Nainital, a splendid hill station situated in the state of Uttarakhand is approximately 6841 feet (2085 m)above sea-level. For Delhiites, it has always been one of the most preferred places to travel to for a holiday with less number of travelling hours. Nainital is almost 285 kilometres from Delhi via road. It takes 5-6 hours to reach the beautiful city of lakes.

Most tourists to Nainital succumb to the beauty of Lake Naini, the picturesque blue green lake located right in the heart of the city. It is believed that the left eye (nain) of Goddess Sati fell on earth and the lake that was formed and city is called Nainital after this very lake.

Lake Naini is one of the most important tourist spot here. One can enjoy various activities in the lake including yachting, boating and paddling. The lake is the home to various aquatic animals including large number of crocodiles. The lake has two parts which are Mallital at the north end and Tallital which is the south end of Naini Lake.

A natural lake, it stretched over 3.5 kilometres and undoubtedly offers captivating scenic views especially during sunrise and sunset when the lake water carries impressions of the bright crimson and vermillion coloured sky. However , it would be imprudent to limit the calm and beauty of Nainital to just the Naini Lake.

The actual beauty of Nainital aptly called the Lake District of India lies on the outskirts. With at least five adorable set of placid and serene lakes which have not yet been cluttered with hotels, shops, souvenir shops and restaurants like Naini Lake has. These lakes are Bhimtal, Sattal, Khurpa Tal, Naukuchia Tal and Sariya Tal

Every hill station has a Mall Road and Nainital is no different. It is always bustling with energy and is situated right in the middle. The road famous for its shops, hotels and restaurants where you can buy things or spend time enjoying different cuisines, especially Tibetan cuisine which is very tasty here. Nainital’s mall road is one of the most beautiful and expensive mall roads in India. The walk around Mall Road is rejuvenating, refreshing, scenic and pleasant.

The Naini Peak, Kainchi Dham, Naina Devi Temple and St. John’s Church are must visit places. Nainital is very famous for its Wax Candles. A candle resembling any object, animal, fruit, vegetable can be found in the markets of Nainital.

The Tibetan Market in Nainital is one of the most famous among locals and tourists. It has a strategic location around the picturesque Naini Lake, which makes it the most visited market in Nainital. The colourful street is always buzzing and loaded with people. Here, you can buy some of the best quality Tibetan bags, ethnic clothing, coluorful mufflers, shawls, jewellery and a wide variety of handicrafts.

Accommodation is easy to get and cheap in Nainital. One can easily find good and economical hotels. Apart from being a favourite holiday spot for couples and families in the Himalayas, it is emerging as a exodus for solo travellers and adventure lovers. Nainital is a land of lakes, hills and serenity making it a must visit for those seeking time for themselves to unwind and introspect.


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Text & Photography: Heena Raheja

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