According to mythology, Lord Shiva had done his Penance on Hemakuta Hill before he married Parvati. This was also the place where Lord Shiva burnt Kama, the God of lust. This sacred hill lies to the proper right of the Virupaksha temple. At present, Sree Gayathri Peetha Maha Samsthana, a religious organisation is located on this hill.

On the hill are a large group of temples built in pre- Vijayanagara and Vijayanagara periods. According to the inscription found on the second of these temples, the temple was built in 1309 – 1310 A.D. Two temples, facing north, have a compact three celled plan with an ante-chamber, a pillared hall and an entrance porch. Their beauty is enhanced by the well balanced but simple Shikhara or spires above the sanctum. These Shikaras are Different from the other Shikaras found in Hampi. They are stepped Pyramidal in Shape, resembling the Shikaras of Jain temples. Hence these temples are also mistakenly called as Jain temples.

The Other temples facing north and east, on this hill belong to early Vijayanagara period. Hemakuta Hill is an excellent place to observe the Sun-set when in Hampi. The hill has plenty of huge Boulders and makes an excellent spot to watch the sunset on any given day.

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