Sohra Sunday Weekly Market in Meghalaya 

Market is open only on sundays 

Run by the Kashi tribals from Sohra

Villagers in the market 

Beetal nut in the market 

Portraits from Meghalya 

Beetle nut being sold in Sohra in Meghalaya 

Bustling Sunday market 

Bananas being sold in the sunday market 

Locally grown vegetables in Meghalaya 

Oranges in Baskets 

Banans and oranges 

Banans and oranges 

Pork Chops in Meghalaya 

Driest fish in Meghalaya market 

Chillies being sold in market 

Giant Ginger being sold in Meghalaya market 

Pork being weighed in the market 

Oranges being packed in the sack