Just because you own a backpack, it doesn’t mean you are a real backpacker! Being a backpacker is more than having a backpack, it is a way of life.

Does your heart start beating faster when you hear the word travel? Are you the kind of person who does not mind rugged travel? Are you in love with places you have never ever been to?

Here we bring to you five sure signs that you were born to backpack:

  1. Everything has to be cheap

Yes, everything has to be cheap, be it accommodation, travel, food or even water! You prefer street food for both lunch and dinner as long as it’s cheap. A true backpacker finds the cheapest way to get to a place and goes that way even if it means travelling for another three hours to save a hundred rupees!  A real backpacker will bargain in any market as if it is his or her birth right and will always seek local advice before buying anything from anywhere.

Precious stones in Pushkar
2. Become an expert in packing light

You automatically roll your t-shirts and shorts into the smallest size possible, and know each and every little trick to pack lighter. You also know exactly what is needed to be carried and what is not required. You have become a pro in packing light and can do it way better than amateurs. And yes, you secretly pity the tourist struggling with bulky suitcases and handbags.


3. Always prepared

A genuine backpacker always has all of his or her bases covered. He or she can tackle any obstacle and move ahead. Be it maps, kerosene, permits or even toilet paper, a true backpacker has everything he or she requires in the right place. He or she knows all the basics and is street smart, always aware of the weather conditions and transport facilities. A good backpacker will never hesitate to ask other people for help or even for suggestions and advice when they are confused.

dog walking on snow trail during winter to pulga

4. Will never stop travelling

If you are a Backpacker by heart you can’t imagine your life without travel, Exploring new cultures and meeting new people is a part of your daily routine.

A desk job is something you will never want and even the slightest thought of going back to an ordinary life is intolerable. A legitimate backpacker cannot stay in one place for long after which wanderlust emerges. You live by the quote, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”.


5. Absolutely love the outdoors

Be it camping near a lake besides the bonfire and gazing at thousands of stars at Bhandardara or just a run on a cold morning at Juhu beach, a backpacker loves to stay out and does not easily miss home.



Some more signs that you are a backpacker by heart!

  • You can sleep anywhere no matter how noisy it is.
  • You sniff your clothes to see if they are clean.
  • Hot water is now a luxury.
  • Your backpack acts like a pillow.
  • You have a tan line on your feet caused by flip flops.
  • You feel naked when you don’t shower with your flip flops.


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