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Camping tips and tricks one must know of

Camping is amazing, but it’s certainly not a walk in the park. Measures must be taken in diligence and dedication, lest the camping trip goes for a toss. Nevertheless, there are some issues that most campers need to be aware of. Tackling these issues with solutions that may seem expensive or inwardly non-existent.

Crafty ways to get around these issues are light on the pocket and does not bear any burden on the travellers whatsoever. Looking around the globe, here are some tips you, as a camper, need to be aware of.

-> Mosquitoes

Camping out in the wild is an adventure at best, but what is mortifying is the fact that mosquitoes are your best neighbours. Those bloodsucking puny vampires leave quite the impression on your skin, with irritation as a parting gift for your generous donation of blood. These events of trauma can be avoided in a simple trick.

With a bottle of one litre, using a pair of scissors, cut off the bottle just about a quarter length from the cap. Now with the bottom half bottle, mix about a tablespoon of yeast, brown sugar and hot water. Invert the top half of the bottle, cap unscrewed, and place it into the bottom half as depicted. Give it time and those buggers wouldn’t be bugging you any longer.

-> Tissue roll holder


With tissues being a must have on any camping trip, they may get wet somehow, seemingly useless in due course. We this need to protect the roll with a little trick on the side. Grab a box that’ll house the roll, shaped the same way too, preferably a cylindrical body. Using a blade cutter, make a tiny square on the lid and once that’s done, keep the tissues in the box, removing the cardboard roll core. The end of the tissues from the core can be pulled out and placed through the hole in the lid, et voila your very own tissue box.

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-> Matchbox hack

Lighting fires is quite the ordeal, especially in chilly places. Matches tend to burn out quite quickly, a fussy affair and your last resort would be caveman striking stones and breaking your fingerbones. An easy-to-follow way to get around this is by wrapping two pairs of matches in a sheet of tissue, tying the roll with a thread and dipping the set in melted wax. It’s important not to dip the tip in the wax. In due time the wax will dry, and once the set of matches are struck, the fire won’t die off easy. So goodbye troublesome cold winds and hello warm bonfires.

-> Zipper troubles

With time and use, tent zips often tend to get stuck and annoyingly stronger than Hercules himself. So with a handy candle, you can rub the candle against the zip-line that’s getting stuck often and the zip will ease through the zip-line.

-> Bottle stores food

Saving space in bags is a task of its own, with many shapes and sizes for different containers. But in all fairness here’s a simple way to avoid those contraptions of different sizes. Bottles, simple plastics water bottles or bottles with wide mouths, can be used to store food too.

Cereals, candy pellets and other munchies can be kept safe and sound in bottles. So on the go, twist the lid and pop a cherry tart, carry light and carry smart.

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-> Space saving duct tape


With duct tape a must need anywhere, it’s a nuisance to carry a large roll of duct tape, considering how wide those tapes come in.

So with a handy lighter, wrap it with duct tape, in rolls, making it a makeshift duct tape roll, over and over until you have enough that you need and can carry.

-> Makeshift water jar

Don’t have a water jar with a tap? Don’t worry, here’s a alternative way you can use a plastic water bottle. With a hot metal or flame, make a tiny hole at the bottom of the bottle on the side, leaving some space from the end of the side. Placing your thumb on the hole, fill the bottle with water and close the lid, tight, with the thumb still on the hole. Ease your thumb off and there you have it, you can twist the cap tight or ease it to control the water flowing from the hole, keeping in mind to not take out the cap entirely.

-> Money hiding techniques

Purse snatchers are quite troublesome, your valuables are at risk of getting stolen, leading you to be anxious and alert all the time. Placing money notes in shoe soles, made-out holes in soap bars and even in empty lipsticks is a swell way to store money, other than your own wallet.

-> Opaque bottles

Here’s an easy one, with the setting of the sun, comes pitch darkness and although you’ve got a lamp or a torch, it may seem pointless as the light illuminates one direction. All we need is an illuminating device like a lamp or a torch and a bottle that’s opaque/translucent, like a milk bottle.

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To make it more versatile, place the lamp or torch with its bulb against the bottle and let the light shine bright.

-> Silicone beads while camping

Have you ever wondered if you would ever come to use the silicon pouches that come complimentary with new shoes? Well don’t throw them away, keep them as they are super water absorbents. Wet phones could be revived by placing them in a bag with the pouches, or perhaps draw in all the moisture in bags, in turn saving your camera getting filled with moisture rather than your memories.

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