When one thinks about travel or backpacking one would think freedom; a sense of independence. While the thrill is obvious, there is an ambiguity as one has to travel to a new place. Just as birds, parents need to push their teenagers out of their nests to explore with their backpacks. Here are some reasons why parents should encourage their children to backpack:


  1. Adults are being raised, not kids

As adults we are expected to go places at some point or another. It could be for business meets or family migration, you never know. It is very necessary to prepare in your teens because you are only going to grow older from here on. Parents need to encourage their children to explore and take on new challenges.

Trail into the forest


  1. It’s a calculated risk

A parent is expected to know his or her child more so than anybody else in the world. This allows a parent to calculate the travel for the kid in a way that best develops him or her as a person. This also includes medical precautions to avoid travel mishaps. It is better to take a risk than to not take one at all. The learning and growth from the experience is immense.



  1. Exposure to freedom and responsibilities

Freedom is a sweet dream that every youth wants to achieve which as a matter of fact is a very valid demand. However, it is fruitful only if it tags along a couple of responsibilities. When you’re travelling you’re on your own and you demand a ‘big boy or girl’ treatment. This is where you grow. As a parent, root and wings need to be given.

hampi river bank


  1. Decision making

Do I really need to buy this? Answering this question becomes extremely difficult when you’re on your own in a foreign place, with a fixed budget in your pocket. You have to make impromptu decisions and when your backpacking with strangers these decisions you make are usually mature. The decision-making leads to more maturity and growth, something every parent will appreciate when they see it in their child.

chilling at kheerganga


  1. Street smartness

Everyone needs a bargain once in a while, which includes the need to ask strangers a way out of a lost situation, finding a medical stores for emergencies, etc. Being street smart is your best bet to survive independently anywhere in the world. A teenager encounters various such situations while he or she is backpacking and gets a feel for the streets.



  1. Self awareness

More than anything else, a child learns about his or her own self better, while away from home. He/she realises about his or her spending habits, homesickness, social behaviour, abilities to manage available resources, etc. He or she gets an opportunity to work on these life skills when travelling frequently.


seven reasons parents should encourage teens to backpack


  1. Tests your parenting thus far

Having faith in your own parenting is very important when it comes to permitting your kid to travel. If you have raised your son or daughter for the future then he/she will only develop and return with a more mature mindset and loads of fun memories.

Memories play a very important role in the life of a person. It is always better that as a child the memories that one gathers are diverse, green and beautiful. So what are you waiting for check out our trips and send your son or daughter backpacking with us.



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Text By-Roshan Pinto

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