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10 million Fireflies at beautiful Khopoli

Fireflies are commonly sighted in the region of Khopoli, Maharashtra, especially during the monsoon season. These bioluminescent insects light up the surroundings during the night, creating a magical and mesmerizing sight. 

We are all aware about the fact that the atmosphere during the start of the monsoon season is a hot mess of continuous temperature changes where one faces the wrath of both hot and cold winds. Although, this is one of the times where the most beautiful forms of nature can be experienced.


The sky changes in colours and patterns in Khopoli. The landscape changes from a dull yellow to a beautiful green. The air changes from warm to mildly cold. The birds start dancing and singing in order to attract mates. To wrap all of this up in a pretty little bow, mother nature has gifted us with fireflies. 

Many nature enthusiasts and tourists visit Khopoli to witness this natural phenomenon. The fireflies can be seen across various areas in Khopoli, including the forests, hills, and rural areas. 

Fireflies are not actually worms as the commonly known name “glowworms” suggests. Fireflies are beetles from the nocturnal family of Lampyridae. They are mostly found in warm and humid tropical regions of Asia and the Americas and more temperate regions of the world. They love moisture and are found in the darkest, most humid regions of the forests.

Yolo Khopoli


They are nocturnal beings and usually start glowing between dusk and sunset and will glow all throughout the night. There are about 2000 species of fireflies all found in different sizes, ranging from a paper clip to the very tiny stapler pin. They are a popular and fun sight during summer evenings and are visible during the rainy season as well.

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Most people are unaware about this, fireflies have dedicated light emitting organs located below their abdomen. They take in oxygen from the atmosphere and inside, special cells combine it with a substance called luciferin to produce light with almost no heat.


This chemical process is called bioluminescence. The flashes of light differ from species to species. They use their light flashes to attract females as well as deter predators from attacking them. They males move in swarms and create beautiful and flashing light displays in patterns to attract the females. 

Yolo Khopoli
Yolo Khopoli

Khopoli, located in Navghar, Maharashtra, is known for its lush evergreen forest, rice fields, grapevines and for beautiful views of the high and mighty Sahyadri mountain range. The start of the monsoon season calls for all farmers to sow their seeds and wait for tiny saplings to grow.

This beautiful location is, where one can enjoy the bountiful nature and engage in a quest of activities. Khopoli has many farms which are filled with several kinds of  fruit trees including mangoes, lemons, guavas and more. The farms sits beside a peaceful flowing river which roars during the monsoon. 

Yolo Khopoli


Fireflies can be visible at Khopoli only after its fairly dark. They are attracted to light sources and will get really close to you if you are near the light source. They are super friendly and will play with you on your hands and will then fly off.

They enjoy moist, humid places and if you’re at a region where it’s really dark within the farm you can get glimpses of fireflies floating through the air between the trees, bobbing up and down the leaves and branches. It is truly a sight to see and a beautiful experience. 

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It is recommended to take guided tours or explore the region in the company of experienced locals who can lead you to the spots where fireflies are found in abundance.

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