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10 useful things I learnt from my first solo trip

Being a solo traveller is both exciting and frightening. One gets to experience a complete range of emotions and meaningful moments. Being solo allows you to go through a wide array of thoughts and feelings to make certain important impending decisions based on your lifestyle and choices. 

I remember feeling a mixed range of emotions before I left for my first solo trip. I did not exactly expect a lot from the trip but the end result was completely different from my expectations. It was a battle between excitement and fear in my mind. 

The first thing to remember while travelling solo is so always remember to pack everything that is only essentially needed.

These are 10 things I learnt during my first solo trip.

1. To get somewhere exciting in life you have to get out of your comfort zone

It’s very easy for us to always be in our comfort zone all the time. Although, being in the comfort zone only ensures comfort for the time being and doesn’t ensure long term comfort. It makes you lazy and it makes you dependent on other human beings. Thus, only getting out of your comfort zone is going to get you somewhere exciting in life.

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2. Being solo is not comfortable, it shows you how much you can accomplish by yourself

     Solo travel is a very difficult task for people who are used to being around humans. Many humans usually give up after their first solo trip. Very few people actually do accomplish travelling solo and fending for themselves. It takes a lot of self control to stop yourself from contacting your loved ones and reflecting on yourself during the trip. 

    3. Extreme conditions are the best ways to test personal resilience

    If you ever want to test how much can you take on alone then putting yourself through extreme conditions is an excellent way to do so. Many people take this step very lightly and it results in low resilience to certain stimuli and situations. Only upon entering extreme conditions is our body adaptable to taking on certain pressures and pains. This type of resilience is only found when a person travels solo.

      4. Waking up early in the morning is the only way to catch up

      One of the best and proven scientific ways to catch up to your daily tasks is to wake up early in the morning when the other humans are sleeping. This allows you to be ahead of many other humans and allows you to start your day fresh and early. Waking up early in the morning also gives you certain health benefits and several mental advantages. One can find time to do certain tasks that are not feasible during the other times of the day like exercising and meditating. This in turn makes you way ahead of other people and helps you take yourself a level up.

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        5. Balance in everything is key to survive

        Everything in life is a blend of minute balances here and there. If even one single system goes out of balance it becomes difficult for a human to survive properly. If even a single part of your body is out of balance you tend to fall sick. Just like that, even if a single factor of your life is out of balance your entire life feels like it’s going haywire. You feel demotivated and stressed out no matter how much you like doing what you are doing. You have to figure out the parts that are out of balance and fix those.

          6. Only eat what you can chew

          Some humans have the tendency to take on more than that they can do. They tend to oversell themselves and then are unable to complete the task at hand. Even if they are able to complete the task it is either not up to the mark or disappointing to others. This course of action leads to a lack of respect from other people and tends to put you under the procrastinating group. This also happens while travelling solo. You tend to tell yourself that you can do this particular thing but when it comes down to it you are unable to complete it.

            7. The only thing that keeps you going is your attitude and motivation

            Being self motivating is one of the most hardest tasks for certain people. Self motivation is the key to a positive attitude. A positive attitude is key to self motivation. These two things always go hand in hand. Positive attitude cannot be achieved without self motivation and vice versa. In order to maintain a healthy mindset one must free themselves from all other extra thoughts in one’s brain. 

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              8. Always remember to pack light

              This step not only applies to your backpack but also applies to your state of mind. Carrying unnecessary burdens in your mind can result in risky situations where you can get caught up without any help around. Always remember to pack light both in your backpack as well as your mind. Being alert is the only thing that will keep you alive during a solo trip. Wandering through your mind while travelling solo is a very dangerous thing and can get you killed.

                9. Always be alert of your surroundings

                Acting like a laid back person during a solo trip is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. It results in people taking advantage of you as well as you getting killed in some sort of natural environment. Always being alert of your surroundings and making sure that the humans you are with are trust worthy and one of the few factors that help you during your solo trip. The humans help you complete your trip and being alert helps you be vary of any natural occurrences.

                  10. Being a rude and over smart person will only bring you bad luck

                  No no matter how much you accomplish in life you absolutely cannot be rude to anybody. It only puts you in the bad shoes of a person’s mind and it degrades your respect in social terms. Being polite and asking for help, helps you complete and enjoy your solo trip.

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