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10 Step success tool kit

We read about success and various case studies of how people have actually achieved success, but no one actually ever lists down the road to success. After nearly 10 years in the business world, I have compiled a few pointers which will definitely help you reach closer to your life goals.


Lhawang in Ladakh

Hustle is the most used business word of the social media age. It is an integral part of your journey to being successful. Hustling does not mean you just wake up each day and work hard. It’s about working with focus and determination towards a goal which will bring you closer to your life vision. 

Success = Focus


When it comes to focus you have to be very clear about how to keep it going without getting distracted by the trends of the world. It’s basically trying to break a mango from the tree with a single throw of a stone. You have to focus 200% to be able to get your desired result.


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Honestly, if you are not optimistic about your success on a daily basis, you’ll never ever be successful. The first part of success is to be optimistic about your goals no matter how unrealistic the world claims them to be. The higher your optimism, the greater is your possibility of achieving success. 


We have all heard and read the importance of “Discipline” but very few people actually take it literally. It’s the single most important element of reaching your goal. You can’t really achieve anything in life, if you’re not disciplined. No one is born a disciplined person, it’s a level of understanding you have to reach. To be able to push yourself to a limit where your body and mind are in sync. To be able to do what is necessary to reach your life goals. 

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Hard work 

Everyone underestimates the power of pure hard work and that’s something which is above everything else. The secret to success is your ability to work hard day in and day out without tasting success, in the hope that one day all this work will pay off. Honestly hard work is more a belief than anything else.


The most important part of your journey to success is failure. A successful person is a failure who’s pushed himself or herself to try one more time. There is no short cut to success and embarrassing failure is a vital part of the journey. The more you fail, the faster you will reach your life goals. It’s only after failing that you will truly understand what works and what does not. 


Fish drying yard at a Sri Lanka

This is a place where most people struggle. The ability to take risks is what most are scared of. It is like playing safe while others are just out to take all kinds of risks which make no sense. It’s all about finding a balance and taking calculated risks which will either bring you positive results or learning which will help reach your goals. 


Work culture at tyrb Bhandardara

You will never be successful if you can’t master this golden skill. It’s something which does not come easy. It will surely push your physical and mental limits till you reach a stage of no return. All that’s left is to wait. It’s not about how long you have to keep patience. But rather during the time how well conditioned you manage to keep your mind. All the above points of success don’t hold ground if you simply can’t be patient. 

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Yes, this too is a vital cog while on your journey to being successful. The art of how you deal with criticism is pretty much where your trajectory of success lies. The best way to take criticism is by responding to a situation and not reacting. The more you react, the more it will affect you mentally. Remember, no matter what a person says about you, it’s their opinion. It’s always better to take it as a learning rather than making yourself mad. 


The power of persistence is usually overlooked by most people. It’s just how we are brought up from childhood without being ever told that it’s ultimately persistence which drives a person to achieve success. A person who decides to continue with his or her goals even after facing troubles is the person who is ultimately rewarded by the universe. 

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