The third beach on the Gokarna town coast line is the Half Moon beach. This beach is not connected by road and hence can only be accessed by hiking or by the motor boats that ply from Om beach.

To hike to Half Moon beach, one should walk towards the southern end of Om beach and walk up a narrow trail that leads to Dolphin cafe. This cafe has a very beautiful location overseeing the entire cost of Om beach. Just outside the cafe there is a white sign board indicating the direction towards Half Moon beach. After about a few minutes into the hike one will encounter a fork in the hiking trail.

At this point take a right which will take one around the coast.  The left trail will take one through the forest and into thorny bushes but will also lead to Half Moon beach. The hiking path along the coast is narrow and to the left of the trail are the hills and the right the deep blue sea and watch your step while hiking along this narrow trail.

After hiking round the first hill, one will again encounter a fork in the trail. This time take the left trail that leads to the forest since the other trail has a very steep slope and a sight misbalance can result in disaster.  After about a five minute walk through the forest one will again have to walk around the hill.

The view of the sea coast from the hill is just breath taking. This walk around the hill the second time around takes about four to five minutes to reach Half Moon beach.

This beach earns its name because of its similarities to a Half Moon. The beach has plenty of rocks and a small patch of sand. The sand on this beach is sparkling clean.

Accommodation at this beach is seasonal from the months of November to February with locals setting up make-shift huts for accommodation. These huts are very affordable with very basic accommodation and no electricity.

The shack restaurants have generators that power up the place. The food served at these shacks is very tasty but also expensive since all the food products have to be shipped to the beach by the motor boats. Beer is also sold at these shacks and is priced about 40% more than the cost price.

It is advisable to avoid swimming too deep near Half Moon beach since the currents are very strong and there have been cases of people drowning. Also avoid hiking this trail during the monsoon since the path is very slippery and hard to navigate. Avoid hiking back to Om beach after sun down since there are chances of  getting lost in the forest or even falling off one of the cliffs.

Half Moon beach mostly attracts foreign hippie travellers who make this beach their shelter away from all civilization. This beach is not a place for families but an ideal place for travellers and backpackers looking to unwind and relax.


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  1. Peter

    This beach actually seems far from any signs of civilization, it has nothing around which can be called civilized. All it ha sis the simplicity and the serenity of the sea, calm and beautiful, perfect for a quiet weekend trip. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Paul

    I think the place is apt for a quiet and peaceful vacation. Though it might get difficult to spend even a couple of days in those huts without electricity. And as you have already mentioned, its not a family place, so I cannot say that it is anyway near to my must visit list. Thanks for sharing, I at least came to know about it.

  3. Nelson

    This place seems really cool and adventurous. I mean walking through the forest, and taking such narrow trails are fun. However the place doesn’t look much crowded, and this again is understood by the lack of proper restaurants on the beach. I liked the photographs though, thanks for sharing.


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