A glimpse of Daman before the Portuguese: Bhimpor village, Nani Daman

While in the Union Territory of Daman a good off beat place to visit is the village of Bhimpor. This village is located within the traveller’s hub of Nani Daman.

To reach the village of Bhimpor, take the road leading to Devka beach and at the last junction before the beach turn right and after about another ten minutes of the walk a small settlement of old fashioned houses will be visible. Bhimpor village is easy to find and asking a local for direction is also a good option.

The village has a very different look about it and the main element that gives it this look is the way the houses are constructed and painted. Nearly all the houses in this village are over 100 years old and are all duplexes.

Outside the house is a small veranda that is usually used by the family to park their two wheelers and to dry clothes, a few families use their verandas to sit and chat with their neighbors in the evenings.

The top floors of these houses have big windows that have four doors to open them, a couple for the top half and couple for the bottom.

Most of the people living in this village are Gujaratis and hence they all speak a dialect of Gujarati, the language spoken in the state of Gujarat which is nearby. Communicating with the villagers is not a issue since most of the people can speak Hindi, while the educated younger generation can all speak and understand English very well. Even though the houses in Bhimpor have a very ancient look to them the people from this village barring the older generation are all dressed up in modern attire.

In keeping with the ancient look of the village, even the shops in Bhimpor have retained their traditional wooden work. Most of the houses in the village have a shop attached to them on the ground floor that is either run by the family themselves or outsourced to workers.

The flour mills in Bhimpor are a must visit for all travelers who visit this village. The mill workers still use the traditional methods that were used ages ago in their daily work.

Bhimpor village does not have any accommodation for travelers who visit the village. Most of the travelers who visit Bhimpor prefer making a day trip and opt to rent a room in one of the numerous accommodation options available in Nani Daman.

Bhimpor village does offer home stays to travelers, but to get a home stay, the travelers will have to request a family to rent them a spare room. The best way to get information about these home stays is to either befriend a local or enquire at one of the village shops.

The village does not have any restaurants, but they do have a few very good street food carts that serve up some really tasty food in the form of Gujarati sweets and Indian chaat dishes. Bhimpor does have a local country liquor bar.

Bhimpor village does not have a lot of tourist spots but is a village that is very rich in culture and heritage, and is home to people who are natives of the land and have their roots in this village even before the Portuguese landed on this island. Bhimpor is a village that is more for a traveler and less for a tourist.


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