Going on a trip can be an expensive affair and saving money for it can be a problem for college students and young professionals. Saving money needs a plan which has to be effectively executed. Here are 10 simple changes that you can make in your day to day life to save money for a trip.

1) Cut off your cable connection

This may sounds ‘so not cool’ however if you wish to save money, then it matters. It will directly add a good amount of money to your savings. You can rather read books or ask your friends to share movies with you so that you can watch them in your free time.

say no to tv


2) Avoid fast food

You need to avoid fast food and start cooking your meals at home because this will save cash. Plus it is a healthier option and will add to your physical fitness which is needed for a trip.

eat healthy fruits


3) Stop spending on unnecessary things

Don’t spend money on things which you don’t need for utility. Like if you are in the market and you see an outfit which you like a lot think about whether you really need it? You may have many clothes at home which have not been worn. You could save this money for a trip that will change your life and start wearing those clothes that are lying in your closet. Maybe the trip would be a good place to wear some old new clothes.

4) Get your clothes mended or stitched

You don’t always have to get rid of your clothes, just because they are old or torn. You can get them stitched; mended or seamed either do it yourself or get it done by a local tailor. The patch work look is nice and hep which may be just the look one needs while on the road out taking a trip.



5) Start walking or use public transport

We are so dependent on wheels now-a-days that we have completely forgotten that our legs are not for accelerating only. By walking instead of using a vehicle, you can burn some calories and improve your heart rate. You’ll be contributing to nature also. If walking still seems to be difficult for you, travel by public transport whenever you can. That will save a lot of money and see that resources are used well.



6) Quit smoking

The amount paid per cigarette if saved can add vital amounts to your trip budget. Not smoking ups one’s health also making the person more fit for their trip around various places.



7) Avoid alcohol

A bottle of alcohol less can save huge sums of money which will be a boon to the trip budget. Staying away from booze can also boost one’s physical fitness which is will be a plus while on the trip.



8) Prepare a low grocery budget

Make a low budget grocery list by keeping solely the things which are essential. Cut off all extras strictly. And once you go with the list, stick to it and don’t get distracted by other things in the store. Keep reminding yourself of the trip and save for it accordingly.



9) Switch to LEDs and CFLs

Replace your tube lights and bulbs with a light-emitting diode (LED) or a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) light. This will result in a major reduction in the electricity consumption. Your electricity bill may even cut to half. This saved money will serve in good stead to add to the trip budget.



10) Avoid luxurious accessories

For some time, do not buy expensive headphones, back covers for phones or any additional accessory. This can save a lot of money and make that dream trip a reality.



With all the money saved from these 10 ways, there will be a huge saving which will make that trip you have been dreaming of a reality. One can choose the time frame and save big bucks accordingly without many issues.

Text By- Montek Verma


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  1. Tushar salunke

    Your blog is really nice. I just happed to see it and started reading it.
    I travel with my friends and we tend to pool our money together. This was a very helpful post. My definition is –
    Work, save, travel, repeat.


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