Meghalaya: Women at work

Woman on her phone while running a village shop in Dawki, Meghalaya 

Mother & Child in Cherrapunji Meghalaya 

An elderly lady tending her chicken in Meghalaya 

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Shillong Bara Bazaar women selling  home grown scrubs 

Dawki Stall woman smiling while cutting vegetables 

Young Lady selling locally grown Sweet lime fruits in Police Bazar Shillong, Meghalaya 

Middle Aged lady selling warm clothing in Police Bazar, Shillong 

Bhut Jolokia being sold in the market along with other home grown chillies. 

Tea Break in the afternoon at Shillong. 

Lady counting her money from the sale of Larva at Bara Bazzar, Shillong. 

Fresh vegetables from the rain forest in Meghalaya being sold in Shillong bazaar.