Photo Guide Book

Parvati Valley

1. Start Early 

Always being by 7 to 9am

2. Company 

Never hike alone 

3. Hiking Stick 

Never hike without a hiking pole / stick

4. Mind Over Body 

13KM = 4-7hrs its purely the mind.

5. Pack Light 

carry just a towel + a change of clothes.

6. Just 3 stops 

Don’t stop too much. 

7. Nakthan Village 

Hike Up via Naktha village 

8. Kheer break 

Have some temple food.

9. Rudra Nag 

Perfect spot for a selfie 

10. Solo Travel

Join a tlow trip 

11. Best Season

March - June &  Sept - Nov

12. God Men

Sadus frequent the hike all year 

12. Food Stalls

Don’t stop too often for a snack 

13. Nearly on top

Kheerganga top isn’t the top

14. A little more

The best campsites are located closer to the hot bath.

15. Gold Star 

Thats where tlow has been staying since 2011. 

16. Pick a Tent 

Take whichever is available. Vibe is outside 

17. Hot Bath Time 

Take your clothes & hike a bit to the hot Spring bath

18. No more pool

The pool has been broken since October ‘22

19. Sunset Time

Catch the sunset from a swing

20. Hot Chocolate

As the mercury dips this is the best to sip on 

21. Pizza May be?

Hand made wood oven pizzas to celebrate reaching the top

22. Super Store

Yes there is a general store selling all the basics at a premium costing. 

23. Chill CAFES

You have a lot of choices. From food to sitting area and view. 

24 No Toilets 

Don’t expect toilets in the tents. You wont find any 

25. Morning Joy

Soaking in the Sun to enjoy the morning vibe after a cold night camping. 

26. Breakfast Time

Have a glass of chai or ginger lemon honey tea.

27. Return Hike

Time to hike back to Civilisatio. 

28. Hike to Kalga

Always hike back to Kalga its a easier decent. 

29. Adventure

Kalga trail has a lot more thrill to feel

30. No Network

You will lose network after Rudrag Nag on either side of the trail

31. Sheep & Goats

Be watchful while hiking since they will come running at high speed. 

32. Eat Well

Don’t over eat & at the same time don‘t under eat. 

33. Local Advice

Local advice is like gold, don’t use your over smartness on the trail. 

34. Rain Check

Always be prepaid for a patch on rain while hiking to Kheerganga 

35. Two day Hike

The minimum time needed to complete the hike is one night and two days.