A place not to miss for a backpacker in search of some peace while in the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh is the village of Pulga which is situated at a height of 9498 feet above sea level (2895 m). For one to reach Pulga the best option is to take a local HRTC bus to Bharsheni which is the last stop in Parvati Valley.

Once in Bharsheni the only option to reach the village of Pulga is to walk it out from there. One has to walk down the dam construction and over a bridge and walk heading towards a white colour Shiva temple. From there it is just a 45 minute walk along a village path that takes one through lush green pastures and a small forest area. After about 20 minutes into the walk there is a three way junction where there is a small wooden power plant located which is not in use any more from there to reach the village of Pulga take the path leading to the right over a foot over bridge.

Once in the village the first thing one will notice is plenty of wooden houses which are uniquely built and most of them have wooden logs stored near the house which are used as fire wood and for multiple purposes throughout the year. The village has plenty of open pastures with greenery all around the place and tea plantation is their main source of income along with animal husbandry.

A walk through the village is a must and one will get to see children of all ages playing and having a good time in whatever game they are playing be it cricket or even just running around the place. At the heart of the village is a temple of their lord Narayan this is generally the place where the older villagers of Pulga gather after a day of work to spend time with each other.


In the morning in Pulga it is a very common site to see foreign travellers sitting together and having a cup of tea while singing praises to the gods. These foreigners stay in the village for months on end and almost seamlessly amalgamate into the culture of the people of Pulga.

Accommodation in the village of Pulga is very limited with just a couple of mid range fancy motels which offer WiFi and a couple of budget lodges are also available, there is one which is made of wood and has mud walls and dung flooring and presents a very different stay. Since travellers have just started to visit this village the lodges and motels in Pulga are at the far end of the village with the tea plantation all around it.

There are also a couple of restaurants in the village that serve some really good food but mostly their catering is to the tastes of foreign travellers. The only Indian food available is dal, paneer and potato dishes.

Pulga is a great place to visit only for Backpackers and travellers to find ones soul. Waking up every morning to the breath-taking view of the Himalayas in the distance and beautiful tea fields below is a refreshing and heavenly experience.


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  1. Dinesh Nanday

    This place Pulga seems to be a very interesting place and pretty off beat by the look and sound off it. The pictures of this post are lovely. I would love to get away from my daily life and just spend a few days in a village like this. Thanks a lot for putting up such a lovely post.

  2. Brian Turner

    I love the Himalayas and your pictures and post about this place Pulga to justice to what I have experienced there in the Parvati many years ago. Pulga is still the same as it was when I went there ten years ago. Your post was just what I was looking for to help kick start my day. Thanks a million for writing about this magical village in the Himalayas.

  3. Danid

    The only one thing that attracts me about this place Pulga is the feeling of being close to the nature. Through your post, I understand that this place is rich in natural beauty, full of greenery, fresh air and a soothing smell. It surely seems peaceful.

  4. Wayne

    I believe the ultimate travel experience is when you take the road less traveled! There is so much of the unknown to unravel; it’s like finding a hidden treasure. And Pulga seems to be nothing but a treasure trove, hidden away from the chaos of the outside world. A perfect place to get out of that marketplace of a city life and find that much needed inner peace!

  5. Bella Love

    I really like the pictures of this post they are really well taken and this places looks so calm and peaceful that I would not mind spending even a good six months there. The fact that not many people reach there is all the more a reason to stay there and try to connect with nature. Very well written I seriously hope that one day i can experience what you have. Regards


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