Here is The Land Of Wanderlust’s blueprint to a backpacking trip/tour around HampiYellapur– Gokarna in the South Indian State of Karnataka.


TRIP COST: RS 10,000 + 5% GST = Rs 10,500/- 


• Accommodation

• Transportation

• Cycle rental

• Entry fee


• Food

This backpacking trip will have a minimum of  6 backpackers.

Only on payment of 50% of the trip cost will a seat be confirmed.

For more information please contact us on the phone numbers mentioned below:

Ankit Chaube :+91 8454961928

TLOW Office :  +91 9004594935

or mail us at:

 Things to carry along

Day 1:

  • Reach Hospet bus station by 09:00 HRS.
  • Hop onto a local bus from from Hospet to Hampi.
  • Reach Hampi by 10:00 HRS and check into a guest house.
  • After breakfast, hire cycles and explore the ruins around the Royal centre.
  • Return back to Hampi and visit the famous Virupaksha temple.
  • Later explore the temples on Hemakuta Hill.
  • Spend the rest of the evening chilling in the Hampi Bazaar.

Day 2:

  • After breakfast hire cycles.
  • Ride the mopeds and cross over to the other side of the Hampi River by motor boat.
  • Spend day riding the mopeds and exploring the ruins on the other side of the Hampi river.
  • Return back to guest house near Hampi Bazaar by 16:00 HRS.
  • Spend the rest of the evening at leisure.

Day 3:

  • Wake up early in the morning to make it in time for the sun rise at Matanga Hill.
  • After breakfast, walk and explore the ruins around the sacred centre.
  • Explore Vittala temple that also houses the famous chariot.
  • Post lunch, spend time on the banks of the Hampi river.
  • Last evening in Hampi, spend time shopping.

Day 4:

  • Leave early in the morning from Hampi by local KSRTC bus for Yellapur. Six hour journey.
  • Reach Yellapur and check into local guest house and then visit the Siddi Tribal village.OR
  • Board a connecting bus/share-a-seat jeep from Yellapur to the Siddi Tribal village and spend night in the village school.

Day 5:

  • After breakfast, board a bus to the temple town of Gokarna.
  • Reach Gokarna Road railway station by 13:00 HRS.
  • Hop onto a local KSRTC bus to reach Gokarna town by 20:00 HRS.
  • Check into a guest house.

Day 6:

  • After breakfast, visit the Gokarna town temples.
  • Later hike to the beach of Kudle, spend time relaxing on the beach and have lunch in one of the beach shacks. Rent a hut at Kudle beach or hike on post lunch.
  • Hike to the famous Om beach after having lunch.
  • Spend the evening walking on the beach.
  • Hike to the Gokarna town flee market and return back to the guest house.

Day 7:

  • After breakfast, hike to the remote beaches of Half moon and Paradise.
  • Send some time at each of the beaches, relaxing and enjoying the peace and serenity of the Arabian Sea.
  • Hike through the woods from Paradise beach and climb the hill and reach the village of Bellekan. OR
  • Hop onto a motor boat and return back to the beach shack at Om beach/Kudle beach.
  • Return back to the guest house after sundown.

Day 8:

  • Last day in Gokarna town, to reach the bus station by noon.
  • Trip ends at 15:00 HRS.

15 Responses

  1. Rylan Almeida

    I had been planning on going to Hampi for the longest of time and with TLOW, it became a reality. I don’t consider TLOW as a “travel company” it feels that I travel and backpack with a bunch of friends, that will always stay with me for the longest of time.

    As far as the trip goes, Hampi reminds me of the Flintstones as we had a Yabadaba doo time out there. Gokarna on the other hand is more of a calm, pristine and a place with excellent vibes. For sure I will make a trip again.

    I leave for home today with a slightly heavy heart as this trip has thought me so many things that can’t be explained. There is a sense of calm and composure I shall take back and will always keep in mind that WE ARE AT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE!

  2. Priyasree S

    Thanks for having me on this trip, TLOW! For many reasons. I am thankful to have found you when I was desperately looking for backpackers to travel with. I am glad I have earned an extra ordinary experience of traveling with 7 fellow who were extremely nice and welcoming.

    I could travel like a local and learn bits of Hindi along the way. Im glad I hung out with all of you as it was a great experience to the many things in real about India and India’s. Hope to join you for many more trips in the near future. I personally loved the African Tribal village, as such off beat experience is what I was looking for in India. Thanks for making my stay in India memorable! Happy Travelling.

  3. Kashish Hans

    My second trips with TLOW and somehow doesn’t feel like a business. It feels like a piece of ART. Please stay like this always. “Competition are for horses not for Artists” love your vibe

  4. Kunal Jain

    I’m so glad I found you guys 🙂 . I love travelling but hate the suitcase Touristy 3N/4D trips. Being a medical student, I don’t have a lot of time to plan and execute my vacations , you guys enable my want to travel. Also I love India more than anything else and I don’t know anyone else who’ll take me around the way you do.
    Coming to this trip, Hampi was gorgeous. The heat definitely took the juice out of me, but every bit of that exertion was worth it. The boulders bowled me away and the ruins ruined every other ruin for me now (bad phrase eh?)

    Gokarna, ah I have no words for this place. The blissful sea, the bright sky and the hikes every bit was exciting & relaxing at the same time.
    From the sunrise at Matanga to the sunset at Kudle, you guys made this trip memorable. If there’s an x factor on your trips, it isn’t some god forsaken village its just TLOW. Thanks for an amazing trip.

  5. Vivek Trivedi

    My first backpacking trip. Amazing destination and amazing people. Good organisation of trip by TLOW. Hampi is a beautiful place with ruins and the sunrise from Matanga hill was awesome and the stay at Hampi was beautiful .Gokarna is the most beautiful beach I have ever seen and the food was just to die for. African village stay was something out of the box plan really enjoyed the hospitality of the African tribe. And of course Gokarans Paradise beach had an amazing feel long walk was totally worth it after we reached the beach. Really looking forward to my next backpacking trip with TLOW

  6. Danesh Patel

    My second trip with TLOW and its been A beautiful trip with lots of memories to take home. Beginning with Hampi, the sunrise at Matanga is just unbelievable and the whole 3 days had been full of activities. Mopeds, cycling, hikes and bouldering make it worth another visit inspire the heat. The guest house and food was too good in Hampi.

    The African tribal village was a once in a life time opportunity to experience such home stays. Travelling and activities of this hectic trip ends with chilling in Gokarna with amazing beaches and unbelievable sunsets. And finally the company was always fun. Looking forward to making many more trips with TLOW.

  7. Ruchi Agarwal

    Thank you Sherwinfor such an #amazing backpacking trip!!!
    Not only did the trip around Karnataka help us see the lesser known side of beautiful Karnataka, but also sort of transformed us from Nerdy Medical students to wannabee Hippies!!
    All said and done –> More than taking as a job to show us around and guide us, They were the best travel companions one could ask for. Well versed with Do’s, Dont’s, How’s and never’s of backpacking, they were cool enough to fool around with us.
    One of the best trips of the few that we have made till now. It was indeed a unique experience. A trip of too many cool firsts. I hope we do get to travel with TLOW and Explore India, covering land and water, travel before it covers us!!

  8. Masiha Ahmed

    First independent trip… turned unexpectedly surprising at each step. From transport local buses to cycling to lots and lots and lots of walking up and down slopes. Tried different foods at new places. Lovely experience with Sherwin. Thanks a lot looking forward for another trip.

  9. Tanvi Bhosale

    Thank you TLOW for making my first backpacking trip memorable. Never expected Karnataka to be so different and beautiful. Loved the cycling in Hampi, Mathur and Siddi Village. I hope to have many more trips with TLOW

  10. Aditi Goimawalal

    Started out as an am-mature backpacker. This being my first backpacking trip had no idea about it. The 10 day trip to Hampi- Mattur- Gokarna was absolutely bliss. Got to experience Karnataka in a completely desi style. Sherwin is undoubtedly the best travel mate ever. With Sherwin around, there is never a dull moment Got the taste of the real culture & 1st hand experience with the locals without burning a hole through the pockets. Wish to make many more trips with TLOW.

  11. Gaurav M Bhandari

    The trip was too good. My 1st backpacking trip and it has been a great success. Cycling, climbing the hills and walking over endless roads, exploring of villages like Siddhi (indo-african tribe) & Muthur is a lifetime experience.
    Sherwin best in backpacking and making it a blast!!!!

  12. Anukool Deshpande

    Came with no idea of what to expect and will go back with a lifetime of memories. Sherwins humor is going to stay with me for years to come.Budget travel has arrived in style and is here to stay.

  13. David Vaz

    Hampi has been a unique experience. it is a place of immense historical heritage which keeps its visitors enthralled. in wonderment. Gokarna on the other hand is a relaxed sea side town that lends a weary traveler the chance for a restful sojourn amidst the hustle and bustle rendered to it bu the three temples the town encompasses.
    The Land Of Wanderlust does not give you a tour of these places, but rather the opportunity for you to customize your own holiday. The two trips I have made to Karntaka in were completely different in what I expected if them. The both lived up to my expectations.

  14. Dnyanesh Sawant


    My first ever backpacking trip and what a trip. Hats off to Sherwin. Each day of this trip was progressively better. Got memories that will last me a lifetime, easily!
    Hampi and Gokarna are extremely beautiful places. Will definitely visit these places again. Would be really awesome if I visit them with David and Sherwin.
    Had some wonderful food. Trekked a lot (never walked so much! phew!)
    Would like to visit more places with these guys. 🙂

  15. Manisha Kamat

    This was easily the best trip that I have ever had in my life. It was also the only time I have traveled as a backpacker, and TLOW was the best platform I could have had to live my dream of living out of the backpack. The thing I like about them is they are the real deal when I say that I mean Sherwin is actually a crazy backpacker himself and he loves what he is doing so it does not feel like your on a tour or anything organized at any point. I just loved every bit to Hampi and the bus ride from Hampi to Gokarna was epic, there is noting like travelling with the locals. Till my next trip with you’ll keep covering the earth.


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