Looking to escape the city life of Mumbai? Need a break from the traffic and crowded streets of the commercial capital of India? Then Bhandardara is the place to head off to for a weekend break or even a mid-week outing.

Trip Dates: 24th to 25th Mar | 31st Mar to 1st Apr | 7th to 8th April | 14th to 15th April | 21st – 22nd April | 28th to 29th April | 30th April to 1st May | 4th to 5th May | 11th to 12th May | 18th to 19th May | 25th to 26th May 

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Plan A
Travel: Ghatkopar-Bhandardara-Ghatkopar
Lunch: Missal Pav+Tea
Tomato Soup
Dinner: Maggi Noodles
Sleeping Mats to sleep under the open sky
Breakfast: Bhurji+Tea/Coffee
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Plan B
Self-Drive to Camping
Lunch: Missal Pav+Tea
Tomato Soup
Dinner: Maggi Noodles
Sleeping Mats to sleep under the open sky
Breakfast: Bhurji+Tea/Coffee
Buy Now
Plan C
Couple tents
Travel: Ghatkopar-Bhandardara-Ghatkopar
Lunch: Missal Pav+Tea
Tomato Soup
Dinner: Maggi Noodles
Sleeping Mats to sleep under the open sky
Breakfast: Bhurji+Tea/Coffee
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All Plans are Per Person basis

GST of 5% is applicable on the above cost.

Plan A=Rs.75

Plan B=Rs.67.5

Plan C=Rs.200

Things to carry

For FAQ’s regarding this camp >> click here 

For more information please contact us on the phone numbers mentioned below:

Ankit Chaube :+91 8454961928

TLOW office 2: +91 90045 94935

or mail us at: camps@tlow.in

Bhandardara is a beautiful yet less known hill station near Mumbai in the Sahyadri hill range. Bhandardara is located at an altitude of about 2471 feet above sea-level. We at TLOW.in organize one night Camping in the open under the twinkling sky at Bhandradara for Rs 1575/- all inclusive.

To reach Bhandardara board a train from Ghatkopar railway station at 10:40 HRS to Kasara with us. The train journey takes about 2.5 hours, reach Kasara railway station by 13:00 HRS. Walk out of the railway station on the western side and hop onto a shared jeep to the town of Bhandardara.

The travel from the town of Ghoti to Bhandardara is one of a kind where most of our campers don’t sit inside the jeep but prefer to travel on top of the jeep. Travelling on top of any vehicle is not only banned in most parts of India but is also very dangerous, but in this part of Maharashtra it is a done thing since public transport is not very efficient. We reach Bhandardara by 16:30 HRS. People from Pune, Nasik & Mumbai can also drive down and meet us directly at our camp site by 17:00 HRS.

On reaching Bhandardara we have our lunch which consist of authentic Maharashtran Missal Pav and chai. Post lunch we take a jeep (10 minutes ride) and head to our camp site from where one will get a splendid view of the Bhandardara lake. We set up our camping tents, mats and start the Bon fire for the night camping.

Post sun-set the real fun begins, at around 20:00 HRS we set up camp fire and make some hot soup to keep ourselves warm as the mercury level begins to drop. After soup campers are free to enjoy the evening as they want. Some bring along their musical instruments and sing and dance, some prefer playing music from their phones, while some just like to lie down on the mats and star gaze.

Dinner is cooked and served anytime when the campers are hungry. Dinner is very basic camper’s food which is also our TLOW campers favorite Maggie noodles. Post dinner your options are sing and dance or star gaze.

Star gazing at Bhandardara is simply out of this world, it is very unlikely that you will camp under the open skies at Bhandardara and not see at least two shooting stars if not more. Bhandardara is an ideal place to get your telescopes since the sky is pollution and cloud free, making it an ideal place to observe the constellation of stars and planets.

Since Bahandardara is a hill station the nights get very cold. During the winter months the temperature drops well below 10°C. So carrying thick woolens and blankets is important to avoid having a bone chilling freezing cold night.

Next morning the campers wake up by  07:00 HRS and breakfast will be served at the campsite. We depart by 09:00 HRS in our jeep from the campsite back to Kasara. We board 11:12 HRS train from Kasara station back to Ghatkopar. We reach Ghatkopar before 13:30 HRS.

The best time to go camping to Bhandardara is during the winter months from October end to March, since the weather is perfect and the skies are clear for star gazing. The only time camping at Bhandardara is not possible is during the monsoon.

Bhandardara is also a very safe place to camp out in the open since there are no wild animals or even snakes around the place where TLOW.in sets up camp. The only animals that prowl that area are pet cats and dogs.

Camping under the open skies at Bhandardara is something that everyone must try at least once in their lifetime since it’s not very often that you can camp in the open and see over a hundred stars and spot at least a couple of shooting stars all in a 24-hour trip very close to home.


Swimming in the lake is strictly prohibited and no one who camps with TLOW will be allowed to swim in the lake.

Minimum Age: 18+

198 Responses

  1. Abhishek Tola


    When is the next camping at Bhandardara planned? Any dates?

  2. Saneesha

    Last minute plans are always ridiculously amazing. Had no idea how this would turn out to be. Kudos to the entire crew, you guys were amazing!!!! Found the defination of wanderlust. Love you TLOW.

  3. Akash

    It was our first time camping and it was an amazing experience. Keep up the good work and spread joy. Cheers!!!!

  4. Jenika

    Bhandardara is an amazing place… .great camp. We had a lot of fun specially with the barbeque and the view. Thank you.

  5. Shivam

    What a getaway from the city with great co-ordination from the team spicially Santosh, Sujeet and Nikhil. Amazing people, great music and barbeque staying in tents looking at stars was a new experience. Thanks alot TLOW.

  6. Sneha

    It was a beautiful experience. Beauty and Nature could keep me awake all night long (usually I do not compromise my sleep for anything) So I am a lack of words…
    Thanks TLOW. 🙂

  7. Anagha

    Thank you TLOW team….!!!!
    The whole journey was amazing. The coordination from start was very well done. The site, food and tent were good. Will meet soon.

  8. Meeta

    Everything y nice, awesome, fabulous.
    Especially the view(sunrise and sunset) Bonfire was helpful in the cold. Loved the soup under the sky full of stars.

  9. Sagar

    It was a wonderful experience, especially the moonrise…
    The experience was fun and unique… thank you TLOW for such an amazing trip. Will see you soon for more trips.

  10. Mansi Shah

    Loved the campsite and everything around. Sleeping under the stars and watching the moon fade in the morning was a first for me. Didn’t sleep even a minute and I’m still fresh hoping the camp doesn’t end. Looking forward to many more such trips. Thank you for everything.

  11. Rahi Shetty

    Thankful that such an group exist that host such events/activities alike. Really enjoyed the view, food and company. Looking forward to more such adventu with TLOW!

  12. Sanchayeeta

    Love your spot and the sky was truely as beautiful as promised. A great chill out bunch of organisers. Cheers to you guys!! Loved the stop at google Bhajiya uncles place and a super fun jeep ride. Cheers! So you all soon.

  13. Sanchayeeta

    Love your spot and the sky was truely as beautiful as promised. A great chill out bunch of organisers. Cheers to you guys!! Loved the stop at google Bhajiya uncles place and a super fun jeep ride. Cheers! So you all soon.

  14. Prathamesh

    Thank you TLOW for such an amazing experience we had a fun filled time. Awesome travel experience. We had a great time in your company. All the best for your future endeavours!!!

  15. Nikhil Deshmukh

    Sky full of stars, pleasant to the eyes as we expected. It was a great time for star gazing as we got our private time to shoot as well. Food was amazing. Barbeque was tasty. Thank you.

  16. Viddhi

    Great experience! The volunteers are caring and attentive. The best part is it was a total chill and careful experience. Thank you!!

  17. Rashmi

    A very different and amazing experience. The best part was meeting new people. I liked the fact that we could explore on our own with hardly any restrictions. We had a pretty great time!

  18. Aneesha

    You guys were so full of energy. Really enjoyed the night and day throughout. Looking forward to more of these adventures to come.

  19. Denita

    Had a great camping experience. The best part was the sky and the stars and the whether.
    Thank you and keep it up!

  20. Kavya

    Had an amazing experience camping under the twinkling sky. Looking forward for more enlightening experience with you guys. Keep Rocking!

  21. Kavya

    Had an amazing experience camping under the twinkling sky. Looking forward for more enlightening experience with you guys. Keep Rocking!

  22. Aditi

    We had our first camp visit and it was mesmerising experience. Started planning for the 2nd one. 🙂 Superb management guys!!! Loved it!!! Kudos!!!

  23. Sean

    Brilliant experience, well organised, had a tent issue which was very well managed. Great location,view, and will surely look forward to many more trips. Total paisa Vasool!

  24. Ruchita

    Was great fun dancing around with wind. After so long it was like breathing pollution free air and being away from so called ‘mumbaiya traffic’. Was really mind blowing trip. Also the tea was amazing. Would love to come to this breath taking camp again. Sincerely a great gratitude to you guys for organising such wonderful camp.

  25. Yogita

    Amazing camping experience, extremely warm hosts. Would definitely come again and would wish to keep camping with TLOW and visit many more places. At such a low, very good facility.
    -The view(to die for)

    Thank you for making this trip so memorable.

  26. Rhea

    TLOW, thank you for this beautiful experience. The view, the bliss, the star gazing- everything was a class apart. This was our first with TLOW cheers to many more in the future <3

  27. Nandish

    TLOW, it was an amazing experience. The campsite was a beautiful place. It was our first trip with TLOW and it was A really good experience. We will surely keep coming for more.

  28. Priyanka Itadkar

    Suggestion: Dancing and story telling around the bonfire.
    Though had a lot of fun , would love to visit again. TLOW team had great management.

  29. Eli D'souza

    Super experience! super people! and super time! Do the TLOW Bhandardhara camp everytime work makes you want to pull your hair out.

  30. Khushi,Meghna,Juhi & Ashwin

    Our first camping experience. Away from the concrete jungle & chaos of Mumbai, we had a lot of first time moments on this camp. Travelling on top of the jeep, learning how to set up tents, barbecue preps, the bonfire, star gazing,sunset and sunrise, and some very special moments with music, laughter, friends & awesome nature. Last but not least the sudden rains were the cherry on the cake.
    Thumbs up to TLOW for everything.

  31. Dianne D'mello

    This was my first time camping with TLOW even though it is my college friends company. But, I am so glad I did this. Really needed some stargazing, barbecue and a break from Bombay. Also I missed the train, so we drove down which made it absolutely worth it. I am definitely coming back. Sid, you have been a very dedicated and diligent organizer ! So hats off guys!

  32. Falguni

    Great place and amazing experience. Good management and would love to come again.

  33. Natasha

    Good experience! Loved the excitement of camping under the starry sky. Good food, great company, stellar service.

  34. Natasha Netto

    It was an amazing experience. The misal pav was very good more importantly the hospitality of the person(the villagers house). All the organizers are extremely crazy and a fun gang to be with. This experience was one of a kind.

  35. Alicia Fernandes

    Freedom to yell !! Amazing friendly people around. Proper guidance right from the beginning. Good camping experience.

  36. Prachi

    1)Great experience.
    2) Beautiful view, amazing experience, helpful organizers, would love to come again!

  37. Vaishnavi

    Good experience. Friendly people. The night stay was great and the tent sleep.

  38. Harshad Dalvi

    Thanks for suck a great camping experience. We would like to attend more camps too.

  39. Kalpita Potawad

    Thank you for such a amazing experience, you all are very organized and very well managed.

  40. prathama

    Many thanks to you for arranging such a lovely camping experience. Food, location,company everything just awesome.

  41. alisha

    Thank you for making my first camping experience amazing. It was spectacular.

  42. Laxmi Shantaram

    Amazing trip…… breathtaking scene of sunrise :). First camping of my life loved it fully…looking foward for more camping. Very well aranged. Thanks.

  43. Kanta

    Loved the camp. You guys did a great job arranging it. My first time but definately not the last. Toooo much fun!!!

  44. Elton

    Loved the camping experience. The place is a bliss. You guys rock at what you do. Kudos!!!

  45. Alicia dsouza

    The trip was great! The barbecue is fun! We had fun all night. Great job by Sid and Denver.

  46. Khusbhu Mascarenhas

    Sid and Denver thank you guys for this awesome trip @ Bhandardhara. I love it! Google chai & pakodas- Thumbs up!

  47. rocktele34@yahoo.com

    Thank you guys for trip. The experience was good for first time camping. Guidance we got was perfect. It would be great if a telescope was arranged.

  48. Sagar,Vibhar,Anisha,Ami,Mridul

    This was our first camping experience as a group and it was great! Everything from jeep ride to BBQ to bonfire to scary stories was indeed memorable.
    Thanks to Sid and group for organizing it wonderfully!

  49. Kailash & Miti

    Thrilling experience, had a great time. Aetting up tents under the open sky, gazing and lazing near the lake side. A good place to be with the loved ones. Enjoyed the experience looking forward for more such trips.
    TLOW team thank you for such a wonderful experience and hospitality.

  50. Katherine Thomas Manjooran

    Finding joy in the little things in life! Thats what we did at the TLOW camp. Right from the simple food, to staring at the sky sky in our quest to finding shooting stars! It was a beautiful experience & I couldn”t mind coming back for more!
    P.S. A special shoutout to our camp organizers who ensured that every single person was having a lovely time 🙂

  51. Kushboo,Rahul and Jhalak

    It was an amazing experience TLOW definitely is one of the best companies to have camped with. Thank you!

  52. Ankit

    My first camping experience and it was Amazing. Awesome arrangements, cool group, your soup was so good. Felt really awesome.
    Would like to join for other camps too.
    Thank you so much for such wonderful night.

  53. Shivam

    This was our first camping and I think really can’t forget this experience ever. The small trek to lake, star gazing, meeting new people and sharing experiences with each other. The best still was “the sunrise”. A little time away from city life is all one craves for and Bhandardhara is the place. Sleeping in a tent for the first time was amazing and chilly too. Will be looking ahead from hereon. Thanks guys!!!

  54. Aaron D'souza and Geenel Augustine.

    An experience of a lifetime. Great spot to spend the night. Breathtaking view, loved every minute!! We are definitely coming back!!

    P.S.:- Denver is the real masterchef!!

  55. Aharon Ann Robson

    It was a very pleasant and calm place and the sky was beautiful though i couldn’t spot a single shooting star. it was well organized.

  56. Palak Jain, Rueksha Vandhan,Rishu

    Great experience!! Basically a new place to explore. It was fun and the best part we are going back with so many memories and new friends!!

  57. Hetashri

    The trip was memorable and well organized. The memories and a place like this cannot be passed or replaced. A beautiful place with beautiful people <3.

  58. Yukti Bishnoi

    It was an amazing trip, very well organized. Cooking your food on your own was a nice touch.The night sky was just beautiful and wonderful co-ordination and help from the organizers.

  59. Malika

    Had an amazing first time camping experience, for someone who never had a camping experience, this was a very good start. Delicia, Atif and Rubeena were very friendly and helpful.

  60. Rahul

    Every night I stay awake waiting for one of the stars to break. For I have a wish, a small one too. A pretty little dream waiting to come true. The breaking stars were real and not airplanes 😛 but it was a dream and it did come true. Loved it. 🙂


    Twinkle Twikle little star,
    How we wish there was a bar…

    Up above the lake so high,
    we were so sober, thats no lie 😛

    Twinkle twinkle little star
    our experience was five star.

  62. shiksha

    OMG!!! For many of us it was the 1st camping experience and you made it a flawless one. The stars full sky was very beautiful like pearls & diamonds sparkling in the water. Thanks for having the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 🙂

  63. Shasha

    Amazing experience with two more friends made. Keep it up. Cheers. Thanks 🙂

  64. Danica

    An awesome experience with TLOW…had heared about it now i saw it too….. TLOW member were awesome and very helpful they made things very comfortable for us….
    looking foward for more TLOW trips….

  65. Sudeshna Sahov

    The TLOW members were perfect organizers and too much fun to be with
    taking away awesome memories and looking forward to many such trips

  66. apeksha shahani

    Had great fun sleeping in the cold Amazing music 🙂
    It was nice meeting new people.
    Thank you TLOW and thanks sid and Atif,you guys are excellent

  67. Danica

    It was a beautiful one day trip from the city hustle…
    Thoroughly enjoyed each moment was appreciated….thank you so much for this lovely trip
    TLOW Rocks!!!

  68. Manoj Karmakar

    Great people.Superb camping site and ultimate fun,Nicely ORganized

  69. ojasvi jain

    Had a really great time.It was an amazing place,Loved every moment.Kudos to atif and Sid

  70. Sajal

    It was my first camping trip ever! Met loads of new people.amazing fun
    Sid and Atif are really great guys

    P.S- We mer jesus on the trip!
    The high point of the trip was meeting jesus 😛

  71. aishwareya

    My first trip,Had so much fun!
    Atif is fun!
    Sid is fun!
    I HAD FUN!!
    Everyone had fun!

  72. Astha Dhayal

    It was an awesome experience. This was my first camping,with such an amazing view.
    We danced and partied all night,and the sunrise next day was breathtaking 😀

  73. Malcolm Correa

    Had an awesome time.It was very well conducted by our guide, Denver was very resourceful and made us feel quite comfortable. The people in the camp and thier personalities added a lot to the enjoyment of the camp . Also the experience of staying in an awesome location and in a tent was superb.Cheers. TLOW Hurray!!!

  74. Anjali Diwakar

    My first experience with TLOW was amazing.Had never been camping before.Looking forward for many more!

  75. Rutvi Lakhia

    First experience with TLOW looking foRward to many more.Had great fun.Sleeping under the stars was an amazing experience.Thank you TLOW

  76. Vipula Teli

    The camp was amazing !Enjoyed a heck lot!(this was my seconf camp though)
    Looking forward for more such weekend outings & camps!

  77. Ashish Varma

    Had great fun! 😀
    good location keep up the good job THE LAND OF WANDERLUST

  78. Anurag karulkar

    Camp was amazing ,the location was good would love to travel more with TLOW!!!

  79. Sneha adhyapak

    Location was just perfect!
    camping with buddies under the twinkling stars was so awesome!
    I just loved the barbeque , would love to travel and camp with “The Land OF WANDERLUST”

  80. Rohit sharma

    The camp was too good.Best part was the DIY barbeque.Amazing experiences of setting up the tents ourselves!
    Hope to be part of other tours with you


    I enjoyed the camps very much the scenes, people were fantastic.i gained a lot of experience(if you know what i mean) looking forward for more such camps 😀

  82. Vipula Teli

    we enjoyed a lot,like a heck lot.my very first camping experience and it was just awesome. thier management is really good and everything was really really systematic,looking foward for more such camps.

  83. Nabil Suleman

    It was a trip never to be forgotten,it was the first time in our lives we were so close to nature and did something different other than working keep up the creativeness

  84. Prashant

    Loved the experience,the trip was awesome.The perfect bachelors party for my friend “Priyank’.

  85. Ryan Williams

    We had an awesome time on Saturday evening and Sunday morning was even better, the view was awesome.The tents, the lake,the sun perfect!
    The food we had was very authentic and very tasty!
    Thanks for everything guys!

  86. Kashtir Golam

    Initially we were 4 of us just confirmed for the trip on the last moment and thanks to TLOW for accommodating us. This was our first trip with TLOW and I must say it was memorable. The journey, the jeep ride, the location of the camp site, the bonfire, the maggie, everything was just perfect. This was our first camping trip but surely not the last one. Met many new people, made friends. It was all fun. And yaa made a new friend in this camp – Krishna, bro you rock!!
    TLOW you guys are amazing!
    Looking forward for some more trips with ya’ll
    Anuja, Denver, Sujeet you were really kind, sweet and helpful.

  87. Sagar Shetty

    Great fun!!! Enjoyed camping in the open.
    Maggi was fun! TLOW you guys rock!
    No shooting stars, that was just bad luck.
    Had a great time!!!

  88. Shraddha P

    Pretty ‘chilled’ experience with TLOW. I was looking for a time-out and I pretty much got what I needed.
    Thanks a ton and wish you all many more awesome trips ahead!

  89. Sumeet Roy

    My first camping experience after school! Read about the trip on Sherwin’s facebook page. Was going to initially come along with 5-6 other friends but at the end I was the only one coming on the trip!! But I decided not to back out and I feel I made the right decision.
    Awesome camping experience. Great barbecue!! The sky looked beautiful, saw 4 shooting stars. The perfect place for a weekend getaway. Will surely be a part of longer trips with TLOW in the future.


  90. Aziz

    ‘The Land Out There’ is a name that itself is enough to attract the fairly adventurous side among us. Bhandardhara is a scenic, picturesque location. The campsite overlooking the lake with the night sky is a perfect romantic setting. Instead we were four guys revelling in the place’s and each other’s beauty.
    Anuja, Denver and Sujeet were great hosts! Their friendly, home like attitude could be tasted even on the barbecue.
    We will definitely follow the schedule you guys have set up to see more of the land ‘out there’

  91. Sanjana Jadhav

    This is our second time here!
    Clearly its awesome 😀

    We did face difficulty getting here but it was well managed! 🙂

    A great trip in the most awesome weather ever!!! Managed through the cold chilly night and good way to spend time with your close ones!!! 😀 🙂

  92. Niharika Mishra

    15 shooting stars, 1 meteor and a frozen nose later we got the most beautiful night of our lives!!
    See you in Ladakh! <3

  93. Shagun Mishra

    First trip alone
    First campfire
    First roasted marshmallows
    First port wine
    First jeep top ride

    Thank you!
    Couldn’t have asked for a better first time

  94. Dr Akshaya Shetty

    The best ‘Birthday Gift’ I could ever give someone. Awesome one day camping especially with a great company like yours. Pretty feasible for our weekends.
    Keep it going guys, great job!!
    Looking forward for more trips ahead with you.

  95. Awez Naik

    The trip was awesome and the crew was the best.
    Looking forward for the next trip – Andaman.

  96. Henna Thakur

    Camping was an amazing experience. Our first camping ever, will come once again. Learnt lots about bonfire and other things. Amazing weather and the twinkling stars. Will come for the rest of the trips.
    Please keep us updated.
    Thank you for a wonderful experience!

  97. Eden Dias

    Definitely an amazing first time camping experience right under the sky!
    Looking forward to doing this again! 🙂

  98. Jochelle

    This was our first time camping and it was awesome sleeping under the open sky and waking up by the lake is an incredible experience. We will be doing this again!

  99. Kushal Shah

    Indeed, Idea of any “trip” is about the journey far more than it is about the destination. Where you go is up to you, as is how you get there. Had the amazing opportunity to climb up on the carrier of the jeep & loosen the reigns, sit back and enjoy the ride in reflection and wonderment at the vastness that surrounds us in every direction. Camping, star gazing, Camp Fire, Great Company. Would like to thank Vrutika & the team of TLOW for letting us explore the nature in best yet most reasonable possible way. To find your own inspiration – a quick getaway to Bhandardara is recommended. Hoping to explore much more in future with Y’all.

    – Cheers!

  100. Harsh Nachankar

    A great weekend start, just a word “Awesome” Bhandardhara, quite a good place, best time was evening we all friends spent together was unforgettable memories and gradually, slow rain following the downpour. It was our first backpack camping and the best way to start with, thanks TLOW…, hope to catch with you guys again for another camping…

  101. Darshan Mishrikoti

    It was my first camping experience, was amazing. The scenery was stunning, connected with nature after a long time. Never realized it was so close to Mumbai, awesome place to spend a day or two with your mates.
    The arrangements made were very good and up to the mark. Food served was good and so was the weather. A must visit place for you all.

  102. Monica Gyamlani

    The trip from Mumbai to explore ‘TLOW’ for the first time was beautiful!
    beautiful wasnt how it started though, with the scary adventerous, life risking yet never to forget jeep ride, where sitiing inside the vehicle was too main stream. We explored the land out there from the top of the jeep! <3
    It makes you spend time with yourself!
    From a first time trip to the interiors to swimming in a lake for the first time to sleeping under the stars, to cooking dinner on a bonfire to using an open air washroom.
    Bhandardara had plenty of 1st time experiences to offer me! what made the trip better was 'The land out there team'

    p;s Anurag and Kadambari were amazing!!
    Just one complain:
    camping near the lake in the night would enhance the overall trip!
    soothing and peaceful that is what the bhandardara was for me

  103. Ashna Livakat

    So, this was amazing! one mad camp night. Completely explored the land out here at Bhandardara. I take with me a lot of memories and one new friend Kads!


    Three cheers for TLOW!! 😀
    Looking forward to doing more trips with TLOW!

  104. Mamta Kashyap

    Started with an amazing jeep ride, sitting on top of the jeep was a little scary for the first few minutes but then it became amazing. Then finally reaching the land out there…The breeze, the view, dam/lake, boating, making maggi and soup from the dam water, watching and waiting for shooting stars….
    Never thought i would do something like this.
    This trip has been so amazing and memories I’ll never ever forget this….
    Lobo you are a gem of a person, so approchable and fun to hang out with…

  105. Sanjana Jadhav

    Hey got to know about TLOW through a friend, liked the page, started interning and here I was on my first trip with you guys and what a joy it has been.
    loved the way how everything on this trip was about ‘first times’ and yet the most beautiful things to have experienced.
    Thank you for being so approachable and fun
    Looking forward to and amazing Intern experience with TLOW 🙂

  106. Shubra Dubey

    Twinkling stars, moonshine, the bridge, the view, the essence, the water, the puppy, kings cup and some awesome peaceful time spent with some closest friends under the stars and moon. Got a chance to coonect with nature after a very very long time!!Loved it. Looking forward to such more trips.
    Thankyou TLOW!!
    Thanks Kadz you guys were amazing. Keep rocking.

  107. Tasneem

    Always wanted to go for a star gazing trip, so glad decided to do it with you’ll. Loved swimming at the dam, the heat killed it later but i guess the cold in the night made up for it. Thanks for making the trip so mucg fun. Loved the swimming, kings cup at night, campfire, roasting marshmellows and maggi. Definately travelling with you guys again!!

  108. Yash Mayekar

    Hot soup under a starry sky with soft music and an amazing bonfire. A beautiful experience with some of my best friends. A beautifully arranged trip by the land out there!
    Looking forward to more and more such trips with you guys.
    I have also spoken to Kads about a certain business proposal which i would love to execute!Please do get in touch.
    Overall it was a brilliant experience and Lobo was amazing!
    Thanks a lot!

  109. Midhet Sulemani

    The experience was amazing because camping is always an amazing experience. This was actual camping trip for the first time though…I also did’nt pack my bag properly because of my stupid friends. Also my first time travelling ‘WITHOUT’ my family around, such a long drive on the carrier of the jeep, the swimming in the reservoir of the dam, the sleeping on mats, the campfire, dancing, roasting marshmellows, star gazing, the weather…
    All in all, once in a lifetime experience, which i will remember…ALL MY LIFE!!!

  110. Raafiah Zaki

    Star gazing,bonfire,uncomfortable mat, cozy blankets, marshmellows, crazy dancing soomehow morphed into a pretty amazing evening. Everything from the bumpy jeep ride pn top of the jeep to drying ourselves on scorching hot rocks after our impromto sip in the mucky lake added to our experiences. Both our organisers were extremly friendly and make awesome memories for life. All in all the trip definately went better than expected.

  111. Fatema

    Had a really good experience,had fun camping, looking at the stars, saw some shooting stars which was awesome, burning the wood making fire, soup and noodles which was a whole different experience, hate peeing in the bushes but that was totally ok, good company and over all a fun camping trip.
    thanks Anurag and Lobo.

  112. Labiba Ameeri

    I had an amazing experience of camping which was actually my first. I’m glad I came, I enjoyed and made more memories with friends getting to know you guys was also a part of gaining more knowledge and getting to know more friends. Thank you for bringing us (the others and us) together. We had fun.

  113. Japleen Kaur

    It was amazing that we could do so much in a span of 24 hours!Rains just made it more adventerous…
    quick thinking by TLOW! Kudos to them 😀
    Although we could have got a chance to sleep on the beds 😛
    But! hey! loved it totally!
    Already planning for the next trip 🙂
    (keep up the AWESOME work)

  114. Puja Solanki

    KING'S CUP <3

  115. Shinaya D'silva

    I’m gonna miss this camp!! Especially the bottle floating and our nonsense on the bridge. This camp was totally awesome and I’m totally coming again! But I think you’ll should get a pet leopard now! or a lochness monster or a mermaid.
    keep doing the awesome work you guys are doing! And thank you so much for a trip, I shall never forget!

  116. Neha Dutta

    Time spenr here was an amazing experience that I hope to have again. We experienced like everthing and also the rain.

  117. Samata Bhor

    Yes!time spent amazingly. Learned a lot! enjoyed a lot. Most of all ‘baby, show must go on”. Having badluck with rain yet we continued to enjoy the camp.Lots of pictures, lots of memories and so much was experienced. Would want to come again!!
    All the best!! 🙂
    Keep up the amazing work and get us such awesome trips!! <3

  118. Priya Gopalan

    It was an awesome experience.Don’t feel like going home. Totally adventureous <3. Both the 'instructors' :p were really very helpful and handled everything very well.

  119. Khusboo

    Beautiful trip. Crazy people.
    Amazing experience.
    Camp it up with TLOW! 🙂

  120. Megha

    A great experience as I had come with TLOW for the first time. The spontaneous drinking game and the people around made it a memorable one. And yes i did see shooting stars even if it was for a short time. A tent arrangement would be better 🙂
    keep it up!!!
    looking forward to more trips

  121. Udit

    The fortress where we got high, sloshed and crazy…
    indeed bhandadara was amazing!!!
    kings cup an amazing ambience made the night!!!

    p.s.- I LOVE U <3 KADAMBARI (:*)

    No turn unstoned.

  122. Sushant Kamble

    A welcome excuse to get away from the big city life, Thankyou TLOW so much for this experience. Definitely coming for the other trips from now onwards. Look forward so engaging with you for some future projects. This is an extremely unique experience everybody should avail before graduation. THANKYOU GUYS:)

  123. Shashank Rai

    A BIG THANK YOU to sherwin, for giving us everything on the day of the camp and also Thank you for taking me with you guys. Will never forget this sweetest, funniest,lovely, rocking, helping trip ever till I’M alive.
    Assuring you to join you guys again when ever U get time from my shit and lonely life.
    Also thanks to the other friends who joined me on the trip all were also very sweet, lovely and humble. Seeing a long lasting friendship with you all.
    Keep the good work

  124. Zuben Saldanha

    Finally I met sherwin! The planning for this trip to Bhandardara had begun more than a week before. The first best thing that I like about TLOW is the hospitality. Like even though Sherwin is the funniest guy around and taking peoples cases , he would still be the last one to eat, to make sure that everyone has eaten til their stomachs fill up.
    I liked the camping most of all, cooking maggi and soup in the wild with tribal trance playing in the background to making sure the fire never went off, to serving people food and getting water from the lake, lighting up the wood, sitting under the tree and feeling the insane wind gushing through! We were a hungry bunch of people who would eat anythng around alive .
    The experience of knowing a 6’4″ humongous character – Alric and the “coolest” stud RSK. The chillest trip ever… I wouldnt say it was awesome because I’m sure we’re gonna do many more trips in the future.
    Hope you’ll do amazingly well…
    Awesome venture, Amazing plans, brilliant co-ordation, what a Team!

  125. Mansi Sankhe

    Amazing experience. It was fun to come with you Sherwin. Looking forward to join you guys for more camps keep it up!

  126. Rochelle Rodrigues

    It was my first visit to Bhandardara and I enjoyed the scenic beauty at this location. Having settled ourselves around the lake was lovely.
    This was my first camping trip and I was looking forward to being in tents as that all I know about camping.

  127. Ryan Pontes

    An amazing place to be at. Scenic beauty was astonishing. No complains as far as the trip goes enjoyed every bit of it,
    The only thing that would be done differently was to engang different activities between the group such as breaking the ice.
    In one word it was FUN, ill be back

  128. Aadesh Singh

    My First Trip.

    It was an amazing trip with you guys. It was my 1st camping and it was like awesome experience. It was good that I got a chance to know many new people and its for me like I take a lot time to get connect with new people and the food it was nice especially the maggi.
    Thanks guys because of you all I get to know and see the places that I never heard about that. I even never knew it ever exits. IT was really great. I really enjoyed to talk with some people. The special moment was that in the afternoon I sat alone on the stone and enjoying the wind and the moment, It was speechless.
    Hope i get to have more trips with you guys. 🙂

  129. Joxon J

    A trip Amazing…..
    Was waiting to get a break out of this stressful weeks at work and just sit and chill. This trip has been exactly what I wanted. Fun, calm, windy and mostly the peaceful atmosphere of this camp.Been an amazing experience and will always cherish it, Looking forward for more trips.
    Just to add a few activities and games would have killed it.
    No complaints though…. an amazing experience, great job… Enjoy and all the best for your future trips.

  130. Jinelle D

    Had a lot of fun. The perfect weekend getaway. The place was super cool. Only wish there were a few activities in the afternoon.
    Apart from that, was an amazing experience, the entire trip.
    Looking forward for some more weekend trips. See you guys soon!!!

  131. Blaise M

    A great experience today:

    I travelled, camped and had fun. I love to travel & enjoyed so it was my type of trip.
    My feedback would be to have some activity for the day and night. You guys are fun to & love each moment. Just keep me posted on the trips. Wish you all the best.

  132. Dishani Vora

    As someone who has travelled a lot, this was a completely novel experience. I have always travelled as a tourist but this time I felt at home. The view was absolutely spectacular, eating maggi and vada paav with friends made me feel at home. Great Job!!

  133. Roch Ann

    It was definitely what I expected it to be, and then some. It’s the small experiences that make it better than going on a trip as a tourist. Like riding on top of a jam packed jeep or staying up all night to keep the fire going.
    This is how travelling should be! you put fun and adventure before luxury and comfort and its worth it!

  134. Nasciminto Pinto

    Really enjoyed!! As much as I expected and much more!
    Camping is always fun but having the right people is always important like today.
    Trips without luxury and extremely comfortable conditions were replaces by camp fires and sleeping underneath the night sky.
    This trip really oozed the actual essence of trekking and travel.

  135. Maria Shumusti

    It seemed like exactly what I was missing in life. I’have never felt as connected with myself as well as the things around before.
    I’m so glad I found you people.
    Looking forward to many more camps with you guys.

  136. Anuraag Monterio

    Amazing Trip!!! Well organized and executed. One of my best camping experience up-till now. Wonder full crowd and over all wonderful experience.
    Will definitely join for more trips!!!

  137. Wasim Khan

    Really like this post and also the comments on this are very very nice. It seems to be like youll are doing a superb job with these camps that you’ll are organizing. I hope to join you’ll soon. 🙂

  138. ramdin

    Great site,
    I like the way you written the post.
    You written very nice information on Hill stations,

  139. Kedar Sawant

    I always wanted to go camping, thanks to The Land OF WANDERLUST finally was able to make it happen.
    Over all the camp was a success with crazy drinking games next to the bonfire, riding on the rooftop of the jeep & cooking food and best of all lying under the open sky.
    Never saw so many stars in my life.
    It was great trip thanks to the efforts put int.
    Wish The Land OF WANDERLUST lot of success. Keep up the good work

  140. Akshay K

    An ‘experience’ one of its kind. A unique experience for me till date.The fact that in such a short span of time we were able to conduct several activities. Not only were we able to do so many activities but the ‘immense’ amount of funnnn…. we had going about it all.
    The crazy jeep rides, the bonfire, the cooking and other fun-filled activities. Last but not the least, worth mentioning is ‘Sherwin’s ‘passion, dedication towards conducting these trips.
    ‘Simply Loved It’ 🙂
    Keep it up!!!

  141. Kinnari

    Hey guys my first experience of life and it was amazing had great fun, will surely come for more trips with you’ll…. 🙂
    Star gazing was the high light of the trip and it was kickass…. I saw 4 shooting stars and it was so beautiful
    You guys are doing a wonderful job Please keep it on so more people can experience this camp.

  142. Aakash Gandhi

    It was a great experience overall. Was fun to be with all and probably looking for more trips in the future, Great work you guys are doing at the best rate possible with loads of fun and madness.
    Thank-you for the wonderful trip Rebello!!!!

  143. Dhvani

    I was super exited for this trip and IT WAS JUST AS I HAD EXPECTED IT TO BE!!!
    From sitting on top of the jeep to playing UNO and then trying to break the seven tile tower and then the chilling night, cooking the soup, lighting the fire. I remember everything and all these moments just bring a smile on my face and light up my eyes.
    The highlight of this trip were definitely the shooting stars. That was #3 on my bucket list. This was a splendid experience. Star gazing is one of my favorite hobbies. I love to just look at those twinkling star!!! and you guys were simply awesome. This was my first camping experience and THANK-YOU for making it one of the best experiences. I loved it to the core.
    I just feel that instead of the Idlis if you guys could arrange something else also it would be great. Everything else on this trip was perfect!

  144. Ashwini Lohiya

    I was so dying to go camping but I never really imagined that it could be so good. Everything was simply perfect. The sunset, the cooking, music, kings and the place itself. But what made it even more perfect was your attitude towards it.
    You guys seriously make it so easy.
    No rules! No timetable! Just a chiller attitude. I hope we travel again to some place with you guys (Hopefully ‘Parvati’ ;P Valley)
    Keep up the great customized trips and the super cool attitude!

  145. Priya Shah

    Had the most amazing time camping with you guys. All started with chilling under a tree by the lake, playing games and relaxing. The most amazing time we had when the sun set and it kept getting better. Filling water from the lake, collecting wood and cow dung for the fire, carrying logs, cooking soup and maggie, followed by Kings 😉 . Had the most brilliant time doing all of this and the best part of next morning which made my day was travelling on the jeep. Loved it all.
    I am surely coming for many more trips.
    Sherwin and Marina… You both are sweet love you guys

  146. Kevin Rego

    Looking forward to many more experiences with TLOW. Awesome fun. We danced and ate a lot. Starting the bonfire and cooking was a very nice experience.

  147. Francesca

    The best travel experience ever! from the breathe taking view of the lake to the kickass ride on top of the jeep. I loved every bit of it. Big thanks to Sherwin. You guys are amazing at what you do. Keep the travelling alive! looking forward to a thousand more experiences. Until then Adieus Amigos.
    P.S… Love the TLOW tagline

  148. Reshma Karnik

    Thank you Sherwin for such a unique and amazing experience. I would love to come for more trips. No suggestions and no expectations, everything was perfect.

  149. Asmita khare

    It was very well organised. I enjoyed every moment. I would love to experience more trips with TLOW. Good. Very good. Excellent.

  150. Joshua Duatre

    Awesome experience,really love the concept. Its a good idea to insist on a small group that way you interact with the group on a personal level. Would definitely love to come again. TLOW,you guys did an awesome job. Really lead the group well.

  151. Ram Kumar

    I witnessed sunrise and sunset like never before. Amazing view and the camp site was excellent. All in all a very good experience.

  152. Amrita De

    Had a lot of fun. Very entertaining. We stayed up the whole night star gazing. Amazing experience.

  153. Monica Fernandes

    One of the best experiences ever,you get to do everything you want. Doesn’t feel like you are going with strangers,it was like travelling with a bunch of friends. Keep up the good work guys!!!

  154. Alaika Dias

    First open air camp was fun. well organised. Enjoyable,lots of fun fun and fun. Could be a better trip with bigger group. Cheers for this one.

  155. Clinton Pinto

    One of the best experiences ever,you get to do everything you want. Doesn’t feel like you are going with strangers,it was like travelling with a bunch of friends. Keep up the good work guys!!!

  156. max santo

    I loved the detailed description about the place that you’ll go camping to sounds really nice and wonderful with the whole feel of sleeping out in the open and then being able to see so many shooting stars. I would love to join you’ll on this camping trip but the sad thing is I’m from a small town OF Talara in Peru and India is far far away from where I am. your country has been on my list for many years but never have I had enough money to make the long trip all the way to India.
    I really like the matter on this site really good and it has surely inspired me and now next weekend im planning on doing something very similar with my grand children in this weekend. I hope we get to see shooting stars and live a night in the wild like how you’ll do every weekend in India. Till next time travel well and travel safe my friends 🙂

  157. Osborne Fernandes

    Sherwin has never disappointed me. Trips with him are always more fun & filled with excitement way more than expectations. ( This time with the weather)
    TLOW crew is doing an amazing job & the trips organized are great. The travel & fun gets better every time. Enjoyed myself a lot playing 7 tiles, strumming the guitar in the cold with so many singing and dancing to the tune. Met stars after a very long time & loved every bit of this trip. This indeed was an awesome trip and a much needed one. Thanks

    P.S. I still wanna swim real bad 🙁

  158. Keith Dias

    I have always loved travelling. however my purpose for travel has always been Dance. I have been on few adventure trips with my friends but this is the first time I have camped and THE LAND OF WANDERLUST has made this the best and most memorable one for me.
    This also has been one of the few outings I have had with my TTDA family and this has helped me grow closer to them and know them more. Thank you for helping us bond together very well. Really looking forward to many more such trips with TLOW. Looks like finally there’s a team ready to help people see places they have always desired to at a very good rate.
    Sherwin you have been a great host and guide. See you guys soon for another trek/camp/outing SOON 🙂 !!!

  159. Pavan

    Thanks to Sherwin for organizing such a great trip. This is one of my first camping & my first experience with TLOW & so far it has been one of my best experience.
    I have had many outings but so far this has been the best. Many great memories of this outing. Had a really great time with my TTDA family & TLOW.
    The perfect camping is what I can say with the bonfire crazy games and even crazier memories. The thing I liked about this outing is practically everything. The weather was a little to unexpected.
    Thanks a lot TLOW for making my first camping experience the best 🙂 ! Peace!!

  160. Kadamabari Lobo

    It Was THE BEST CAMPING EXPERIENCE I EVER HAD…..From riding on TOP OF A JEEP TO SLEEPING UNDER THE STARS TOTALLY WORTH IT…. It,s not my first trip with TLOW so I know it will never disappoint me… Had the best time ever, all the games the bonfire & dancing could not get any better. It helped my academy bond better…and yes i saw 11 shooting stars :)) . I would not last the night if not for Sherwin’s sleeping bag… 🙂 . All in all a really good trip to Bhandardara..
    All the best & do hope you guys do really well in the future… can’t write any more my fingers are numb 🙂

  161. Marina Fernandes

    Thanks to Sherwin &
    Things I loved about the camp:
    1) No tents
    2) Star gazing
    3) Amazing view
    4) Lovely climate
    5) Games

    Definitely looking forward to travelling with The Land OF WANDERLUST team in the near future. Had an awesome time guys.

    P.S. -> Ladakh my next destination, you guys are the only ones I would want to travel with.

  162. Samson D'souza

    If anyone ask me, if I have been to Bhandardara, ill say “I have been there, done that and you must go and see it with Sherwn!!!
    Honestly from my experience I enjoyed it way to much…..
    All we did miss was the tents, but then again we got to sleep under the stary sky.
    Thank you TLOW!!!

  163. Mitchelle D'souza

    One of the experiences in my camping journey. The walk to the lake, not blaming blaming TLOW, it was due to train stopover that made us miss our bus, but after that the experience was too nice. One of my memorable experiences.
    Waiting to travel with you’ll in the future.

  164. Nigel Mascarenhas

    All I can say is ” A trip that I will always remember even after all the chills.” It was an amazing experience camping in the open with the Bon fire, stargazing an entire out of the box camping.
    This was my first and I am sure its not going to be my last camping trip. All the shooting stars I seen I only wished I had another camping experience like this.
    This was IKDUM 🙂 JHAKAAS !!!!

  165. Fadnis Dcosta

    This was my first camping ever, so for me it was just amazing. Since the camp was exclusive for TTDA we danced the hell out of ourselves. Sherwin it felt like you knew all of us already and were very much a part of us.
    Would like to explore more such places with you buddy, you are passionate about your job and I admire that.

  166. Vidonia Gracias

    A nice camping trip, but the travelling kinda killed my mood a little! I’m kinda glad the tents thingy dint work out 😉 , because sleeping under the open sky was a amazing experience! Even though I don’t like cooking , cooking there was really fun. At the end of the day, I’m a happy camper 🙂

  167. Afra Gracias

    OK This was my first camping trip, so didn’t know what to expect. Knew it would be tiring but the two hour long walk really bummed me out. Never the-less, the satisfaction of reaching the destination got me into the mood again. Cracking up the bonfire was something I hadn’t done in a very long time & it was really fun doing it. Too bad the tent thing did not work out, but it turned out to be a good experience sleeping under the sky and counting the stars. All in all nice place with mad people 😉


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