Spiti Valley River Side

Things To Do

1. Find a WOW spot

Don’t stop where everyone else is stopping find your own.

2. Find a spot to sit

Plenty of rock which make perfect wilderness stools 

3. Half fry on the rocks

If your one with nature then you wont mind getting your back side brown. 

4. Find Good angles 

River side photography is all the angles & the lighting.

5. Capture it all

Take a wide angle shot of the entire landscape so it’s Instagram worthy. 

6.  Wishing stones

Don’t forget to stack 7 stones on top of each other and wish for something non materialistic 

7.  Try a different pose

Don’t just take all pictures with the same post try out a few which make the internet break.

8. Observe the nature

Sit by yourself and observe the mind blowing landscape of Spiti Valley..

9. Skip rocks 

Try your hand at skipping rocks by the river while your chilling & doing nothing.