This is The Land Of Wanderlust’s blueprint to a backpacking trip around Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh for eight days.

Trip Dates: 11th – 18th March ’18 | 20th – 27th May ’18

 Trip Cost: Rs 10,000 + 5% GST = Rs 10,500/- 


  • Accommodation. (3 to 6 based on room size)
  • Travel begins and ends at New Delhi.
  • Entry Fee.


  •  Food.

Only on payment of 50% of the trip cost will a seat be booked.

For booking and more information please call on the numbers mentioned below.

Ankit :+91 8454961928

tlow office 2 :  +91 9004594935

Or mail us at:

Terms & Conditions

Minimum age requirement 18+

Things to carry along:

    • Valid Photo id proof with address – 5 copies (No Pan card)
    • Two passport size photographs.

Essentials to pack

Day 1:

  • Reach ISBT Kashmiri Gate by 19:00 HRS.
  • Board HRTC volvo  bus from ISBT Kashmiri Gate New Delhi to Bhuntur at 20:30 HRS.

Day 2:

  • Reach Kasol around 11:30 HRS and check into a guest house.
  • Spend the rest of the day relaxing by the Parvati after a long journey.
  • Take a walk around Kasol and hike to the village of Chalal.
  • Spend evening on the banks of the river near Chalal.

Day 3:

  • Board a local bus from Kasol to Bharsheni which is a two hour bumpy ride.
  • Hike from Bharsheni to Pulga and check into a guest house.
  • Spend rest of the evening strolling through the village. 

Day 4:

  • Hike from Pulga to Tosh.  60 minutes hike
  • Spend night in a guest house in Tosh

Day 5:

  • Leave from Tosh around 08:00 HRS and start the hike to Kheer Ganga which is a 5 to 6 hour hike.
  • Spend night in dormitories and take a dip in the natural sulphur hot spring. (No Network)

Day 6:

  • Hike back from Kheer Ganga to Bharsheni.
  • Reach Bharsheni by 11:00 HRS and board a local bus to Kasol.
  • Reach Kasol and check into the same guest house.

Day 7:

  • Last day in Kasol, spend first half of the day wandering through the streets or shopping.
  • Pack up and leave for Kullu HRTC bus station by 16:30 HRS.
  • Board a HRTC volvo bus from Kullu to ISBT New Delhi by 19:00 HRS.

Day 8:

  • Reach ISBT Kashmiri Gate New Delhi by 09:00 HRS.

61 Responses

  1. Nikhil

    This was my first trip to the Himalayas and I wanted it to be a special one. I had heard a lot about the Kheerganga trek. I found TLOW- via Google, and the way the website and the content was presented, I decided to take this trip with Sherwin. And what a trip!
    The trek to Kheerganga was tiring, back breaking but epic. It is a complete visual treat. This is why it’s on the travel bucket list of many travellers. Best place to stay. Tosh was cafe I have ever been to.
    The fairy forest in Pulga is something I never saw before.
    It was an amazing journey with the crazy fellow travellers. Thanks Sherwin for all the memories.

  2. Samrut

    I have never had this kinda trip ever and it was an amazing journey. All the places from Chalal to tosh to Pulga were all beautiful. But the best feeling was reaching on top of Kheerganga. After stopping for more than 100 times in 6 hours, the feeling for finally reaching Kheerganga, sitting on that swing and getting lost in the mountains was crazy. It was a dream to have such a kind of a trip, living with on known people, living in huts, in villages on mountains.
    Hot chocolates, pizzas, joints never had so much of these in my entire life.
    The best was the hot bath in the freezing cold weather in Kheerganga which was so refreshing. Another amazing place was the forest and playing games.
    Amazing journey, amazing people, amazing home stays. Thank you Sherwin. #TLOW

  3. Shadrach

    The trip was crazy!! Loved the entire journey from Delhi to Kasol!!!
    The view was so good, the place we stayed at Kasol has mountains all around with a very homely feeling. So the next day, the trip/hike to kheerganga started with a bus ride and then the hike started. At the begenning it was difficult but as we got closer to Kheerganga I just did not want to give up. The vibe,place,people,whether was all so good. The cafe ‘gold star’ kept us warm. As it got dark and the stars came out the entire sky was covered with stars. “That very moment the darkness, the bright shining stars, the cold breeze was the best moment of my life.
    Sherwin just kept the hype as per what I expected. TLOW did a really good job. So the next morning was the hot springs as our way back down to tosh. Sherwin got us checked into the cafe called Yamuna. Amazing and pleasant as per what I wanted. Excellent place and wonderful vibes.
    The next day we hiked to Pulga, a nearby village as soon as we reached we left out bags and went into the forest, where we found a really nice spot. We chilled there, relaxed and played dog and the bone and had a quiz which w Mumbaikars won in the trip. I am glad I met friends like Zain, Payal, Zannut, Nikhil and Nafisa.
    TLOW kept the hype going and did not let us down. I’m now in Kasol and we are going to head back home. I JUST DONT FEEL LIKE LEAVING. il miss this trip. Definitely be making more trips with TLOW.

  4. Zain

    Thank you Sherwin for all the care and love #TLOW
    Having extra time on my side Sherwin was kind enough to have me over for few days in advance.
    Loved the hike to Kheerganga. 🙂 The hike was way better than I expected. The cafes and their insane pizzas. In 10 days I’ve eaten 12 pizzas, I loved em so much. The guest house in Kasol feels amazing, such amazing kids. The organisation was fine and very adventures journeys. I am in Extasy..

  5. Anicita

    Thank you Sherwin for all the care and love #TLOW
    Having extra time on my side Sherwin was kind enough to have me over for few days in advance.
    Loved the hike to Kheerganga. 🙂 The hike was way better than I expected. The cafes and their insane pizzas. In 10 days I’ve eaten 12 pizzas, I loved em so much. The guest house in Kasol feels amazing, such amazing kids. The organisation was fine and very adventures journeys. I am in Extasy..,!

  6. Dimas V Putra

    First trip with TLOW , it was awesome ! Kasol is VERY beautiful. Finally saw snowfall, another one to cross from my bucket list. Tosh and Pulga great villages, a lot of beautiful view, awesome home stays, good food, PRICELESS EXPERIENCE. The hike was awesome, much needed hike to keep the body moved and warmed. It was a fun bunch to travel with. Thanks a ton KEEP IT ROGH! KEEP IT UNEXPECTED!!

  7. Nikita C

    Parvati Valley has been an amazing trip. Home stays at all places, the cheese Paratha at Kasol, the walk to Chalal. The Nepali family at Tosh, hikes to Pulga and Tosh, waffles at moon dance, fairy Forrest @ Pulga and times spent with all other backpackers have been experiences of a life time.
    Thanks TLOW for this trip!! This one will stay with me for every .

  8. Pallavi Bagal

    My fourth trip with TLOW and it keeps getting better. The hikes have been amazing from Barshani to Tosh, Tosh to Pulga and from Pulga to almost Manikaran.
    Superb stays, awesome food & amazing stuff. Great weather even better company. It’s sad that the trip is almost coming to an end. I’m sure TLOW will come out with international trips as well by the time I travel with them post MBA. You’ll have been amazing people throughout BOOM SHIVA.

  9. Divya Sood

    Having Planned to visit Kasol for the past 2.5 years, this trip has been like a dream come true. Our home stays in Kasol, Tosh & Pulga will remain with me for a long time as this was my most authentic and rustic experience of my life.
    This trip also holds a special significance for me since I got to experience first hand, the stories my grand mother told me about her life in Himachal. Thank you TLOW for this well managed trip and adding a brilliant personal touch to the entire journey.
    Good luck for your further plans and hope TLOW grows leaps and bounds.

  10. Ratnakar

    That feeling of when you can only dream of seeing, and when you can match it with memories and calendars, when you are seeing them straight with your eyes that’s AMAZING. My first trip to the Himalayas is noting which can be described. Traveling solo in and unknown group You can get to be yourself and make new friends .

  11. Rahul Vyas

    So , this trip started with an update on Facebook from my friend Nehal who had backpacked with TLOW to Parvati Valley earlier. Never backpacked solo I wanted to do this trip for only Kasol. I have this scene as my desktop, mobile wallpaper, so wanted to experience it.
    This is how I got in touch with TLOW. First time solo travelling to northern India. The whole experience with TLOW team was good. They know places inside out and have good contacts with locals. Could not do Kheerganga will come back for that for sure.
    You guys are doing a good job keep doing it. Cya soon.

  12. Guneet Singh Oberoi

    It was the best trip I have had so far. I got to see the most beautiful landscape. I didn’t expect that I can trek so much without any injury. Experience with TLOW was very good. Over all it was a nice experience would love to travel with TLOW again and soon.

  13. Siddharth Kuthy

    It’s hard to describe the phenomenon called the Himalayas. Words would only lay promise to the sheer splendor of her views, her fragrance and her ice cold embrace.
    Kasol was impressive, exciting; Tosh surreal And Kheerganga life altering. This journey from a sedentary busy bee to someone who scaled the Parvati Cliffs, has been delightful, firesome, exciting and a whole lot of other adjectives I can’t remember at the moment.

  14. Amit Bisth

    Thanks guys for making a traveller out of a tourist. It was awesome to see everything from a different perspective. Starting from the choice of place to stay to the food , to the treks, everything was spot on. Couldn’t have asked for anything more. A big thank you to TLOW, looking forward to see a lot more of India with you’ll.

  15. Jessica C

    Thank you guys for the trip to Parvati Valley. The weather may have played havoc with the plan but nevertheless it was a great trip. The himalayas will always be a part of my memory after this trip. Thank you guys for making the trip fun. Wish you all the best.

  16. Venkatesh

    First of all a big thank you for one of the best trips of my life. I will remember this trip for a long long time. Had loads of fun and will miss the place a lot. I am surely coming back to this place for Kheerganga. I admit that I am a bit disappointed for not trekking up to Kheergange. But can’t help it. The weather played spoil sport.

  17. Sandeep N

    Amazing experience, nice trek, nice food, home stays were amazing. All in all, great trip.

  18. Harshal

    Excellent and beautiful trek to Kheerganga and a wonderful stay at Tosh. Looking forward to a similar experience soon.

  19. Rahul M

    Thanks guys for the trip to Kheerganga. Had a wonderful time and a great trek. Please search for another great place for us soon. Will see you’ll guys next year.

  20. Nishad N

    First time to Parvati Valley. Great experience especially Kheerganga. It was a wonderful trek and the hot bath was superb.

  21. Sanil

    I had a really great time. This was my second outing with you’ll. Kheerganga was a good experience. The stay at Tosh was nice and pleasant. Looking forward to more such outings.

  22. Dnyanesh Sawant

    My second Trip with TLOW and it keeps getting better. A lot of trekking but all that physical pain is forgotten once you witness the beautiful landscapes of Parvati Valley. All you’re left with is beautiful landscapes and amazing food. Met a lot of new people, accommodation was brilliant. Learnt a lot. Overall the trip was excellent.

  23. Riona

    This was my first ever backpacking trip and i must say it was an awesome one. Thank you TLOW for this amazing trip. The hike to Rasol seemed impossible for me but thanks to you’ll for staying back and helping me complete the hike. The guesthouses at every place were unique and was the quintessential backpacker stay. All the best for the future.

  24. Delicia John

    Thank you The Land Of Wanderlust. The choice of the guest houses, perfect location and gave a himachal feel. You’ll are good motivators. You’ll build up the confidence of the backpackers. The treks wouldn’t have been possible for me if not for you guys. I had a lot of fun. Amazing experience. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  25. Sarathram S

    I was a solo-backpacker looking for a group of amazing travellers to share that experience. TLOW was exactly what I was looking for. An amazing set of people to chill with. I started off with no idea of TLOW but considering the precise information on the TLOW site I decided to give the trip a shot.
    Sherwin IS A great guy to chill with. I really liked the fact that everyone was given a lot of leeway and freedom during the trip and TLOW wasn’t one of those babysitting like organisations.
    The choice of the stays, locations chosen to visit etc was flawless and their through detailed knowledge about everything. I had a great time hiking and grabbing some great meals. Parvati valley is a kickass place and TLOW are a great set of people to experience travel with.

  26. Rylan Almeida

    There is always something fascinating about the mountains that i wanted to explore and experience and I’m glad that TLOW made this happen. Sherwin has put in tremendous hard work and sweat in Whatever he does to make this trip a great one. Over and above he is always enthusiastic and patient in putting up with our nonsense time and again. And for all of what you’ve done, a big thank you for making this trip possible. It was these 7 days that we all got to see nature at its best. I had literally lost track of time and honestly hope I could stay here longer. Cheers to doing more trips with TLOW. See you guys soon.

  27. Nazia Ali

    Thanks for the experience, the company and the moments. Most challenging trip I have ever taken physically and emotionally. But you guys made it so easy for me. Thanks Sherwin for making us all feel so comfortable and for making this trip so Much better than what I could have ever excepted. You guys are the best. Long live TLOW 🙂 :*

  28. Soma das

    More than a trip it has been a wonderful experience for me. Never imagined that I could trek so high, but all this was made possible by you. Thank you Sherwin for this awesome trip. Thank you for all the efforts and all the wonderful memories. Looking to collect more merchandise from you guys. You both and TLOW wishing you a kickass journey for life.

  29. Sangeeta Joardar

    You live only once and I lived this exactly with TLOW at Parvati Valley. Perhaps the most challenging trip I have taken so far but definately worth the effort. I thank TLOW for giving me such amazing memories with a bunch of such joyous folks. More power to TLOW. 🙂

  30. Saumya Agarwal

    I took of a lot of my ‘firsts’ and checking off a lot of my bucket list items. Thanks to TLOW for this wonderful backpacking trip. Hope to make many more such memorable trips with you guys. All the best. Long live The Land Of Wanderlust.

  31. Rohit Raj

    I wanted to do Kasol on my own but when i came across TLOWs blueprint it was most certain I would join the trip. And it was an amazing choice. If its anyone’s first time in the mountains, TLOW is the company to go with. The view from every place was breathtaking. All the treks were worth the view. The idea of bringing together so many strangers is brilliant. Now the travel bug has surely bitten me. I want to see new places, meet new people and learn new things. I will come back for more with TLOW. Unforgettable experience. Thanks to TLOW.

  32. Jeet

    So finally one of the most awaited trips became a reality thanks to TLOW. It was a dream trip. This trip has created long lasting memories and would be alive forever.

    TLOW has been one of the coolest backpacking companies ever in India. Was really glad to be a part of this family and experience one of your best trips.

    surely looking forward for the next trip. Keep carrying on the great work. Will see yoo’ll soon. Loads of love and good luck

  33. Nehal Khan

    Great backpacking experience. Lots of memories will be taken back.

    Travelling solo for the first time, I was skeptical about a lot of things but the overall experience was absolutely good.
    The mountains, the treks, the food, the people a lot of things that came together well and most importantly a much needed break from everything, had a new experience, made new friends and had a lot of fun.

    It was great travelling with TLOW, will definitely be travelling more with TLOW and a lot of solo travel for sure.
    Great experience overall, keep getting people like me back to nature. Will suggest TLOW to a lot of my friends.

  34. Pranav Nair

    TLOW brought us to a place where we did not care much about time. Instantly we all wished to settle down here for sometime or for a lifetime and take in all the real beauty of HP.
    The splendid TLOW group has changed my life and no doubt I will surely come back for more trips looking forward to your Leh-Ladakh trip

  35. Pramod Babu

    Thank you TLOW for letting me know the spirit of backpacking. This trip was such a memorable experience for me, Thanks to TLOW

  36. Jerrin MP

    Thank you so much TLOW for giving me such a memorable trip. This is my first backpacking trip and this is surely my best trip ever in my whole life. In my life its a new beginning. I will definitely travel with you guys at-least twice in a year. Thank you

  37. Jithin JC

    TLOW innovative idea and backpacking in a budget is one of the things ever.
    These mountains make you see the mighty Gods of india. For a person who wants to see all of India, TLOW is the answer to your prayers. They just take you to places which will simply take your breath away.
    Cheers and thanks a lot guys

  38. Jay Shah

    Thank you so much for giving me such an amazing Experience and organizing such a trip.
    ‘The Land Of Wanderlust’ is the best-est only backpacking group who does exactly what is described and infact they do it 1000 times better. simply Awesome.
    Loved everything, every moment of the trip.
    Thank You Thank You Thank You
    Keep organizing such trips and see you’ll soon again

  39. Rekha Navani

    Thank you for giving me my NAINA trip from YJHD. Thankyou for giving me my Heidi moment.
    “The Land Of Wanderlust” is the only budget backpacking group rightly from a unknown trip it became my most memorable trip.
    I love the work you guys are doing. It is so special that I would like to keep it to myself.
    But yes a journey of Firsts!!
    Fist snowfall
    Thank You!!!
    I will be back 🙂

  40. Shivani Sharma

    The whole trip started with a confusion wondering should I go or not. I am glad I DID!!
    Thank you Sherwin & Divya for making this such a great trip and a great Experience to take back.. Walking through the snow, taking the whole air in my lungs and just looking at one corner and wanting to look at the beauty and rawness of these places has been a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.
    Even now when I sit and look at the sun, snow, trees and people, I feel complete. Needed this break.. Thanks again for letting me feel so much with so little.
    The places you recommended for eating were also really good. You’ll make backpacking what it really is by getting us to the untouched spots and letting us feel closer to nature and other fellow travelers.

  41. mak

    During my last trip to kasol in December, all routes were blocked due to snowfall, so can we find the routes cleared by 14th cause as I’m updated light snow falls almost every week

    • The Land Of Wanderlust

      The road leading to Kasol should already be fully functional by mid February. If there is snow fall the road will be blocked for a few hours and then open again. The roads will surely not be as bad as what they were when you went there in December.

  42. Sujesh Nair

    The mountains have a charm of its own and TLOW makes the mountains happen to you. Go backpacking with TLOW, Go find yourself.
    TLOW you guys have a long way to go. Cheers

  43. Suketu Mehta

    It has been a wonderful trip, which was all possible because of TLOW’s guidance. Keep on with your fantastic work and get travel to new levels.

  44. Vandit Panvelkar

    When I fist took a look at the majestic mountains of Kheer Ganga, I knew that our country has some of the best locations in the world yet we look else where to satisfy out wanderlust. Thankyou for an amazing trip 🙂

  45. Sanil

    It was a wonderful experience with The Land Of Wanderlust. Enjoyed the trek to Tosh with snow fall. River side camping was awesome and refreshing. The trek and visit to Malana is difficult to explain in words, Majestic. Sherwin ensured we had a wonderful and memorable bagpacking experience. Great job!!

  46. Nithin Patil

    Had a very good time in Kasol. Decent stay options and good food. Cannot describe the hot water spring bath experience in words, it was that amazing. The trek to Tosh was a memorable one. Every day of the trip kept getting better. Couldn’t make it Kheerganga due to bad weather conditions, without a doubt will definitely do it the next time with “The Land Of Wanderlust”. The trek to Malana will always remain special in my heart. The beauty of the place is indescribable. Will never forget the camping part of the trip from making sandwiches, salad, dal rice, barbecue chicken every part of it was great fun. Thank you guys.

  47. Jeji Mathwes

    The walk to Tosh tossed me up head to toe. I finally managed to complete the walk up to the village with my six friends along with Sherwin and Divya. My first bagpacking trip to the North was worth remembering. Every moment on the trip would be cherished. Wishing Sherwin and Divya good luck for their future endeavours.


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