The village of Bamnoli is situated at an altitude of about 1,250 feet above sea level. At the far end of the town of Satara in the state of Maharashtra. This village is about 50km away from the town of Satara and about 15km from the Kaas plateau also known as the plateau of flowers.

The village of Bamnoli is located on the banks of the Shivsagar Lake formed by the Koyna dam which is also probably the easiest ways by which one can experience the lakes of Switzerland.

The best way to get to this village is to drive there which is a simply majestic drive during the monsoon as the dense forest and the shining roads washed under showers of rain make the drive enchanting. Throughout the drive through the Ghats one gets to see an amazing view of the backwaters below.

Local state transport buses also ply to this village but are not reliable and kill the whole experience of the breath taking view that you will have in a private vehicle.
On reaching the village the first thing one will notice is the breathtaking view of the lake expanse that spreads for hundreds of square kilometres and will surely amaze one and all. Expect the noise of hundreds of bats swinging on the high Nilgiri trees and also hear the few silent waves slapping the shores.

The villagers love to sit and chat near the trees or in the veranda of their houses for a good part of the day. The houses in the village of Bamnoli are mostly built with cow dung flooring and mud walls and tiled roofing.

The village has a very calm, lazy and slow feel to it with barely any locals to be seen moving around the village and most of the shops are only open on request. The villagers rely on their paddy fields for their main source of income but in recent years many are getting into tourism with many of the men operating boats that ply people to nearby places and few other villagers have started shacks which are home run.

It is advisable not to eat the food in these village run shacks since the food options are very limited, the food is overpriced and most of all the food is really bad and not worth eating.

Boating is the main attraction in the village of Bamnoli and it attracts people to this village. There are multiple boating options to choose from. One can either go for a short ride around the Shivsagar Lake. Or, go for a boat trip to Tapola, also known as mini Kashmir. The boating rates are reasonable, provided it is a group of 4-6 people. Otherwise, you will have to pay the group price. If one has the time, then opt for a guided tour of Vasota Fort or the famous Nageshwar Shiv temple.

The water from the lake comes right up to the roads leading to the village. In fact, there are few houses which are half-submerged.

There is also a temple in the village which is painted in bright colours and is located in the heart of the village. There is a public hand pump near the temple as well as a small shelter where one can take some rest.

There is no accommodation in this village so the best option is to befriend a local and request them for a home stay or the other option is to camp on the banks of the lake.

The best time to visit this village of Bamnoli is during the monsoon i.e. from July to October and during winter i.e. from December to March as during this time the weather is pleasant and close to perfect in the village.

Bamnoli village is surely a place for everyone to visit but the lack of accommodation makes it a place where only the ones who prefer the wilderness can opt to spend a night.


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  1. jac

    heyy hav u visited to igatpuri if yes den can u tell me dat r der any homestay option der..

  2. Clemente Demski

    I simply want to mention I am just in awe of all the beautiful places that you have written about on this blog of yours. I hope to get a chance to visit this beautiful country of yours sometime

  3. Terry Maceda

    We’re a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your website offered us with valuable information to work on. You’ve done an impressive job and our whole community will be thankful to you.

  4. Nicholas

    The place seems very naive. It is extremely innocent and definitely will be very relaxing for tired travelers. However I don’t see if there is much about tourism in there, its a simple village and expresses the simple life of villagers. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Steve

    This village seems untouched by the chaos of the cities, the simple life of the villagers can be easily interpreted by your photos. I am aware of blissful life in a village, but I would not say that I like it, because I cannot live a life like that, its good for a trip but not for living.

  6. Sam

    Nice information. I have been there once during monsoon. There are two routes – one of which goes through Satara and the other avoids the city. The other slightly shorter route is a little head of the turn to Satara from the highway. It is one of the super-awesome places I have visited in India.

  7. Peter

    Very precise and interesting post! Looking at Bamnoli images, I think I should really plan to go there once. Thanks for such a wonderful share!

  8. David

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing post and i was not aware that there is such a wonderful place to visit near Satara.I will really consider this option because we always go for long distance bike rides with friends.The pics that you have shared look quite cool.

  9. Charls Pereira

    Oh! I have visited to this place. This lake is not on land but at a height within mountains. I have been there during monsoon and it is one of the amazing sites to see in Maharashtra. Due to the mist and fog even in August we were unable to see the other end of the lake.

  10. Martin Thomas

    Sounds like a really good place! The picture shows the real beauty of this place and I truly loved it. The way you have written about this article is amazing and honestly I had no clue about this place or even the lake for that matter. I am glad you shared this post!

  11. Ganesh Das

    I was looking out for a place just like this to go camping in the coming week and this place Bamnoli looks to be the perfect place for me and my buddies to go camping. The pictures you have uploaded are really nice and thats when I knew that this had to be the place where I had to go for my trip. Thanks a lot for helping me find a good place to camp. Please find and write about more similar places not too far away from Mumbai. Thanks a million


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