Here is The Land Of Wanderlust blueprint to a backpacking trip around the coastal town of Murud and Janjira in two nights and three days.


TRIP COST: Rs 3500/-


  • Accommodation
  • Travel
  • Entry Fee
  • Permits


  • Food.

For more information please contact us on the phone numbers mentioned below:

Sherwin Rebello : +91 9833494963

Denver Rodrigues: +91 9819872686

For more information mail us at

 Day 1:

  • Board a ferry from Gate way of India to Mandwa at 8 am.
  • Reach Mandwa by 9 am, hop onto the connecting bus and reach Alibag bus station by latest 10:30 am.
  • Take the first bus from Alibag to the town of Murud 175km.
  • Reach Murud post noon and check into a guest house.
  • Post lunch relax in the guest house or wander through the village.
  • For sunset walk to the small hill lock which has a Dutta temple over looking the entire town.
  • Spend the rest of the evening at leisure.

Day 2:

  • Post breakfast hop onto a tuk-tuk to visit the famous sea fort at Janjira.
  • Spend first half of the day in the fort exploring the ruins.
  • Return back to Murud around lunch time.
  • Spend the rest of the evening chilling on the beach.

Day 3:

  • Post breakfast hop onto an ST bus and visit the famous Kashid beach.
  • Have lunch at Kashid and spend time relaxing on the beach
  • Board a local ST bus back to Alibag around 15:00.
  • Reach Alibag by 16:30 and hop onto the connecting bus to Mandwa jetty.
  • Reach in time to make it for the 18:30 ferry back to Gateway of India.
  • Arrive at gateway by 20:15.

10 Responses

  1. neha

    hi TLOW anything for 26,27,28th January 2018.Pls let me know I am from hdyerabad could not see anything in that time

  2. Het Nishar

    One of the most amazing trips i have ever been on. Amazing time and managed really well. loads of memories to take, along with my big luggage. Being a photographer i got amazing shots to capture. The main thing what a youngster likes is ‘NO RESTRICTIONS’ and thats what we got!
    The people of TLOT were really understanding and fun. Nights were fun, with music!!
    I love travelling but was not sure whether i could trust any company. But now i can blindly trust TLOT!
    Would to love to come on as many trips as possible.


    great camp love the concept. something different and unique i don’t think i could have got this experience anywhere else
    would love to join u guys for more camps. Sherwin was always there to entertain us …saved me getting bored. Divya was cool love the two of you great going and good luck and keep up the good work! looking forward to probably coming to Ladakh with u guys

  4. priya gopalan

    beaches wow!
    had a really good time Sherwin and Divya are one of a kind, really good company having sea food, playing cricket, everything was dam fun
    got a new name my Sherwin NINJA! HAHAH
    too much fun, too little time
    amazing trip amazing people. totally my kind of thing
    will look forward to join you guys for many more trips to come

  5. puja solanki

    my first trip to Alibaugh absolutely enjoyed it n loved it!
    the beaches the almost bon fire and Sherwins travel stories!
    looking forward to many more trips with TLOT!

  6. Samata bhor

    TLOT is been an amazing experience,oh! yes….you’ve read/heard that a million times,but now much ever times we tell it,it would be less
    Alibaug was one amazing break,outta the life that we already live in. i quoted this this trip as ‘chilling under the sun ,’ with a pun instead. for no other trip could be as informal as this.bag packing is though,but once you learn to adjust in what ever little we have we can have a blast!
    and yes Ive had one of the best time in Alibaug amongst all the trips Ive been chilling on the beach, staying up late without restrictions, clicking pictures. building memories what else would we want ?
    of course i thank you for giving us such a nice time and also leave with a promise that ill be coming back for more trips. for alibaug ends here, but theres a life time the entire would theres a lifetime the entire world an the endless sky to explore!
    love u! keep smiling keep spreading smiles!
    ps: this is short! you will soon get a travellouge from me, do care to read and revert back

  7. Ashna Livakat

    Had a very good time, the team is one of a kind, very good company.
    Having seafood, playing cricket, everthing was damn fun.
    got a new name by Sherwin NINJA! hahah.
    Too much fun, too little time and one amazing trip, amazing people. Totally my kind of thing <3
    Will totally look forward to join you guys for many more trips to come..

  8. Japleen Kaur

    This short trip has made me believe in myself more and my confidence has gone up notches! The calm walks on the beach, is something that everybody longs for and we are lucky that we were literally staying on the beach and got to experience it all!
    From getting the best intern badge to playing cricket (on the beach) with earning the title of ‘man of the series’ , what more would I have asked for!!
    Yes! I also wished to have some kick-ass fish thali and got that too!
    A true break from the hectic life of Mumbai, that too on a place so close to it!
    Met my bosses for the first time and was happy as they were just like as I thought they would be :D. We never for once felt that they were not part of our group, we even made nick names for each other!
    are travellers with whom one should atleast travel once! And you will for sure come back for more! Sherwin’s endless stories made the trip a hell lot better!
    thank you for the memories, for the dreams that we saw there just waiting for them to get fulfilled!
    Waiting for TLOW merchandise!!!


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