Like every other teen around my age, I too wondered, what was this whole ‘hype’ of travelling? Was it only a part of the youth phase of life everybody went through or was it this sheer determination to explore beyond boundaries? Were people only travelling for good profile pictures on their Facebook or Twitter pagers or was it really life changing?

Finally, after a lot of contemplation I took a trip to the Himalayas with two friends and indeed, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. This I say especially as it came at the end of a tiresome three years of college life. Here is what I learnt from the trip that has made me suggest that there are 10 reasons why one should travel after their graduation:


1.Get to know yourself better

At this stage of life, where your health is at its peak, it definitely the right time to challenge yourself, push away your boundaries and get out of your comfort zone. You’ll be surprised at what you are capable of and the things you never imagined will finally happen.

You will also come across knowing your own likes and dislikes. Who knew someone like me could live without network for more than 24 hours or trek up to 13 kms in unfavorable climate.

how to get to know yourself better


2.Use it as a breather

After three years of college life with all the exams, assignments, dissertations, you deserve a break before you get into the real world with real responsibilities and this could be just perfect for you.

After three years of brain racking, I was desperate to run away from the same usual, boring routine of my life. I needed a change, I needed to do something different and unusual to relieve college stress.

chilling at kheerganga



Post-Graduation is the first time you’ll be without family, school or college ties. You will now be on your own to make decisions for yourself. Before a new chapter of your life begins, you can use this time completely to pursue those dreams or ideas you’ve been prolonging for years. After all, there is nobody to stop you.

hampi river bank


4.Discover cultures and meet new people

There are over thousands of culture in the world and travelling gets you exposed to so many of them. A different perspective of life is witnessed which is so unusual and its beauty can definitely not be measured. You learn so much in just meeting new people.

I recall this incident of dancing with the Himachalis in severe cold around the born fire on their traditional music, making us a part of their own culture and tradition  

meeting new people


5.Student discounts abound

This is the only age where you get travel discounts and you should make total use of this advantage, because you aren’t going to get any till you’re 60 plus.

student discounts


6.Minimal responsibilities

Before you get a job and get swarmed by work followed by the responsibility of marriage, family and all that follows, this is just the right time to take a trip you’ve planned for years. Also remember this is your life’s last summer vacation. Won’t you want it to be the best one?

no responsibilities


7.Learn budgeting

Travelling is one of the most efficient ways to learn budgeting. You’ll be amazed at how much you can enjoy on your tight budget. Your motto becomes ‘Make every penny count’.  Budgeting is one of the biggest advantages of travelling. You learn to enjoy things that are economic.

how to save money to travel


8.Avoid regret

You will repent not taking this trip because it is the perfect time to be free from stress and responsibilities. It is also an apt time to be one with nature. You wouldn’t want to be sitting in your office cubicle, stressing over your job and regretting not enjoying the life you lived.

how to avoid regret


9.Figure out what you want to do

This transition period between college and work is the best time to decide what you want to do. This break will expose you to so many varied fields which can help you decide what you want to pursue. It also helps one understand what their strengths and weakness are.

figure out what you want to do after graduation


10.Travel makes great interview conversations

And last but not the least, it holds a great subject from any conversation, also between employers and employees. It also creates a positive impression in front of the employer and holds importance on your resume. It portrays you as a person ready to step aside from your comfort level and be empowered in your own way.

interview after graduation

So take a chance, take the trip because you definitely deserve it and it definitely is going to be a life changing decision. Whether a solo or in a group, do travel and take the risk. Remember you’re the youngest you will ever be today, so after graduation is the best time to go places.


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Text By- Ravina Banze

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