Take a romantic walk along the scenic promenade and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea.

Visit this iconic landmark and soak in the historical charm while enjoying a boat ride to Elephanta Caves.

Spend a peaceful evening by the seaside, witness the mesmerizing sunset, and admire the luxurious bungalows.

Enjoy a serene stroll on the sea face promenade and marvel at the beautiful coastline.

Indulge in a romantic boat ride or simply sit by the lakeside and enjoy the tranquility.

Visit this sacred place of worship located on a tiny islet and revel in the peaceful ambiance.

Embark on a nature trail, go for a safari, and rejuvenate amidst the lush greenery and wildlife.

Take a romantic walk on the beach, savor delicious street food, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

Seek solace in this grand pagoda, meditate together, and experience tranquility.

Take a ferry ride to this UNESCO World Heritage site and explore the ancient caves carved out of rock.

A fun place to catch the sunset and walk around on the sea shore while you have some ice lollies and pav bhaji

Enjoy some cozy time together, relishing yummy street food and sipping coffee at the various cafes.

Go on a shopping spree amidst the bustling street market, and explore trendy boutiques and cafes.

Escape the city noise with a day trip to this serene beach, perfect for picnics and sunbathing.

Venture into these ancient Buddhist caves, situated amidst the hills, and immerse yourselves in history and spirituality.