A perfect place to visit if one is looking for a peaceful and quite weekend getaway from the busy and hectic city life of Mumbai is a visit to the village of Bordi.

To reach this village of Bordi from Mumbai there are two options the first to drive to Bordi which is about 45 minute away from Virar, the second and the more economical option is to take a shuttle train from Virar railway station and get off at Gholvad station which is an one hour train ride, from Gholvad one has the option of either walking 3kms to the village of Bordi or hiring an auto rickshaw which are easily available from outside the station.

The village of Bordi is dominated by the Parsi and Irani community and this is evident from the houses which have a very Parsi feel to it. Many of these Parsi bungalows and houses have been converted into home stays and hotels run by the family staying in the same place, such an arrangement lets visitors enjoy their rich culture and cuisine while visiting Bordi.

The first thing one will notice all along the village is massive chikoo plantation along with a cost line that runs all along the village. The beach is the main attraction in Bordi and runs all along till Dhanu. The Bordi Beach is a very safe beach and the water does not rise above waist level for at least a good half a kilometre from the shore.

The specialty of this beach is that it is very calm and clean even though it is connected to the outside towns. The sands on this beach are natural form of sands which is not white but, blackish and a bit sticky.

Another attraction around this village of Bordi is the Bahrot Caves which are about 20 km south of Sanjaan. Legend has it that the brave Zarathosti ancestors hid themselves for 13 years from the Muslim invaders in these caves in the 14th century and kept the holy Iranshah Flame burning.

Inside the main cave, a Jashan can be performed, to pay respect to those brave men, who gave their lives to keep the Iranshah Atash Behram burning forever. Even today the Holy Fire is burning in the cave, and it is proclaimed to be the most eminent grade of fire in the world for Parsi devotees. There is also a Jain temple in the heart of the village.

Accommodation in Bordi is plenty from home stays to hotels which range from mid-range to splurge. All these places have a restaurant that serve food only if one decides to spend a night there. There is no accommodation that will meet the need of a budget traveler. Bordi also has plenty of open spaces where one can pitch a tent.

The best way of getting around the village of Bordi is to walk; one side of the village road connects to the highway that goes towards Vapi in Gujarat. There is only one small eatery in the village that serves up some really good missal-pav, a local delicacy, this eatery is located just at the diversion road leading to Vapi.

The best time to visit Bordi is from November to March, since the weather is pleasant during that time of the year and also during the monsoon from June to September when the whole village turns lush green.

Being easily accessible Bordi attracts many people from neighboring Mumbai, Vapi and the other places around. This makes Bordi an ideal relaxation spot that is away form the busy and hectic city life.


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  1. Leah cruz

    Very good description of a place that is really brilliant and has excellent sea food. I really liked the fish curry made near the beach.

  2. Kevin

    Really nice place, looks very calm and peaceful. I would like to visit this place some time soon

  3. Milind Khanna

    Bordi seems to be a very simple village and yet no one would expect the Parsi flames to be burning there for over a century. Really nice place and an ideal spot for a weekend getaway.

  4. Rahil Siddiqui

    I was looking for a place to visit over the weekend with my wife a place to just relax and unwind and I referred to the information here and it was spot on everything from the pictures of the place to the travel time. Thanks a lot for the information and please keep posting about such places around the city.

  5. David

    The place described in this article looks quite fantastic and I would like to pay a visit to this place shortly.Beaches are always crowded and the place described in this article seems to be quite pleasant and peaceful.It would be a great fun visiting this place.Thanks for posting this article.

  6. Thomas

    Indian places are worth visiting because they are known to be for their natural beauty. I completely agree to James, I have been to Bordi once the beaches over there are quite safe and the entire stretch from Dhanu to Bordi is just too beautiful and amazing. The hotels are cheaper with proper facilities. It’s a must-visit place. Great article, Sherwin!

  7. Peter

    This place is a perfect weekend getaway. One can really have some time off from the noise and pollution of the city life into this quite and uncrowded beach. This place really has a refreshing feel about it. Will try to go there as soon as possible.

  8. Zona Toggia

    I was always interested in India and I must say that your blog post on Bordi is really detailed and descriptive as it has increased my interested in beautiful and incredible India. Keep up the great posts. Hoping to discover some new and unique places in India.

  9. Suresh

    I liked to say this blog has helped me and my friends plan a trip to Bordi last week and the place is exactly how you have described. Totally worth going just to relax and spend time there and most of all a grate place to unwind.

  10. James

    Now this seems quite interesting. A beach which is not known to many can be a real excitement. Nowadays wherever you go you will find crowds in and around and in this situation something like Bordi can sound like a getaway from the crowd and the noise. It is also attracting because you get to know so much about the Parsi culture. I really liked this place.


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