Revdanda, a virgin beach, situated 45 minutes from Alibaug and is known for its delicious food and breezy climate. While camping by this beach here are some things that one must do.

Below is the list of 10 things to do while camping with TLOW in Revdanda:


1.Tum-Tum ride
Enjoy the unusual tum-tum in the state of Maharashtra, while you become a part of the locals at the beginning of your camping journey.


2. Fish thali
Nothing taste better at Revdanda than some delicious homemade prawn curry and some fried fish. The fish thali at Revdanda is a must try delicacy for all fish lovers!


3.Watch the sunset
Very few landscapes beat the one of the sun setting into the sea. And this only gets better at Revdanda. Here one can see  multiple colours in the sky at the same time post sunset.

The sunset at Revdanda beach is a treat for one’s eyes and is something everyone visiting this place must watch.


4. Morning walk along the beach
There is no better way to start your day than a walk on the empty and serene beach.

Walk with your loved one, your best friends or just alone. But a morning beach walk is something everyone camping at Revdanda must experience.


5. Play on the beach
From cricket to football or even just playing with a frisbee, playing in the sand is something every camper must do and reminisce child hood memories.


6. Explore the Portuguese fort
A 10 minute walk by the beach leads to the old Portuguese fort. The fort is easy to climb and is something one must explore when in Revdanda. The spooky nature of the fort makes it an exciting thing to do for campers.


7.Chill by the bonfire
As the temperature drops, don’t let the cold stop you from having a blast. Keep yourself warm around the bonfire. Sing some songs, play a game, share a ghost story or just have a drink. With the fire going, it’s a great time to have fun around the campfire.


8.Upper deck ferry ride
Feel the sea breeze on your face while seagulls fly besides your ferry. An upper deck ferry ride will not only give you a sense of peace but also a view to remember. There are Mandwa and Gateway jetty views which make great pictures for social media that can  be captured.


9. Star gaze
Enjoy the millions of stars at Alibaug which you can never witness in today’s urbanised civilization of Mumbai or Pune. Experience a memorable sight and sleep under the twinkling stars, looking for shooting stars. The sound of the sea is the perfect background music while you are at it.


10. Light up lanterns
Enjoy lighting lanterns in the sky and record amazing memories of the view. Enjoy the unrealistic glimpse on the shores under the moonlight and a thousand stars.


Take a weekend off and camp at this beach while you experience serendipity and peace, away from the noisy and polluted city under millions of stars and breezy weather to add to the charm.


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