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Yolo Kasol group talk

Camping Dos and Don’ts

Camping is a great way to bond with friends, experience nature at its fullest and at the same time enjoy a mini-vacation with an overnight stay away from the routine drudgery.

Here are some must-do and don’ts of camping.


Camping Gear

Yolo Camping

Make sure you have proper, essential camping gear. Wrong gear can land you in trouble in the middle of nowhere. Ensure you make a checklist of camping essentials like tents, a backpack, a water bottle, sleeping sheets/mats/bags, torch, a knife, lighter, mosquito repellent, dry foods, first aid kit, etc. If you have any specific medical requirements, please carry suitable medicines.

Manage your waste

Have a plan of how to deal with your waste. Make sure you dump your trash in a dustbin or a proper place away from the campsite. Please carry some garbage bags with you. Don’t leave your campsite dirty. If there is a lack of sanitation facilities near the campsite, please carry a portable toilet. Toilet paper doesn’t biodegrade quickly, so pack it out too.

Expand your food imagination

Yes, dry food packets are great to carry, but there are hundreds of more possibilities beyond that. For instance, you can certainly try a variety of BBQ, jacket potatoes, and other smoked veggies and meats. You don’t have to limit yourselves only with Maggi and soups.

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Learn the art of lighting a bonfire

A good camper is known by how nicely he can light a bonfire. You need to make sure that you have collected enough good quality wood. Finding and choosing good quality wood is a skill. Make sure the wood is dry, otherwise it will be very difficult to use it for a bonfire. Also once you choose the wood, you must know how to prepare a bonfire. You should know how to arrange the wood in proper order for a great bonfire. You can easily master the skill with practice.

Right attitude

Please do remember that’s it’s always a little tough and rough to sleep out there. Don’t expect the comforts of home or hotels. You need to have an adjusting attitude. You must know the difference between a five-star hotel and five billion stars overhead.


Don’t be selfish

You should not compromise the environment just to get a good Instagram photo. Tampering with vegetation, vandalizing rocks, excessive blowing up of a bonfire without need just for a photo, disturbing the surrounding fauna etc is a strict no-no. Know that Mother Nature is the best gift to mankind, learn to respect her.

Don’t construct a new campsite within a campsite

If you look in the right places, you will be able to find a spot where the people have camped before. Don’t build a new area for camping by cutting down vegetation, new trees or ripping off plants. Sustainable camping must be practiced to support the eco system.

Don’t leave your food, garbage unattended

This can simply create a problem for you. It can attract local or wild animals. Remember, you are in their territory and not the other way round. They are smart enough to figure out how to get to your leftover food.

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Don’t spray protective items near a campfire

Bug spray is flammable and can contain alcohol. The same is true for sunscreens and other creams. Please make sure they are at a safe distance from the bonfire.

Don’t assume that you are Bear Grylls

Remember who you are and do not expose yourself to extreme survival conditions. If you’re going camping, make sure you have a tent and other proper camping gear. Canned food is no harm to carry, don’t act foolish, trying to be extreme, and eat any animal or plant which you’re not sure about. Everyone has their own level of adventure. Prepare yourself exactly according to that.

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  1. Prashant

    Hey, I feel happy to put my comment!

    I am going camping trip with my friend your tips are really going to help me a lot.

    Thanks for sharing worldwide!

  2. SOS Survival Products

    These camping tips are super helpful and essential to ensure your camping experience is fantastic. I love how you recommend a portable toilet! I personally agree with this, especially since it helps with experience and convenience.

  3. Jerry Pilcher

    Very helpful article. And thanks for your time, Skill, and Knowledge. It surely gives one a lot to think about. great job.

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