Here is a rough blueprint to plan a backpacking trip along the much famed Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh, which is also known as the backpacker’s silk route in India. The flagship of our Himalayan trips.

  TRIP DATE: 22nd April – 1st May ’18 | 31st Aug – 9th Sept ’18

  TRIP COST: Rs 12,000 + 5% GST = Rs 12,600/-

Only on payment of 50% of the trip cost will a seat be confirmed.


  • Accommodation (3 to 6 in a room)
  • Travel
  • Entry Fee
  • Permits


  • Food
  • Travel to New Delhi

For more information please contact us on the phone numbers mentioned below:

Ankit :+91 8454961928

TLOW Office :  +91 9004594935

or mail us at:

Terms & Conditions 

Things to carry:

1. Valid ID proof with address. (No college ID or PAN card)

2. Two passport size photographs.

3. Essentials to pack.

4. Backpack. (Must Have)

Day 1:

  • Board a HRTC  Volvo bus from ISBT Kashmiri Gate New Delhi to Bhuntar at 20:00 HRS.

Day 2:

  • Reach Bhuntar by 08:00 HRS.
  • Board a local HRTC bus from Bhuntar to Bharsheni/Manikaran and reach Kasol at 10:00 HRS.
  •  Check into our guest house.
  •  Spend day relaxing near the River Parvati after a long journey.

Day 3:

  • Take a walk around Kasol and hike to Chalal.
  •  Spend evening on the banks on the river near Chalal.

Day 4:

  • Board a bus to Bharsheni which is a 2 hours bumpy bus ride.
  • Hike from Bharsheni to Tosh (40 minutes hike).
  • Spend night in the village in one of the guest houses. (No network coverage)

Day 5:

  • Leave from Tosh by 08:00 HRS and hike to Kheer Ganga   which is a 5-6 hours hike.
  • Spend night in tent accommodation and take a dip in the natural sulphur hot spring. (No  network coverage)

Day 6:

  • Hike from Kheer Ganga to the villages of Kalga and Tulga and spend a night in the tea village of Pulga in a guest house. 

Day 7:

  • Hike back from Pulga and board a bus from Bharsheni to Kasol.
  • Spend time relaxing and shopping in the Kasol market.

Day 8:

  • Take a taxi to the foot of the village of  taboo’s Malana.
  • Hike the remaining 3kms to the village
  • Remember not to touch anyone or anything in the village.
  • Return back to Kasol before sun down.

Day 9:

  • Last day in Kasol, spend the first of the day chilling by the Parvati river or shopping.
  • Board a local HRTC bus to Kullu at 16:00 HRS.
  • Board HRTC Volvo bus from Kullu to ISBT Kashimiri gate New Delhi at 19:00 HRS.

Day 10:


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63 Responses

  1. Pooja Mutha

    Well, there are no words to write the amazing time I have had in the past 9 days. This is my first and probably last backpacking trek alone ever. Made amazing new friends and met new people everyday in a very different way. The initial 2 days were not very great because we were tired of travelling in bus from Delhi and then to Kasol….all the way from Mumbai, but after a day at Kasol, things got better and we began hiking from Malana then Tosh…. Kheerganga and Pulga. It just got better each day!
    I have learned a lot about life, myself, seen myself struggling in trails and having an amazing ‘me’ time for hours while walking alone and seeing the beauty of nature. And most importantly not scared of dogs at all.

  2. Ravali J

    It was a great experience visiting places in Himachal Pradesh. Had fun travelling with strangers. Visited Kasol, Kheerganga, Tosh and Chalal. Going back with good memories. Hiking was great.
    Thank you The Land Of Wanderlust.

  3. Ravi Nandan

    Hiking was a great fantasy and the trip gave a great experience and confidence to do more hikes and treks.
    Malana and Kheerganga were amazing with great scenic beauty. TLOW is a great company to travel with. The team interacts with all the group members is a lifetime experience.
    The wooden house in Pulga was great.

  4. Mugdha Choudhary

    It was a fun experience backpacking and hiking throughout with TLOW.
    It’s said that you don’t conquer the mountains, they just let you pass(if they wish to). I’m glad that I didn’t retreat or give up despite a few times when I fell like I should have.
    Like all good things come to an end, so did this trip. There are certain improvement areas: like stays at a couple of places could be better( Kasol and Pulga). Nevertheless I enjoyed the experience and shall cherish the memories for years to come.
    Wish good luck to TLOW for future endeavours and best wishes for next breakthrough ventures. Cheers!

  5. Kaustubh Choudhary

    The room view from Kasol was too good for me. We really enjoyed the ride the ride and experience at Malana. The hiking experience at Malana surely proved a warmup thing for me to get prepared for Kheerganga. The Tosh, it provided a very unique and peaceful experience which I can surely relish for months to come.

  6. Anjana

    We had a great experience with people unknown to us. I hope we will travel together again for other trips.

  7. Nehal Thakar

    My first hike… This was a life changing event for me. Everyday was a challenge and a difficult one. But all the trouble was worth the view. The toughest of all was Kheerganga took me 7 hours to walk up. The trip thoroughly boosted my confidence. I was the girl I guess with the most weight in the group with the bag with lot of weight to make up to KheerGanga. The stay at Tosh and Pulga was ultimate. Apart from the view the instructor/organiser is such a cool person. He ensured I walk all by my own and be more confident mentally. The walk from Kheerganga to Kalga was all about falling, getting up, walking up, weird looks, hiking up again. All I would say is it’s all the metal game. A must trip it is. If I can, anybody can do it. Thank you Sherwin for the amazing experience worth all the pain and tiredness. All the best for future trips.

  8. Vellanki Srihansha

    As rightly said “Tourist discover places, travellers discover themselves.” TLOW’s trip is for travellers helping them unravel their inner self.
    Also the journey with TLOW is totally amazing and it’s true that it’s the journey that wants not the end.
    The trip spreading across 10 days has given a life time experience to all of us. The amazing and spectacular locations @ Malana en route to KheerGanga, Kheer Ganga, Pulga and the awesome birthday celebrations of Madan and Kausthab. Meeting and making great friends is the best part of the trip.
    With this trip I am sure that I have got great friends (Ravi, Anuja and Ravali). The trip ends, but the journey continues till the earth covers us.
    Thanks for the awesome experience TLOW.

  9. Krishnan Iyer

    This trip means a lot to me for the below reasons. This is my first backpacking trip. This trip comes at time when I realised that there is more to life than work (FYI) this realisation happened at 29 so its never too late. The Kheer Ganga hike has motivated me to take up more difficult challenges in the future. I am glad that TLOW is a part of this new phase in my life.

  10. Tushar Garg

    I wanted to ditch the scheduled lifestyle and was desperately searching for an outing and thanks to google babu I came across TLOW. You guys have done an amazing job especially introducing the backpacking cult in such a prize range. Really commendable. I thoroughly enjoyed the group, outings and loved the raw stays. Truly experienced the feel of the place. Nice thing that you cover some really off beat places . It is a nice innovation and should turn out outstanding in the future. I hope to travel along with you’ll soon.

  11. Seema C

    TLOW, really like your concept of backpacking and travelling to off beat locations and in that sense you’ll are doing a great job. Parvati Valley is a beautiful place. Seems like heaven on earth for me. What I liked about this trip was that I made some new friends and had some amazing food. Going back a happy traveller with some great memories and will surely be back for a lot more adventures. Thanks a lot team TLOW.

  12. Jithin J C

    My second trip to Parvati Valley with TLOW and just like last time this trip has been an amazing experience with a lot of amazing people. The hike to Kheerganga was something that I missed out last time and it was totally worth coming back for.

  13. Georgie Gaware

    The most memorable trip for me. TLOW my first trip with them was full of fun. Day by day my trip was getting better, you people really ROCK!!! Accommodation for all places were great experiences. I never thought my trip will be so memorable. That I will love to have my next trip with TLOW. I must say very well managed from day one. All I can take back from this trip is a whole lot of memories.

    Kasol -> Home made food

    Tosh-> First trek of my life

    Kheerganga-> My struggle to reach the top

    Pulga-> Best of my Evenings

    Malana-> Next Time

    Wish TLOW success in the coming years

  14. Nitin Patil

    My second trip with TLOW to Parvati Valley and I still haven’t got enough!!!
    Tosh:- Very good home stay and awesome food. Hiking with TLOW was a memorable experience.
    Kheerganga:- A long hike through different terrains was the best part. Trailing through the forest will be the most memorable part of the hike. The team guided the whole hike very professionally. Good homestay experience & awesome food. The hot water bath was the most refreshing and an unforgettable experience.
    Pulga:- after the decrent from Kheerganga the trail to Pulga seemed very short & easy. A very good place to unwind. Home stays at a very beautiful location with very good food on there menu.
    Chalal:- A very good place to unwind relax amidst the valley on the river banks.
    Over all a very goof experience and a memorable one. Thanks TLOW and wish you success.

  15. Damini Khaire

    By far one of the most memorable and receiving expereinces in the mountains 🙂

    Every Place- Tosh, Kherrganga, Chalal and Pulga had its own charm. The home stays were very comfortable and the food was out of this

    world. The most memorable experience was the hike to Kheerganga amidst the forest, streams, waterfalls and the refreshing hot water

    bath the next morning. A big thank you to the TLOW team for their patience, support and for giving us such good memories. Enjoyed

    every bit of the trip. Good luck TLOW!! 😀

  16. Saurabh Kulkarni

    Being one of the people who loves to travel to offbeat places and exploring, never got the time to sit down and actually plan a trip due

    to my hectic schedule. TLOW is the best source where you can actually be yourself and enjoy all the offbeat places and explore while

    travelling on a very basic but enjoyable trip. The Team know what they are talking about, they have enough knowledge and are

    awesome to hang around with. I really enjoyed every bit of the trip and I am taking a lot of good memories with me. So be it the hot

    bath at Kheerganag or the stay at Pulga, specially the snow capped mountains in the night. This will remain fresh in my mind for a long

    time. Cheers to TLOW its an excellent concept and many more trips to come.

  17. Uttama

    Kasol was a different experience for me as it has its own beauty and charm. I have been to mountains before but this trip broadened my thoughts. I met new people, tried to interact with them, spent a good amount of time… While sharing different stories and experiences.
    Good luck to you guys. TLOW is doing a great job.

  18. Vashali Parekh

    Thanks for the experience. The food, all the guest houses were amazing. The accommodation at Tosh was brilliant and had a wonderful stay at Pulga.

  19. Kavita Iyer

    Thank you for organising the trip for us and bringing together a great set of people to travel with. The valley is surely nothing like I have seen before and I surely want to come back to this place again with friends. In terms of feedback you guys are doing a great job by organising trips to offbeat locations and destinations that remain away from the hustle and bustle of life. Mae some great friends on this trip and had a good time.

  20. Clinton S

    This was a life changing experience for me. The food, stay and locals made this place worth a visit. An awesome experience which will always be remembered. Thanks to TLOW.

  21. Amrita De

    This journey ignited a lot of curiosity to make me keep coming back to the mountains and I m definately going to do that with TLOW. Beautiful treks, welcoming locals and an infectious vibe of the valley. The food in the entire valley is delicious.

  22. Kevin Rego

    It was a good enriching experience for me in the lap of the Himalayas. The villages, local people and the natural beauty makes you forget the stress of the city life. Had a great time thanks to TLOW.

  23. Sagar Shetty

    The entire idea was to leave my life behind in the city for a while and travel alone. Online research lead me to Parvati Valley and that lead me to TLOW. The blueprint was set at a relaxed pace leaving behind abundant time to chill and bond with new friends. The treks to Rasol and Kheerganga were challenging but completely worth it. The trail to Kheerganga with dense forests and waterfalls was magnificent. Very few people do what they love doing or are passionate about, the team is one where they are one of those fortunate few. Keep up the good work. See you guys on many more trips.

  24. Zuben

    One of the most epic trips out of the trips I’ve been for before! thanks for doing a wonderful job organising and planning this! Every place has its own beauty and epicness as promised by Sherwin. I haven’t been for any trip in the past year and this was ultimately necessary! met some awesome trekking buddies Marlon and Elliot!
    I wish we always had this kind of money to keep trekking and living in each place like we are part of this culture, thats why respect earned for making this trip possible and awesomely enjoyable!
    Kheerganga took my breath away literally! the best hot water baths, being free to wander around as one wishes and the crazy feeling of being so close to nature!
    hoping for another trip soon !

  25. Nikhil Dias

    Had lost all hope of travelling to the Himalayas when my boards date got postponed, cancelling my YHAI trip, but then luckily I found TLOW at the last minute.
    Being overcrowded Sherwin still took the two of us in. The travel with TLOW has been an amazing experience, something I really would have missed at YHAI . The 1000/- per day scheme is amazing, especially for students.
    The whole trip has been a memorable experience and I’ll cherish this trip for the rest of my life 🙂

  26. Alisha

    TLOW has helped me check out a number of things on my bucket list!! it is a perfect backpacking experience!! Right from the time we boarded the train, to the time we left this marvellous place!! TLOW made it possible for me to have a perfect backpacking experience!! One I will never, never forget at a cheap rate 🙂

  27. Cara

    Coming to the Himalayas was always a dream to me. TLOW makes this dream come true for a lot of students like myself. The concept that TLOW works with 1000 per day is extremely cost effective, but in the end its easily worth so much more than that.
    The locations and journey to them, are extremely picturesque and a treat to all the budding photographers and nature lovers alike. The accommodations are extremely basic but the vicinity makes the experience larger than life.
    The idea of choosing your own meals and customizing the trip is something that a backpacker truly relishes, especially because of the wide variety of different cuisines available in the mountains.
    TLOW team is a perfect mix of experience and intuition and one can rely on them for a challenging experience that will leave you thirsty for more

  28. Akshra Shinde

    it was my first ever backpacking trip and surely an amazing one. From meeting complete strangers, travelling with them, hiking to Rasol, the freezing cold, breathing taking views, awesome food. Every bit of this journey has been an adventure and is something that I will never i my life.
    I made this trip to get closer to myself, to get an answer for all the questions I had since a long time and by the end of this trip I do have answers to my questions and I have got closer to myself. This amazing experiences cannot be expressed in words it can just be remembered and cherished as beautiful memories. Thankyou guys are great!!!

  29. Aadesh Shing

    I t was my first trip and it was a very god experience. the hike to Rasol was not an easy job but was very challenging and fun. Kheer ganag is the most amazing place I have been to. Sleeping with travellers from all over the world in the droms in Kheer gang was smoething that words cant describe. This was backpacking to the core thanks 🙂

  30. Marlon Gonsalves

    I read a caption on the way to Magic Rashol “Living high, living even higher” and that is what best sums up the entire trip. This trip was such a high among-st the people and at the mountain tops. This trip was amazing from the weather which was amazing even when it rained. The view, the food and Sherwin’s constant one liners and funny lines are always gonna make this memorable.
    This trip was personally beautiful and en-lighting when I trekked down with one shoe or saw a three legged horse climb up that is really motivating.
    Kudos to TLOW 🙂

  31. Kartikeya Jain

    My first ever backpacking trip and it was a lifetime experience. I’d say THE LAND OF WANDERLUST every time someone asks me what is backpacking.Going on a trip where you don’t know 80% of the people you’re travelling with is something crazy. From Delhi’s hot weather to Kasol’s cool breeze, our journey started. Imagining what all we’re going to do on this trip, we never realized when we reached Kasol. On the trip I met the most chilled out people who became friends from being strangers within a short fraction of time.
    From the momo eating competition which ‘I won’ setting a record of eating 10 moms withing 54 seconds, to the grunts and cart wheels by Frzeen. From the uncomfortable bus ride from Delhi to the hike to Rasol, all has been an experience a life and a different feeling that I always wanted.
    From the motivation by Sherwin on the hike to Rasol which I really needed to the hike down from Bharseni from Kheerganga, something in our life changed, something explainable.
    Divya was always a breath of fresh air with her ever smiling face. From becoming friends with every stranger on this trip to falling in love with a really beautiful Nepali girl. This trip has been a memory that’s inscribed on my mind now.
    Roaming in a half sleeve T-shirt in the cold was definitely something studly.Lost a lot of things on this trip including my weight.
    I am really short of words now. I will soon be on another backpacking trip with TLOW. I also won the most badges so YAY!!
    TLOW is the STUD

  32. Maria Shumusti

    My first ever backpacking trip and there could have been no way for it to get any better. This trip has instilled in me not only a new found perspective but also thought me to wonder and look beyond the horizon.This trip has been just every bit of the dream trip that I imagined if to be looking back.
    It was my first trip to the north and the magnitude of the mountains and the enrapturing beauty of if makes me feel like a very tiny party of a big picture and at the same time being in a place like Kasol has made me feel what it’s like to live!
    I honestly dread going back home leaving all these memories behind. Waking up to the snow clad mountains, looking forward to the best meals ever, hiking off to altitudes which otherwise I thought only Shepras could scale, making new friends, meeting people from different cultural and ethical backgrounds
    I think the memories of this trip will linger in my mind forever and how I want it to. Going back home is going to be really difficult putting into words how deeply imparting this trip was. I dont know how to thank you guys enough . This trip was absolutely worth every bit as you promised.
    I now will go back a changed person. At the risk of sounding obnoxiously profound, I want to explore not only the untouched places but the experience too. Little things some times leave behind major impacts and this trip was filled with so many incredible moments and experiences.
    Thank you so much for coming up with something like this and making this happen fo all of us. It is probably one of the best things to have happened to me

  33. Farzeen Khan

    Deciding how to start this comment is more difficult than the trek to Kheerganga and back down. The kind of people I have met on this trip is incredible.It is true that the mountain folks have the largest hearts. Sonu Pandit our friend from Kheergang was hospitable enough to let us stay with him for three days, use his phone, give us food and give me a pair of dry socks, when we were started in the rain. To top that his brother Aseem told me to take a pair of thicker socks and all we did to merit their friendship was strike a conversation and share a bottle of old monk.
    The Kheerganga hike was definitely the most exiting thing for me.The thought of a six hour trek was daunting enough for someone whose daily workout consist of getting out of bed and walking to the sofa. It was an amazing experience for me to mentally and physically challenge myself in this way.
    Getting to the trip: the way this trip was planned and conducted was also exciting. The experience was as close to doing the trip by myself without going through all the research.Enjoyed the freedom and lack of “touristy” time and itinerary restrictions. It was as close to backpacking in the sense of exploring the place and soaking in the local culture as a planned, organised trip would be. So, I’d definitely recommend these guys for a trip not because there were no hiccups, but because the hiccups were necessary for the trip to remain true to its nature.

  34. Nitin Patil

    Had a very good time in Kasol. Decent stay options and good food. Cannot describe the hot water spring bath experience in words, it was that amazing. The trek to Tosh was a memorable one. Every day of the trip kept getting better. Couldn’t make it Kheerganga due to bad weather conditions, without a doubt will definitely do it the next time with “The Land Of Wanderlust”. The trek to Malana will always remain special in my heart. The beauty of the place is indescribable. Will never forget the camping part of the trip from making sandwiches, salad, dal rice, barbecue chicken every part of it was great fun. Thank you guys.

  35. Nilesh Chavan

    River side camping was the epitome of this trip. An activity that i wanted to do for the last 3 years and it did not work out. TLOW you found us a brilliant camping site. The trek to Tosh, hiking from 6500 feet to 7500 feet really tested our fitness levels. Thank you guys for this wonderful experience. Malana was a must do in my list, the experience was memorable. i guess the place lived up to the expectation or i must say beyond it. This has been one of my most memorable experiences of all time.

  36. Raulo

    What an experience this has been. I got to write this sitting at “The best Spot” the camping spot which i loved the most. You guys rock! This backpack trip has been the best. You got me to a place where i always wanted to go- MALANA. You sold us a great experience. I would like to thank both of you for this wild experience. The logistics of the trip were well managed. From day planning, travel, stay and food. Not to forget the BOOM! I m hoping to come with you guys fr another trip soon. Malana what a wonderful place to be at. I was blown with the mysteries the place has, this is truly Incredible India.
    “The camp site” wow what a place you guys showed us. I have done many camps but this was the best .
    Gracias! Love you guys.

  37. Ali Hakim

    Serene. Unique. Out of the world. Kasol, the place with immense natural beauty. So many untouched places to go to, to see and to explore. Had a fabulous time here, had an experience of my life, out of the luxury, out of my comfort zone. In the arms of nature i was amazed. Thank you.I have memories now that i will cherish throughout my life.

  38. Sanil Madhavan

    It was a wonderful experience with TLOW. Enjoyed the trek to Tosh with snow fall. River side camping was awesome and refreshing. The trek and visit to Malana is difficult to explain in words, Majestic. The team ensured we had a wonderful and memorable bagpacking experience. Great job!!

  39. Jeji Mathew

    The walk to Tosh tossed me up head to toe. I finally managed to complete the walk up to the village with my six friends along with TLOW. My first bagpacking trip to the North was worth remembering. Every moment on the trip would be cherished. Wishing Sherwin and Divya good luck for their future endeavours.

  40. Ravi Chandan

    Kasol is a place that I have heard so much about and it was really worth backpacking to Parvati valley and having an experience of a life time something that could only be possible by The LAND Of WANDERLUST team, they are so chilled out and the best thing is It was just how i had imagined my backpacking trip to be very chilled and relaxed. These are the people who are gonna take me around my country. Waiting to backpack with you’ll again. Till next time Peace out 🙂

  41. bobby mcgee

    definitely ready 😀 wish me good luck!
    I’ll let you know how it will go 🙂

  42. bobby mcgee

    damn..Malana is the only place i don’t wanna miss…too curious about this village…

  43. bobby mcgee

    i’m planning to take this journey at about November 20th..will it be excessively cold or it’s possible to do?

    • sherwin rebello

      Hi Bobby,
      By November 20th winter would have surely set in. But you’ll be able to visit Kasol, Tosh, Pulga. only Kheerganga and Malana might not be accessible.

  44. Lancia

    Hats off to you Sherwin! What is the value 0f Rs. 11000 today, at the max you can pay your per night hotel charges while traveling with it. And you made an entire trip within that much, commendable job. Thanks a lot for sharing, I too will try to cut down my traveling expenses in future.

  45. Andru Bur

    Mountains have a character of their own, they mesmerize you. Whenever I am on a mountain trip, I get drawn by the silence which prevails all over the mountains. The green cover over them, the simplicity of the people living there, I find these very appealing.


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