Rajapuri is a small fishing village located between the towns of MurudJanjira. Rajapuri village is located about 48 km away from Alibaug. The best way of getting to the village of Rajapuri is by boarding one of the State Transport buses from any of the bus stops along the Konkan coast of Alibaug.

The people from Rajapuri village are from the Koli community of Maharashtra and their main occupation is fishing. But many people in the younger generation are option for other occupations by working in hotels and as sail boat operators with the rise of tourism in this area, a few others can be seen selling shells all along the way to Rajapuri jetty.

A day in the village of Rajapuri starts as early as 4 am in the morning with about 80% of the men from the village going into the sea to fish and earn their daily living. The women aid them by sorting the fish out and then selling the fish in the local Rajapuri village market.

Most of the houses in the village of Rajapuri are still made of mud walls and tiled roofs and have bright painted outer walls. As the area is Muslim dominated there is a mosque in the center of the village.

The options for accommodation in this village of Rajapuri are limited to a handful of backpacker type guest houses and home stays. The home stay accommodation is recommended since it is the best way to get a feel of the village by living with a family and experiencing their daily routine. The food served in the home stays is very tasty and an experience by itself.

There are a few restaurants in this village that serve some really tasty and very affordable sea food. The fish thali is a must have along with their pomfret fry and its takes a good 20 minutes for the food to be served once the order is placed since they prepare the food on the spot.

The things to do in this village are pretty unique and also a lot of fun. Going fishing with the villagers is possible in this village by first befriending one of the villagers and then requesting them. There is also an option of taking a bullock cart ride through the paddy fields in the village. A must do thing for everyone who visits Rajapuri is to take a walk through the village lanes and by-lanes and to get a feel of the daily life of the people.

The best time to visit Rajapuri is from the months of October to the end of February when the weather is cool and pleasant and the humidity is low.

Rajapuri is well known for its tasty and fresh fish and is also a perfect place for travelers who are looking for a quiet place to relax, unwind and chill. This village is more for a traveler and less for a tourist.


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5 Responses

  1. Pyush Khan

    Good write up about a nice place which has very good sea food and a very nice feel to the whole region.

  2. Dalgeet Kaur

    Nice post and very beautiful pictures, they describe the place very well. Keep up the good work of exploring places that are off beat like this and making it more travel friendly.

  3. Dinesh Yadav

    This place that is really offbeat and something different as compared to the rest of the Alibuag cost which is always crowded and noisy. I would really like visiting this village for a home-stay in the coming months. The fish thali looks amazing.

  4. Shilpa Kumar

    These small villages earn a living by catching fish and selling them to the restaurants which accommodate tourists. Its weird to see that the lifestyle of people living near or around happening places is so dull. Who would think of such a lifestyle after visiting the nearby beaches.

  5. James

    A typical village existing between two famous beaches of Maharashtra. As expected, life here is dependent on the fishes drawn out of the sea. I like to stay in calm and quiet places like these, but habituated with busy city life, can’t stay there for long. Mostly I spend a couple of days there and then leave.


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