The TLOW wallet offers repeat travellers a galore of unique benefits. Here are those:


TLOW Cashback: Under this, for every day you travel with TLOW, you earn Rs 50 per day which you can redeem on your next trip with us. For example, if you travel to Leh-Ladakh with for a 10 day trip, the TLOW cashback offers you, Rs 500 off on your next TLOW trip to any place. The same is true for other trips as well in a similar manner.


TLOW Referrals: This allows repeat travellers to refer a friend for TLOW trips which gives the person who referred a traveller to us, Rs 50 off per day that the friend travels with us. All your friend needs to do, is tell us that you have referred them to us, when they book the trip. Your money in the wallet will build after that and you can redeem them on your next trip.


TLOW Travel Writers: Send us an article of any place you have travelled to with pictures for our site and earn RS 500 in your wallet for every article that meets the TLOW writing guidelines and gets uploaded on our site. Travellers can also write about their trip experience with TLOW and earn Rs 250 in their wallet if it is selected and published on our site. All these can be redeemed on your next trip with TLOW.


Terms and conditions: The wallet allows benefits to be used for only 50% of the trip cost. If a trip costs Rs 20,000 for example, even if you have Rs 20,000 in your wallet, you can only use Rs 10,000 on the trip and have to pay the remaining in cash. The same is true for all trips of various rates, as well.


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