A must visit place while in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh is the village of Naddi. To reach this village the best option one has is to board a bus to McLeod Ganj from Delhi which is a 12 to 14 hour ride. Once in McLeod Ganj one has the option of trekking to the village of Naddi which is a 3km long trek or hiring an auto rickshaw which is a 25 minute ride to the village.

The village of Naddi is situated at a height of 7,152 feet above sea level (2180 m) and offers a magnificent view of Dhauladhar mountain range to the north and the vast expanse of the lush green Kangra Valley to the south. Naddi is situated away from the hustle and bustle of McLeod Ganj and provides complete peace of mind to for anyone who travels to this quite village.

The village mostly attracts families that want a weekend getaway from the nearby towns and cities. Owing to the crowd that visits there are a few tourist attractions that have mushroomed such as View Point, Sunset Point, Eco Point and a fair that is set up in the open space near Sunset Point which is overlooking the whole Kangra Valley. This fair is set up for three months from April to end of June.

The people of Naddi are mainly people of Punjabi decent and speak a dialect of the language. In the village there are a couple of small temples of their god, Lord Keyling. A walk through the village is a must as it takes one through the corn and bajra fields with the houses of the villagers all around the fields.

All the houses in the village have a large compound where hay is dried and stored for multiple usages. The locals gather in the evening to play cricket in one of the fields.

Another attraction that is close to the village of Naddi is the secret Dal Lake and the Tibetan children’s village which are located about a kilometer away. This is not the same lake that is in Kashmir but another lake that has the same name. Dal Lake is a good place for one to come for an early morning walk or jog and then spend some time relaxing in the woods near the lake or on one of the benches around the lake.

A grand festival is held near the lake in early September which attracts devotees from all over the valley and state who come and take a dip in this holy lake.

One will find plenty of hotels and motels all along the main road in the village. These places are not very economic and if one is looking for a more reasonable, backpacker friendly place to stay then the best thing to do is to look for one in the village as there are plenty of lodges and home stays that are very affordable.

The weather is typical of any place in this valley and hence the place is very hot in the morning during summer and pretty cool in the evenings. Winters are severe in this village with temperatures falling well below zero. The ideal time to visit Naddi is from the end of February to first week of April.

The village of Naddi is a perfect place to unwind and relax after a long journey through the Himalayas. It is perfect for both tourist and travelers who are visiting the valley.

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  1. ashriv

    can someone tell me about some good hotel in Naddi? I heard about Nishad . How is it? or any other resorts/hotel .

    Thanks in advance.

      • suddu

        planning to go to Naddi in the last week of May2016, would like to know what is the rates for the homestay in villages? I am travelling on my own and on a strict budget, so would like to have some idea before going there. Also is it very crowded during May and will it be difficult to find a place to stay in the village without pre booking?

      • thelandoutthere

        The accommodation in Naddi might be slightly expensive in May as compared to the other months, since it is the peak season for tourists during this time of the year. Although finding accommodation won’t be much of a hassle since there are plenty of accommodation options in and around Naddi.

  2. Jack Wood

    I agree with you Joseph that it would be great to visit and interact with people of diverse cultures.I love to cook food and hence i would get to learn many more new dishes of the region.I wanted to spend some peaceful time out with my wife and kids and i think it would be a great opportunity visiting this place.

  3. Joseph

    It would be a great opportunity to visit Himachal and it will be possible to interact with people of different culture.Also the food would be different and I am quite excited to visit this place soon.The villages in Himachal are so peaceful and it will bring some relief from the busy city life.Thanks for sharing this article.

  4. James

    Himachal and Uttaranchal are very exciting places to visit and i have visited these places quite often but still I wish to visit it once again.The villages are so peaceful and it will be a memorable time for me to spend with my wife.Also there are many other spots worth visiting like the sunset point, echo point etc.Thanks for sharing this article.

  5. Steve

    Thanks for sharing this article.The photographs shown in this article looks quite amazing and the place looks so beautiful that it is worth visiting atleast once.Also in McLeod Ganj one has the option of trekking to the village of Naddi. But I would prefer to take a rickshaw .I would enjoy visiting this place with my friends and I would get some quality time out.Also i would be happy and get some relief from the busy and hectic city life and experience some magical moments in Himmachal.Thanks again for sharing this interesting article.

  6. Jannet

    This place has a very relaxing and calm feel about it, I don’t know why but I am getting this feeling of peace from this place. Situated in Nature’s lap, this place may be a perfect refuge for those who are tired of the busy and noisy city life, they can find a shelter here though for a short span of time but are definitely going to be rejuvenated after their stay.

  7. Adam

    I have been to Naddi twice. Trust me, it’s an amazing modern picnic spot. .It is the only place in Dharamshala from where an open view of mountains and wide valleys on Dhaula Dhar’s southern side can be seen. It’s an amazing trekking spot and you can see clouds over mountains too. Worth visiting that place. Hoping to go there once again! 🙂

  8. Patrick

    The picture itself is so relaxing, I wonder how would it actually feel to be there and experience it all by myself. The scenic beauty of this place has won over me, would love to go there (if possible). I keep visiting your blog for these amazing places and I must tell you, you are too good at photography, your photos are really awesome, they make everything look divine. Keep posting, I would love to hear more from you.

  9. Paul

    Amazing post.I have been to these place several times and it is so exciting and i find every time something different whenever i visit this place.Himachal is awesome and i would like to make many more trips and specially in the winter season.Also the people are so friendly and caring.Thanks for the post once again.I enjoyed reading the post.

  10. sakshivashist

    Have been to almost all these places!
    Himachal and Uttaranchal are such fav tourist spots for budgeted travelling within India!
    Keep writing!


  11. Nandini

    Wonderful indeed! Thanks for sharing. Palampur, quite near to Mcleodganj, is my hometown.

    • sherwin rebello

      Hi, Nandini I was in Himachal for a month but ran out of days so I did not get a chance to visit your home town of Palampur. I hope to travel there the next time I’m in Himachal.


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