Generally the associations with travel are family, friends and loved ones. People go for holidays and sight-seeing with a group and the activity of travel is a social experience. Backpacking has two facets to it; there is the group travel where 3-8 people go to a place together.

This group uses public transport, cheap stay options and all the elements of backpacking when they are out and about in a particular place. However, on certain occasions people like to spend some quality time alone by themselves as they explore new places.

Solo travel offers an opportunity to a person to explore nature and more about themselves. Backpacking alone allows the backpacker the opportunity to interact more with the people of the place he or she is visiting.

Travelling solo is a discovery of self too as a person has the task of trying to understand things all alone. While in a group a person has the advantage of other being there to talk to and to help make some necessary decisions.

The important thing while travelling solo is keeping in mind that in an unknown place it is better to be humble and not interfere too much into matters at places while on a visit. Not getting overtly friendly with strangers is advised. While travelling solo, there may be the need to be friendly with people in the place but being too friendly could lead to problems at times. Staying safe rather than sorry is advised.

While staying at a particular place, make sure that your belongings are all there at all times. To avoid being cheated or robbed it is important to avoid drinking too much, bringing your own drink and not leaving your belongings unattended.

Travel solo involves many facets, carrying a through research before the trip by reading information about the place is a wise idea. The research helps so that a fair idea is available of the place, the food and people.

A visit with groups and not venturing alone after dark and or to lonely paces is an effective caution to adhere to. Carrying a pepper spray or pocket-knife on a trip alone as a safety measure is advised. The purpose behind the solo backpacking should be clear, if a person knows that they are travelling with a through purpose then the trip will be more focused and the chances of getting into trouble will also be less.

Avoid fights and quarrels with locals this often causes more problems. Being self-sufficient when it comes to money and personal products is a boon while on a solo journey.

For a traveler, sometimes a journey all alone is a discovery of their true love – travel. The person is able to journey at his or her own speed and also discover more about the nuances of travel and about themselves.

Nature, travel and self are the three things that form a symbiosis on a solo travel. The journey makes a person more confident and fall even more in love with backpacking.


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