Why no meals on tlow Backpacker road trips??

The reason we don’t include meals

On our Leh-Ladakh Roadtrips

Food is a important part of travel

We live to eat or eat to live 

The best food in LEH

Is always served at dinner. Reason being very simple

The cafes are empty 

Since 95% tourist in Leh come  on a breakfast & dinner plan 

The best seat is yours

It’s pretty much always empty post 9pm in any cafe in Leh, 

No need to decide

The service person will suggest himself whats the best since they  have time on hand. 

You have the freedom

To decide based on your groups mood of how you‘ll want to spend last meal of the night. As opposed to buffet routine.

To have fun in a new environment 

Where everyone in the restaurant or cafe are only serving your group. Since there is no one else. 

Express food service

Its just your order in the kitchen so its gonna be put of the kitchen super fast. 

A new cuisine every night?  

Ain’t this the best way to travel with freedom…

Post dinner digestion walk?

Stroll back with your group to your home stay / hotel in leh or catch a cab back..