We get so much from travelling to places – the experience, the thrill, the adventure. It’s like a wave filled with excitement and nervousness where you have the freedom to experiment with your life. Moreover travel gives you friends. It gives you an advantage of meeting strangers who you can share this wave of excitement with and in turn they become friends for life. Here are some ways travel turns strangers to friends

1.Couch surfing

One opportunity, every backpacker gets, is couch surfing. You meet so many people just like you who are seeking adventure. You live with the locals and also experience their lifestyle, their food, and their jobs. You also live with other backpackers and experience cross cultures. Thanks to hostels and guest houses that allows you to live with people from across the globe. Most guest houses, in Pulga and Tosh in Himachal, do not offer separate rooms for backpackers, instead they have comfortable and cosy cafes where everybody lives together.




2. Common interest

As you meet people along the way of your travel, from different places all over the world, you also encounter people who have the same hobbies and interests as you. This not only, exposes you to another perspective of your common interests but also gives you a common topic or idea to talk about. You find a lot of backpackers who are musicians and turn friends, experimenting and composing music.




3. Different interests

Along with meeting people of common interests, you also meet people with different interests. This can be a good break from your daily routine and your everyday lifestyle. Looking at different aspects of life with people totally different than you can help you get friends and explore your mind.



4. No worry about judgment

Meeting strangers and interacting with them, keeps you away from the fear of judgment. Some backpackers even face similar problems in their lives which helps them build stronger friendships. After all, travelling helps you clear your mind and take better decisions.

no worry about judgements.


5. Share common difficulties and fears

They say friends are people who have seen both, the good and bad side of you and this happens as you travel. There are moments when you not only experience good times but also difficult times – completing a steep climb, or overcoming bad weather. At these times you share the same feelings which further creates memories for a lifetime.



6. Local hangouts

When you are travelling to a place, don’t just look at its commercial or famous beauty, instead try places where locals meet. At these places, you will not only meet locals but also travellers like you. You can try their staple food, and learn their language and also expose them to your own culture.

cafe in tosh


7. Exploring restaurants or going to a local bar

This is the perfect place where strangers turn into friends. With spirits high and varied delicacies, people are more welcoming where you can try different local specialties and make friends.



8. Sharing rides

When you share rides with other travellers, along with saving money, you interact with them, share your itineraries and get to know about hidden gems of that area. You can also get groups to travel with. There is also learning about them and the places they come from.

sharing rides with friends


9. Experimenting with local sports

Like music, sports is another form that unites people. It keeps you fit and also helps you overcome your shyness to interact with people. Try the local sport wherever you go. You don’t have to be good at it to, you just have to try it. Shillong is famous for its gambling on archers. Here, all the locals bet on archers which is very exciting for the gamblers as well as the spectators.

Kids playing cricket in Kibber


10. Go to festivals

Every village in India has their own local festival. It is a delight to watch such varied cultures in the country. Every festival has its own uniqueness with different things to do and an experience by itself. Ziro, a four day music festival, which happens every year in June, in Arunanchal Pradesh is one of them. People all over the world come together to witness local bands and meet new people. Hornbill is another festival, which happens for a week in December, that unites all the people of Nagaland with performances, crafts, sports, food fairs and ceremonies.



So, don’t hesitate to take a solo trip, because along the way you will meet so many different people from different parts of the world who will make you feel at home and be your friends for a lifetime.


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