Assam Meghalaya 

The Food Guide 

Visual Experience

Shops are all over

Open from 7am to 8pm


Veg thali which includes dal rice, chutney and vegetable.

Fruits Everyhwhere

You’ll find fruits at every nook and corner. 

Street Food @ ₹50-100

Every where you go you will find great street food options.

Pickle of a 100 types

Unique pickles home made from over a 1000 unheard vegetables and fruits 

Cheap Alcohol

The most affordable alcohol rates you will find while backpacking 

Hygienic Kitchens 

Everything is super clean and home grown 

Kaziranga National Park

Basic veg dal rice & roti + papad

Majuli River Island 

Home stay food in our bamboo hut home stay a mix of veg and non veg including River fish as an option

Bamboo Kitchen

One of a kind dining experience where the whole setup from the dining are to the kitchen is on a bamboo hut

Veg Thali @ ₹100

Food is extremely affordable all over North East India.

Spicy Chutney

Expect the food to be bland but the chutney to be extremely spicy

Maggie is a must have

Available all over the north east and a defiantly worth trying. 

Meghalaya is for the foodie

You will get healthy tasty food all over Meghalaya 

Bakery’s All over

You will find bakery’s all over Shillong. 

Street Food in Shillong

Veg & Non veg options which are unlimited to choose. 

Dawki Camping Food

Basic home cooked veg and non veg with river fish as an option. 

Remember your childhood 

The food will take you back atleast 20-40 years into your days as a child.

Mawlynnong Lunch 

A wholesome lunch at the worlds cleanest village. 

Everything is Home grown 

It’s simple yet tasty food 

The best meal 

Easily the best meal which you will have on the entire trip just for the vegetables and rice 

Spicy Chutney 

The hottest chutney you will ever have in one of the home simple food setups 

Daily Food Budget ₹500

INR 500 is more than enough for your entire day three meals breakfast, lunch, dinner.