Unpredicted journeys, augmented Detours and prolonged stays

Curious minds, lost roads and finding ways…

Unkempt hair, bruised legs and weary eyes,

Is never more daunting than those cherished goodbyes…

Battered backpacks and a sore body lays

In search for the next voyage it craves

While un-brushed mornings are not a prime whet

Exhausted yet savored is every sunset.


A Traveller is intuitive, instinctive, all he requisites is a will

Rebelliousness, imagination and a scenery to marvel

A Tourist is chary, beguiled by the facade of several laurels

Returning home with a mind and soul alike desolated barrels

For fulfillment comes to only the travelled

Not a tad bit in a destination unraveled.


So I eloquently quote ‘Travel not to go anywhere but to go.

Travel for travels sake.

The great affair is to move.’

Impel your notions to awake

Entrench your predilections to improve.


& when you’ve accomplished more than you sought

You’ll return back only to perceive the serenity it’s taught

The feeling you get when your long lost desires like sails are unfurled..

& realizing that the I’ve-missed-you hug is the best type in the whole wide world


Every mortal is worthy of adventure, only then you discover serendipity by all means

You’ll learn the true meaning of abstract

& that the most salient reason to go from one place to another is to encounter the in-between’s

We take immense pleasure in doing just that!!!


Eventually you discern that its not Destiny that mattered

Its the fate that took us there fitfully shattered

Sometimes a clear road, often interspersed with gravel

& it is that fate, I’d like to describe as Travel.

Text by: Jacob 

2 Responses

  1. Jacob

    thanks alot kenny….i wrote this while i was sitting at my desk in my office and I sure as hell feel the same about leaving the job n hitting the road!

  2. Kenny Shaw

    I really liked the way this post has been written, so inspiring and fresh. I feel like just leaving my job and hitting the road and never coming back to this office of mine. This write up has so much passion and effort that even without knowing the write I feel in sync with him. Thanks a lot for sharing this post with us Jacob.


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