At an altitude of 6,960 feet above sea level lies the holy village of Bhagsunag. To reach this village the best and most economical way is for one to board a bus from Delhi to McLeod Ganj which is a 12 hour ride. One can also opt for a flight from Delhi to Dharamshala or a train ride to Phatankot which is the nearest broad gauge railway station to Bhagsunag which is just a five hour drive from there.

The village of Bhagsunag is just 2 kms away from the town of McLeod Ganj in the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Auto rickshaws and taxis are easily available from McLeod Ganj to reach Bhagsunag but walking is the fastest and easiest way to get there as it avoids one wasting time as a result of a traffic jam.

The main reason why tourists are attracted to this village is because of the Shiva temple and the 30 feet waterfall that is located in Bhagsunag village. The Shiva temple has a bell at the entrance which has been constructed with white tiles and it has marble steps that lead to the temple.

Inside the temple one will notice plenty of inscriptions on the walls and the pillars of the temple. There is also a room which has a small window opposite the door and a donation box kept inside the room. The wall adjacent to this room has several picture frames and inscriptions on the wall along with four bells of different sizes hanging.

The Shiva temple also has a veranda in its premises where there are a couple of benches as well as rooms for the pundits to reside in. One can get a splendid view of the whole valley from this veranda. In the temple campus there is also a swimming pool where people come to have a cool dip and fun. This place is generally crowded throughout the day.

From the Shiva temple, the Bhagsunag waterfall is about one km away and the only option one has to get there is to walk. The walk is very easy and all along the way there is a proper walking path that leads one to the waterfall.

There are plenty of small make shift eating joints that serve some tea, cold drinks besides eatables like noodles, omelets, sandwiches, etc. The cafes have very unique sitting arrangements that are made of flat rocks piled on top of each other to make them like a chair.

At the water fall one will notice many people taking a dip in the water, posing and clicking photographs. The best time to go to the falls is in the morning since it is not as crowded as what it is later on in the day. A stream flows throughout the year here and the waterfall is a splendid sight during the monsoon when the water is in full flow.

There is plenty of accommodation available in this village to suit all kinds of travelers from budget travelers to holiday makers looking for something fancy and top notch. There are plenty of things to shop for from jewelry to clothing her in Bhagsunag. Bargaining is a good asset to have while shopping.

Bhagsunag village is a place worth visiting while one is on a trip to McLeod Ganj. But this is a place which is more for a tourist and less for a traveler as the huge amount of crowd that this place attracts makes it a very noisy place which is not very ideal if one is in search for a quiet and serene place.


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  1. Alanna Gibson

    I was looking out for some off beat places near McLeod Ganj and this is exactly the kind of place that suits my needs. Since its not far and can be easily approached by foot and also has a beautiful waterfall there.

  2. Willette Wiseley

    I like the pictures of this post of yours. The temple seems to attract a lot of crowd from all over. Being a crowded place it seems pretty much well maintained from the pictures that you have clicked. Thanks a lot for sharing

  3. Slyvia Thuringer

    Bhagsunag sounds like a very commercial place and which has a lot of holiday crowd that generally spoil the beauty of the place and add to the filth. It would have been a lot nicer if it was away from the access of these tourist.

  4. David

    I have been meaning to visit India for quite some time. This sounds like the perfect idea for a first stop. How far is it from McLeod Ganj? They seem to be in the same state. If I’m going there, might just drop in at the Dalai Lama temple. Thanks a lot for sharing about such great and lesser known places.

  5. Joseph

    This sounds like a serene place – a place where you could go and make peace with God. Temples fascinate me a lot. Maybe because the way they pray to God is so different than how we do it. Also many temples that I have visited seem to have this aura about them. They reflect spirituality. For me crowds don’t make a difference. It is just another way of meeting new people. I definitely want to visit this place.

  6. James

    Thanks for sharing about this. Understandably the crowd won’t let you get that quiet that you want. However, I don’t believe that it is such a big factor to deter you from visiting this place. Your pictures are very good and I do want to go visit this place. Just one question, how long would it take it to reach the place once you are in Dharamshala?

    • sherwin rebello

      From lower Dharamshala its 13Km away and hence a taxi is the only option while from McLeod Ganj which is known as upper Dharamshala its 2Km and can easily be reached by foot.

  7. Kenny


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