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24 Photo Booths to Discover @ The Yash Resort Bhandardara

If you’re looking for a holiday to create content for your social media handle then we know what you need and already have you covered with 30+ Art projects in-house at The Yash Resort Bhandardara.

The Yash Resort Bhandardara which has been powered by tlow since mid-September has gone through a drastic revamp in rather unusual ways. 

Listed below is an explicit detail of what you can & should discover while on your first visit to Tyrb and Yolo Cafe 2.0 

Regardless of who you are this is your road map to a positive holiday output while at our resort. 

-> Direction board 

Distance board Bhandardara

Just in the garden of our fine dine restaurant Chula you’ll find a 8 feet direction board showing you various places around our country with the distance from where you currently are standing in The Yash Resort Bhandardara. The tyrb direction board has been the most photographed artwork so far. It’s definitely a must click for everyone. 

Best Time: Around breakfast 8:00-9:30 HRS when the sun rays can be captured splitting through the tree leaves. 

-> Snow man 

Our snowman is placed at what we call internally as the border. Because this is where The Yash Resort transforms into a creative hippie heaven. The snow man is made out of old tyres and is a perfect place for a portrait shot. 

Best Time: In the night around 20:00-20:30 HRS when the lights are on. 

-> Own your magic 

Own your magic

The TYRB arena stage background is made to remind people that everyone is unique in their own way and if you trust your gut instinct you’ll definitely own the stage in everything you try to do. A perfect place for a group or family picture. 

Best Time: Evening post tea time around 16:00-18:00 HRS 

-> Rock art Wall 

In the garden area of Yolo Cafe 2.0 you’ll find a small flower bed but what will catch your eye is not the flowers but the art on the rocks. From frogs , to an elephant to some characters from ice age you’ll be amazed with the array of characters embedded on a single rock bed. 

Best Time: anytime when the sun is out. 7:00-17:00 HRS 

-> Rainbow steps 

No one took these steps till we converted it into rainbow steps. The colour of the steps is specially remind people that life is short it’s better we live it to the fullest with each day as your last. A perfect spot for couple and family pictures.  

Best Time: Early evenings 16:30-18:00 HRS 

-> Yolo Cafe Words 

The only other place you’ll find such unique or rather random interiors is at our Yolo Cafe in Kasol (Yolo Camping Jari). The words on the wall are a reflection of the words that go up on the tlow instagram handle. The random fonts are because each tlow traveller is allowed to write a word from the list we have on the wall. The reason our cafe wall is full of words is because it’s a great photo wall & by keeping it open to travellers it’s a way to leave your mark and take back some memories. When was the last time you wrote on the wall? 

Best Time: All Day (make sure you ask for a super hero mask) 

-> SpongeBob 

We needed a storage unit for all the paints and the tlow team while going through all the junk stumbled upto a ruined metal cupboard. So just keeping junk would scare the kids who come. So we decided to paint it yellow and convert it into SpongeBob. 

Best Time: After collecting your merchandise. 12:00-13:30 HRS 

-> Bamboo Boat 

Yes we made our own bamboo boats for Yolo Cafe 2.0 & kept one outside the cafe as a dine in setup. It’s a great place to grab a meal and an even better place to get a picture.  The boat can comfortably fit four. 

Best Time: All Day 

-> Smurfs 

In the cabana you’ll find a combination of three Smurfs running. Created to remind everyone who loved watching cartoons during the 1990s.

Best Time: Afternoon 13:00-16:00 HRS 

-> Garfield 

Take the piano steps going up behind the speaker and your first stop a giant painting of Garfield the cat. Find a way to be creative and make take a good snap with the lasagna eating cat. 

Best Time: Morning 8:00-10:00 HRS and 15:00-17:00 HRS 

-> Tom & Jerry 

Take the black metal stairs and while climbing you’ll spot the nostalgic ever green Tom & Jerry. We just had to have these two on a wall!! 

Best Time: Morning 8:00-10:00 HRS and afternoon 15:00-17:00 HRS 

-> Tin Tin and Amoeba Boys 

The first thing on the terrace that will catch your eye is Tintin taking a selfie and the three Amoeba Boys from power puff girls. 

Best Time: 8:00-17:00 HRS 

-> Wings of freedom

When it came to settling on what to do on the terrace we zerored down on doing some wings but then we had to reinvent the wings. So we did it by making it a photo booth for a group or family of four.  

Best Time: Morning 8:00-17:00 HRS 

-> Bruce Lee’s Mantra 

Adjusent to the tlow team room is work ethic Mantra we have adopted at tlow since 2018 which started back at our Himalayan base in Yolo Camping Kasol.  

Best Time: 9:00-17;00 HRS 

-> Sir Albert Einstein 

At the start of the slope going to the washroom at Yolo Cafe 2.0 is a giant painting of Sir Albert Einstein. His quotes and life philosophies are something we at tlow have been following ever since the inception of the blog back in 2011.

Best Time: 9:00-17;00 HRS 

-> Power puff girls 

A photobooth ment to remind us of what fun childhood was. 

Best Time: 10:00 – 19:00 HRS 

-> Hand Art 

What better way to relieve a kindergarten memory. You leave your handprint in the colour of your choice on the outsdie wall of Yolo Cafe. A fun activity for everyone who comes to our resort. 

Best Time: 9:00 – 17:00 HRS 

-> You’re not fully dressed without a smile 

Just above the speaker you’ll find random Graffiti of various elements from mid 1990s to the early 2000s when a memories were lomited to hard copy photos. From the Game Boy to Pizzas a run down of some of the most nostalgic things we discovered in life when India was going commercial in 2000s 

Best Time: 8:00-11:00 HRS 

-> Yolo Cafe 2.0 

Yolo cafe 2.0 group

At yolo cafe you’ll find a prop to suit everyone’s photo taste. From Instagram frames to super hero mask and a host of DIY tools that can be used to create a well crafted photo for your Instagram feed or your next halloween profile picture. 

Best Time: All Day 

-> Simpson’s 

The third art work in our cabana is the Simpsons family. A cartoon that has run for nearly 30 years & counting plus has predicted through its sitcom plenty accurate details of what the world has translated in the recent past. 

Best Time: 15:00-22:00 HRS 

-> Mt. Everest table 

Mount Everest in Nepal is the highest point on planet earth. It’s a dream for many to scale the mighty Himalayan mountain but since that’s a dream less than 0.1% can full fill in a life time. We decided to paint a table in respect to Mt Everest. So if you can’t climb it you can atleast have a meal on it. 

Best Time: 8:00-18:00 HRS 

-> Tree Swing 

Yes we do have a DIY garden swing made out of wooden planks, rope and most of all a garden tree branch. After making the swing we added a table & a bench. Then to cap it all up we added lights to the tree and left some hanging to create a unique all day photo booth.  

Best Time: Morning & Evening. 

-> You Are Offline 

After completing the pool side view of the cabana we had a small section left where we needed to add a bit of value. While scrolling through the options we realised. With Covid 19 life has become completely digital & what better way to mind people that there is a  life without the internet. 

Best Time: 9:00-16:00 HRS 

-> Galaxy ceiling @ Yolo Cafe 2.0

We wanted to make the cafe ceiling different and what better way than to throw some colour with the compressor and try to make it resemble the galaxy. The reason we tried recreating a galaxy since when we started Camping at Bhandardara in 2013. The night sky was all that our trips were know for (and the roof top jeep ride) 

Best Time: post sunset 19:00-22:00 HRS 

-> White Board with a quote 

You’ll surely see plenty of white boards around Yolo Cafe 2.0 so ask a tlow team member and get a marker to pen down what your thoughts about completing level one (Lv1)  of the photo challenge (scavenger hunt) at The Yash Resort & Yolo Cafe 2.0 

Best Time: Morning before check out. 

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